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Community Answers

  1. AS71 TMP, one of the Prime vehicles that retain its factory standard 'Snow White' colours all over, parked up in Dover this evening.

    The vehicle will be having some safety service work over the next week before returning back to work on Thursday.



    Most recently, the DAF has just done cargo hauls across Europe, starting in Calais and hopping to Klagenfurt, before moving on down to Istanbul, working its way back to Dover via Debrecen.

  2. Cruising with @ATEKGaming on the way to Istanbul.spacer.png

  3. Managed to escape from the land of Breezer buses which seem to be the norm for me, and went on loan to sister company Salisbury Reds today. Optare Solo SR 3825 pictured on the early morning services, followed by Volvo B7 Plaxton President 1997. The final vehicle of the day, ADL E400MMC 1680.
  4. Back on the Breezer network once again today, with MCV eVoSeti 1703 operating one of the morning journeys on a nice, quiet Sunday.
  5. Photo of my fuel tanker, courtesy of @ATEKGaming.


  6. Optare Visionaire 1409 made an appearance today on the X3 route. It is extremely rare for this type of vehicle to appear on the X3, as it's not one of the routes ran by the depots they're based at. This vehicle was covering for an E400MMC that sadly was defective.
  7. Today saw me do a couple of trips in one of our Damory Enviro 200s. Been a while since I've driven a non-MMC E200.
  8. A little bit of fleet variety over the last couple of days.
  9. Fuel shortage? 👀


  10. Back out in a Breezer bus today. 1711 is pictured on the morning school service, before operating 60s for the day.
  11. Today was an ADL day, spending half of my day on one of our peak local routes, and then having to go out this evening on emergency cover of an X6.
  12. After the summer season has ended, 1106 appeared yesterday on the Breezer 40 service, which operates all year round on a reduced timetable in Winter. Today saw Enviro400 MMC 1651 operating the X3, one of our cross county routes.
  13. For the final time this year, 1106 stands in Weymouth waiting to operate the last service of the summer season to Swanage. This is the end of the service now until next year.
  14. 1109 out working the Breezer 30 services in place of officially allocated vehicle 1107. 1107 hasn't returned for the service in the last three weeks due to repeated windscreen damage.
  15. I do love these Scanias ❤️spacer.png

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