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  1. VTC Panel [Ideas] / Help

    Moved to dev portal.
  2. privacy violations

    The general staff rule is that if the users can't see it normally, you can not show it to users. This is because showing those pages can share info about users which should not be published, such as emails, information about who reported who, appeal content, and more. It's very unfortunate if we display such info, because it would be users private info being shown, and because it could lead to bullying among users and such, following bans and reports. In addition to that you have the general privacy concerns, and the fact that we need to be able to plan or do things within the team without the public knowing before we are ready for them to know.
  3. TruckersMP Team

    The Web Developer and Developer ranks on the forum have been combined. All developers will work on the same parts of the TruckersMP project as before. This is because the distinction only existed on the forum, and because it was inaccurate, as web developers worked on other non-web projects as well.
  4. Label of each rank

    We removed this feature from i.e. discord because it ended with spam and wasn't very useful. Declined.
  5. To clarify, Some of the things we did on the event server is only allowed on EU4, as it would be reckless.

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Additionally, if I may add, today's event took place in a event server hosted specifically for it and only for TMP staff.

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      to share clips of it or not to share


    3. JarFull


      You would say that now......

  6. Delete my account

    Feel free to read that law: We do also not operate with any sensitive information. Besides, TruckersMP follow EU and international laws that apply to us. The jurisdiction of the mentioned law is only within the UK, as mentioned here:
  7. It's probably the exact same issue, as importJSON is using JS. Howerver, please do not try to build a spreadsheet of all our users. Sending 1,8 million API requests to build that spreadsheet is not within reasonable use, and you will risk being blocked from accessing the API.
  8. Psst. I did a thing:

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      Well, it's easy to solve it. If someone can't login with their account they just need to open a support ticket to ask for help. :troll:

    3. Natedoggg457


      ^^^ make it opitonal 

    4. HumaneWolf


      I think we're probably not gonna add that, not for a good long while anyway.

  9. Suggestion (Undercover admins)

    Rejected because it would be a large waste of time. Admins can already watch anyone, anywhere on the map without them having a chance of knowing, via the dev cam. The dev cam combined with the report systems are what is used for most admin work regardless, since physically driving around is impractical.
  10. And some more badge tweaks.

    1. Natedoggg457
    2. Positivetrucking168


      Yay, the Wolf is back with some more website updates, nice to see you talk about it. Didn't even know you did it :P

  11. There, I gave you some new differences to spot on the forum :P

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    2. HumaneWolf


      After conversion it's 130x28, to be exact xD @Rekoil_

    3. konfig0


      Works I guess ;-;

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Meanwhile, there is someone somewhere that must be quite enraged.


  12. website

    Wrong. Active means the player was NOT unbanned before the ban expired. If it says it is not active, then teh player was unbanned early. The ban can be active even if it has expired.
  13. I am number 90 and I have a ban for bloking .. Warior does not want to admit ban I do not block anyone 484 I held there for 4 hours I could block someone? here's my twitch 2:32:25 that I'm innocent in this quick thank you

    1. Caernage




      Dear @Hopi Virtual-Hakeen,


      I would kindly like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing your ban or anything related to this status .


      Please use the ban appeal system in the first place. Also, keep in mind that it can take quite some time until an admin reviewed your appeal and the circumstances of your ban as it must be done properly, which necessarily takes time.


      For further information, please refer to the following topics:





      Additionally, you can complain about your ban by contacting upper staff if you have the feeling that the admin did not issue it properly. In order to do so, use the feedback system, which can be found here:



      Thank you very much for your understanding! We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



  14. KERNELBASE.dll Error
  15. TruckersMP Launcher Launcher

    No, this isn't a standalone launcher. It's an add on to the normal launcher.