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  1. Congrats Ash :D Will be good to see your name in Red in-game lol

    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      This is Trial though, no red name in-game :P

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      Yeah, I meant once he passed his trial lol :P

  2. Congratulations and make a good use: D

    1. Anriandor


      Why do you always write in black? It is quite hard to read <_<



      And before you ask, yes, we do have a dark theme:


    2. LUIG


      Ok I'm sorry and it will not happen again!

  3. Congratulations Ashley Good luck:)

  4. Congratulations bro,go drive police car:troll:

  5. This status is just written to trigger all other people who look for free reputation but who have not noticed it yet :mellow:


    Enjoy the spam on your wall, thank me later ;) :troll:


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      @Anriandor have a rep on me :P

  6. Remove suggestion format

    You don't have to adhere completely to the format, it's there as a guideline already and always has be. It's there so that users keep there posts to a structure and not just one massive sentence spanning 8 lines that looks like a gigantic paragraph rather than an organized suggestion. Rejected.
  7. Ghost Mode

    This would cause more issues than it would solve, as users would just flick between passive and 'aggressive' to troll people. As said before, this is a Simulator. If you're a ghost, not really simulating. Rejected.
  8. Add minimize button for launcher

    @MushroomLTU, In exactly what context would it be 'useful sometimes'? Once you open the launcher, you choose which game, then the launcher closes. It doesn't need a minimize button, why would you open the launcher if you're not going to play the game?
  9. New server with enforced traffic rules

    Hi @MushroomLTU, All though that may be realistic and several people may enjoy it (myself included in that statistic), it would be next to impossible to enforce. Our Game Administrators already have enough work cut out for them on a daily basis, but to then have the extra burden of enforcing every single traffic law in every European country in the map would be a tad bit extreme. Unfortunately, Multiplayer will only ever be as realistic as the users make it - if everyone wants to go in excess of 150km/h, then it won't be realistic at all. I understand that it may be frustrating, annoying, or any other word you can use to describe the fact that realism is virtually non existent, but in the end it is down to the users to decide how realistic they want to be.