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  7. Hope to see trailer tires for Euro Truck Simulator 2 someday too.
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  12. SCS released an Update today. This may delay the progress, since the update is about adjusting and improvements on the sounds.
  13. *Warning Poor English* For a long time i had an annoying problem in MP like this: And looking for articles in the forum i realized that other people had the same problem. |=> Attention <=| This maybe not work for you. In my case the problem was with my DNS and bandwidth. Steps: 1º I switched from my bugged DNS server to Google DNS. ( and (well seems it working) 2° In the bandwidth i changed from 20/40 to only 20 MHz Hope this can be useful for any with the same problem. I know that some information about network config is missing so hopefully someone with more knowledge in this area can add something more that can benefit everyone.
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