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  1. #TWO

    Added link to event details
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    Added TFM #TWO teaser
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  7. #TWO

    TruckersMP proudly announces thas Truckers FM has decided to work together with our Media Team for their 2 year anniversary celebrations! Over the last few months we've been working on a lot of stuff regarding planning and preparations for the events that will take place. In the near future more information will be shared on the details, for now, enjoy a small announcement teaser. Event details See you soon! TruckersMP Media Team and Truckers FM
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  9. The convoys and events section is used for official events or convoys that are being hosted by the TruckersMP Media team. If you wish to promote your own convoy or event you can do so in the respective sections for ATS and ETS.
  10. Staff Convoy 10.09.2017

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  11. When will the tmp video contest start again? 

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