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  1. May as well have a staff streak here.
  2. Delivering to the supermarkets of Scandinavia in this unbranded Prime MAN.


  3. Fantastic update and such a modern feel compared to the old layout. Glad IPB have finally caught up.
  4. Ontop of the Scanias that are out with me daily on the Breezer routes, we've now begun repainting them in to the revised 2020 livery. Here is 1191, the first Scania of the bunch to have a repaint completed. 1192 is already in the paint shop.
  5. Wednesday I spent the morning surprisingly (wasn't planned) out in the PuddleJumper 200 - officially known as an Enviro 200 SWB. It's nicknamed PuddleJumper as it has a terrible, jumpy gearbox that'll quite happily throw you around. Following on from that to today, we have Scania 1123 at Monkey World, on a surprisingly quiet weekend.
  6. Another few days out on the Breezer services sees regular Scanias return, as well as today 1701 took a trip out and about.
  7. ADL Enviro 400 1612 out touring on the Breezer 31s again today. Makes a change from our regular Scania.
  8. 'Fruit Salad', also known as 1608, an ADL Enviro 400 branded for Arts University Bournemouth took a trip out on the Breezer 31 the other day, covering for another breakdown.
  9. The penultimate journey of the day for 1106 yesterday to Weymouth.
  10. Scania 1106 pictured in Weymouth, as well as 1121 on morning schools.
  11. The last couple of days have seen my colleagues bringing out some irregular buses on to the Breezer routes. Here we have 1612 and 1412 on two separate days, whilst I waited time for them to pass my bus.
  12. 1106 in Weymouth this morning on Breezer route 30. Today is the one day of the summer season where the route diverts from King's Statue to Weymouth Rail Station for the morning only due to the Weymouth Marathon.
  13. More photos of the Breezer routes in both an ADL Enviro 400 1612, and Scania Omnicity N270 1123.
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