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  1. 1704,05,06 and 1710 this morning, clear blue skies but icy cold.
  2. Another day out and about yesterday in yet another Scania, 1109.
  3. The new Prime Renault T made it to Spain. 


    1. RICKY9618


      Welcome to the Iberian peninsula.

      Pass by Lisbon to eat a pastel de nata. 😁😁 

    2. GMT - Fábio Oliveira
  4. 2282 and 1102 today for some scenic driving.
  5. MCV eVoSeti 1701 on the 40 to Poole this evening on its last run of the day.
  6. Yesterday and todays photos. more 2274 on route 70, which is a summer only service, and Ex London PVL 1943 on 60s. Today saw 1133 operating an X7(R) to and from Southampton.
  7. Another early start today, and this time it was with Optare Visionaire 1412.
  8. 1706 again this morning on a "doom and gloom" morning. A bit of bad weather never stopped an open top bus.
  9. Back out to the wonderful land of Swanage today with half-open top MCV eVoSeti 1706.
  10. Yesterday saw me covering a Ringwood duty on the X3, using Bournemouth based bus 1624 (UniBus) and Ringwood's based bus 1649.
  11. Prior to commencing morning school runs this morning, myself and a colleague were parked up awaiting time. Here is Scania Omnicity 1193 and Optare Visionaire 1407.
  12. Another day in Salisbury yesterday saw Optare Solo 3751 and ADL Enviro 200 2728. Today returned to Poole with 1106.
  13. Historical Photos As I am currently on four days off, I've dug out some old photos from last year when I was doing National Express work for more. Here is a selection;
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