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  1. [And the person which has one the last post is.....]
  2. Can't wait to see the full version of 1.50 to release on ATS.
  3. Airbus Windows or Linux
  4. I'm amazed at how much this Game Tracker has grew and with my previous VTC's using this system I see even better potential for it in the future. Although some features could be free but I understand that the money supports the developer
  5. Looks very nice I might consider installing it later on the month. Hope to see more creations from you.
  6. Take Care and good luck for the future.


  7. The photoshop process made me think it was a Re-Shade but either way it does look outstanding
  8. @KacaKTV If that’s the case then that’s a great suggestion
  9. @ALLIANCE _Thyagoof yes this time Al3kaik for the win
  10. What about the graphics inside the game? Is it some type of reshade or is it just the In-Game settings?
  11. It's a good idea but. The keybind 'TAB' is already assigned to the Player List inside the game to open.
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