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  1. Roughly jobs that take no longer then 1 hour 30 mins
  2. I play everyday and playing more and more hours as I go along
  3. Like a few said already, Stop and press F1 and put your hazards on, That's all you can really do.
  4. Drive up Kirkenes tonight🚚


  5. Delivering Cows to NBFC Company, I wonder what they do to them there xD
  6. Very nice of you to say that raffaeloo! All good here and hope you have a enjoyable weekend yourself
  7. Poke poke...


    Howdy friend! 😀

    1. WarSniperr


      Heyyooo, I am your first follower enjoy :)

    2. Ruffian


      Thank you! 🤗

  8. From my own personal opinion I think FH Tuning pack then Scania. Nothing wrong with Mercedes or DAF but I just think the other 2 packs look nicer
  9. Dominican Republic which is just east of Jamaica and Cuba if my map skills are correct, It is actually where my current PFP was taken
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