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  1. Prime

    TruckersMP meets Instagram

    Hello trucking fans! Today we are introducing a new addition to our socials: Instagram! As of now you can follow the new official TruckersMP account on Instagram by following @truckersmp.official. Similar to our Facebook account, you can also use this to contact us, a member of our team will then respond to your message. What can you expect to see on our Instagram account? The new Instagram account will be used to share the great views of ETS and ATS online both by team members and community members alike. See you out there! TruckersMP team View post on homepage
  2. Where's the next hot topic? It's been a month since the last one.

    1. Pillow


      The current hot topic is still relevant, as the #OneTruckFamily event is still going on.

  3. Prime

    Small roads?

    You an find s all roads everywhere. My advise to you would be to change your gameplay setting to small roads. That way your GPS will try to avoid motorways as much as possible.
  4. Hello everyone! The most recent World of Trucks event sees us hauling across Europe to supply the ETRC teams of everything they need. What do you think of the event and how have you been handling it? Discuss it all in this topic!
  5. Prime

    Spring giveaway winners

    Hello trucksim fans! Now that all prizes have been handed out it is time to announce the winners of our Spring giveaway. 1st place V-Spec II 2nd Place FoneeYT 3rd place JekaArtz Go check them out! Also a big thanks to everyone participating and taking their time to create all those wonderful entries. See you in the next one! TruckersMP team View post on homepage
  6. Prime

    Spring giveaway

    Update: winners have been contacted and will be announced as soon as all prizes are handed out and claimed
  7. Who wins Spring giveaway???

  8. Prime

    Adjusting recruitment guidelines

    As a member of the TruckersMP team a lot is expected of you and people look to you as an examplory person. Anything you have done in the past and do in the future reflects back on you. For this reason, while we still allow some mistakes to be made by applicants for a position, we don't allow new applicants to have more than 3 bans in total.
  9. Prime

    TruckersMP support meets Twitter

    We're humbled by all the positive support you are all giving this initiative and will keep striving to keep evolving this community in the best way possible
  10. Hello everyone! SCS have been throwing out presents at all of us lately with more teasers of the upcoming Washington state DLC for ATS and e few days ago a teaser on a new map expansion for ETS. What do you think about what has been shown in those teasers and what those new DLCs will contain? Discuss it all in this topic!
  11. Prime

    Spring giveaway

    Submissions have been closed for review and voting.
  12. Hello trucksim fans!!! As part of our continuous quest to improve we are now launching a new Twitter account dedicated anything related to TruckersMP support! As of now you can reach us with small issues on Twitter by tweeting or messaging to @tmp_support. You can also expect to see responses from the new account to support related tweets on the main account (@TruckersMP). What can you expect to see on the new account? The new Twitter account @tmp_support will be used to keep you up-to-date about technical issues that occur on 1 of our platforms as well as give an answer to support related questions that are tweeted or messaged to @tmp_support. Who will be posting and answering? A select few people from our current support team together with community management will be posting and answering on @tmp_support. See you out there! TruckersMP team View post on homepage
  13. Prime

    Spring giveaway

    The ingame rules are always to be followed
  14. https://truckersmp.com/blog/144  bu durumu tam olarak anlamadım yardımcı olurmusunuz

    1. Shalala lala

      Shalala lala

      Hediye değil video/fotoğraf yarışması.