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  1. Prime

    [SCS Blog] Event Community Goal Update

    This decision has nothing to with tmp community, but is taken by Scs based on feedback they received from the entire ets2 community. For some countries like Belgium and Luxembourg it can be difficult to find a job that met the requirements because they are neighbouring small countries.
  2. Prime

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    Having driven around Oregon foto a bit I van say it's the best ats DLC yet, although it can't realy get worse tegen Arizona and new Mexico
  3. Prime

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    I have it, but I find it be a disappointment.
  4. Prime

    Future DLCs, what would you like to see?

    I would like to see dlcs for the iberian peninsula (Andorra, Spain, Portugal) and Ireland. An expansion of scandinavia and Scotland would also be very nice.
  5. Prime

    Winter Mod

    It still remains to be determined if they winter mod will be available this year since distribution such a large mod to everyone at almost the same time is not easy. We described the main challenges that come with distributing not only there winter mod, but also other mods in our latest q&a session on our YouTube channel earlier this week.
  6. Prime

    Disable auxilery lighting option.

    This already exists in the game settings: disable smalle lights
  7. Prime

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    This suggestion is now open for discussion.
  8. Prime

    [In-Game] DLC´s " Buy Dlc Krone"

    As this is a DLC that must be bought for you to use it and see it we can't make the assests visible for everyone without breaking a few laws and risking a court case. Making this visible for everyone would be illegal distribution of the DLC contents (and break the user agreement you have with SCS when you buy the game and each respective DLC) and piracy.
  9. Prime

    Volvo Tuning Pack

    This is not something that we can provide but something that needs to be developed by SCS as they are the creators of the game. We suggest that you make a suggestion on the SCS forum to create this pack (if it doesn't already exist)
  10. Did you guys like the small q&a stream I did a few days ago?


    If so, do you think I should be doing more of these short streams while driving around with some guests?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Avgerho


      yes but please on youtube:mlg_doge:

    3. OnurOzgunay


      Yes we are waiting on twitch :tmp:

    4. Keezome


      It was good and interesting. Would be nice if you streamed on other platforms though, not just Twitch. 

  11. Hello there We have taken note of all of your concerns and have forwarded it to the respective team managers.
  12. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that this bug is not going to be fixed. The reason this happens is because when visiting dealerships you travel to that destination for which the game simulates passed time (hence your drivers earn money by completing deliveries). Because the server forces a synced game time to all players connected this time simulation is reverted again after it has calculated the income of your drivers (this is simular to quick travel and sleeping). //Moved to Won't Fix.
  13. Prime

    AI wheels/tires allowed in MP

    Unforuntaltey, I have to tell you that this is not a bug, bit the server kicking you automatically because you have illegal save edits. //Moved to Won't Fix.
  14. Prime

    1.32 Crash when opening AI Drivers list

    Unforuntaltey, I have to tell you that this bug is not going to be fixed since this is a game related issue on which we have no control. //Moved to Won't Fix.
  15. Prime

    Bad physics

    Unforuntaltey, I have to tell you that this bug is not going to be fixed as this is an issue related to the game itself. //Moved to Won't Fix.