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  1. [IGA] @subtlegta has stepped down due to a lack of time.
  2. [IGA] @Forraz has stepped down due to personal reasons.
  3. Project Manager?! Congratulations!


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    2. Penguin


      Hahah dw xD It makes no difference to the running of TMP. It's just formalities really.

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      Internet Explorer User? :P

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  4. Welcome. Would like to know who is responsible for Administrators in Euro Truck Simulator2. And wanted to know why I was discharged.
    Tell me what happened. Today I was driving down the road in the same direction Skoda in reverse gave out to me because of that accident, I sat down to him to signal not to do this and that he went to before. For the Administrator Zelcrum gave me 2 days ban for troling. Then I went to the site Truckers MP and saw that I have added to the troling, blocking and ramming. plus the history of bans and thus I got banned for 3 months. In this situation, I think that the Administrator Zelcrum gave me the ban is not correct and please remove me from the ban.
    Will provide You with a video where Skoda was driving in reverse and which was an accident.
    The link is on my profile

    For earlier thanks!!!

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      hey this isn't the way on complaining on a ban

      write a email instead to truckersMP 



  5. See above posts, and use the search function. Rejected.
  6. We don't have an exact list with the exact times because each situation can differ greatly. If you think the ban duration is unfair, make an appeal. If you think the appeal is dealt with unfairly, or want to complain about the report, contact the feedback email.
  7. chat

    Previously rejected.
  8. Previously rejected.
  9. Update: Added server status and info. The launcher launcher will no longer disappear when not in focus. Known bug: The launcher launcher might stay on top of other windows. A quick fix for this: Click on your desktop or another window, then back in the window the launcher launcher is on top of. Download: EDIT: Reverted some of the window focus changes to avoid the bug impacting user experience more than necessary.
  10. Nope.
  11. Previously rejected. See the reasons in the previous suggestions.
  12. Updated it a little while ago and have been tweaking it. New: All code has been re-written. Now shows approximate queue times to join each server, as well as the number of players in queue.
  13. I have disabled the ban you appealed because it should have expired by now, however, a later offence still remains. As that's a separate ban you'll need to create a separate appeal, however.
  14. Moved to off topic, and hid several off topic comments. Behave yourself.
  15. It's easier if you ask more specifically what you would like help with, so it's easier for anyone answering to know if they're able to help or not. Not to mention it makes it easier to help when people can just reply to a forum post.