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  1. Prime's post in Replies dissapearing was marked as the answer   
    Hello @moosebiscuits54321
    In support questions we only approve answers that are related to the question asked and that haven't been mentioned before in a previous answer. If your answer is in 1 of those categories they will not be approved and thus hidden.
  2. Prime's post in Supporter Team-answer was marked as the answer   
    @Lazox3 I checked your applications and they have been answered, please check https://truckersmp.com/recruitment to see the outcome of your application.
  3. Prime's post in Specific Server rules was marked as the answer   
    You can find all rules that are being applied on all servers here: 
  4. Prime's post in CB Radio was marked as the answer   
    Default channel is 19 and you'll find most people on there if you want to convoy with some people I advise you to agree with eachother to use a different channel so you con properly communicate without others talking over you.
  5. Prime's post in Is this Truck allowed was marked as the answer   
    Beacons on places other than the roof are not allowed.
    You can also be banned for unsupported mod (beacon inside truck)
  6. Prime's post in Allowed mods don't work. was marked as the answer   
    Once you've picked up the modded trailer in MP or selected to drive the modded truck you can go in MP. You will get a message that some mods are missing with an option to load an older save or continue either way. If yu choose to continue either way then your modded trailer should be hooked up to your truck or you should be in your modded truck.
    If after delivering the modded trailer you want to pick up another modded trailer you have to go back to SP.
  7. Prime's post in 32bits was marked as the answer   
    The support for 32 bit stopped when ATS was released, otherwise the devs had to work on 2 seperate launchers which would take too much time.
  8. Prime's post in [To IGA's Team] Small doubt about Report System was marked as the answer   
    Best is to make a seperate report for each individual player
  9. Prime's post in Delivery time desync? Now there's no jobs was marked as the answer   
    In adition to the above, to get jobs again you can do the following:
    Sleep Service call (F7) More advanced (on your own risk):
    While spawned in truck, open console type g_force_economy_reset 1 go back to profiles select your profie again If message saying "game change detected, you've been teleported back to your home garage without any cost" Job market has been reset open console type g_force_economy_reset 0 Else: repeat untill successful or open SP and set g_force_economy_reset 1 (should work instantly after going back to profile selection and selecting your profile again
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