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  1. Prime

    Parking sensors

    Hey there This is a suggestion you should make towards SCS who are the creators of the game as that would require some significant development and changes to the game to implement that. We don't make any changes to the game itself other than making it compatible for a multiplayer environment.
  2. Hello everyone! SCS recently released 1.34 for both ETS and ATS. With it came the unveiling of the MAN TGX euro6 and the buyable logging trailer for ATS. What do you think about the latest releases? Discuss it all in this topic!
  3. This topic will be archived because of inactivity
  4. Prime

    [ARCHIVED] The Lazy Truckers

    This topic will be archived because of inactivity
  5. Prime

    Mika's Photo Library

    Topic reopened on OP's request. First new activity deadline: 28 February 2019.
  6. When using the UK interiour on the scout car the windshieldwipers are not removing raindrops from the window. The wipers on the continentall interiour are working fine.
  7. Prime

    Caravan job revenue

    After completing a job with a caravan the revenue in freightmarket is glitched resulting in extremely high payouts.
  8. The trailer used for the heavy cargo locomotive and asphalt miller is incorrectly marked as a special transport trailer and results in an automatic kick by the server. Impacted trailer: def/vehicle/trailer/goldhofer_mpa_k_flat_1x4/chassis.dlc_heavy_cargo.sii All other trailers from the heavy cargo dlc are not impacted.
  9. Archived on OP's request
  10. Hello everyone! Since the beginning of the mod people have been teaming up drive together and eventually from virtual companies to operate within the game. Are you part of such a company? What do you look for when considering to join such a company? Or do you prefer to freelance your way through the game? Discuss it all in this topic!
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