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  1. The rendered resolution depends on the resolution on the person visiting, if I remember correctly. There are no magic numbers afaik. The most important bit to make it look good is a good aspect ratio.
  2. No, we have no plans to allow any unofficial mods.
  3. A bunch of people got #Wish64 due to a well known event done by an event team called Haulage64 (managed by @.::Cheetah::.) later this year, which raises money through donations, which then go to a charity. This year it's going to the Make A Wish Foundation.
  4. They're two separate games, with two different save files. You won't be able to travel between them.
  5. Type of the event: competition Url to the thread: following - / Date and hour of the event: 22.05.2017 - ca. 13:00/14:00 - 16:00 UTC Organisator: Timo Bacher (Shadow-Games) Participants (min. 30 drivers or 5 VTC's + proof): unknow - first the OK from you! Rules in English: 1. No one gets insulted. 2. Situations that wont planed have to be reported to the Event Manager 3. Only invited people can join. 4 You have to follow the orders of the Secruity Members. Rules in your own language: 1. Niemand wird beleidigt. 2. Außerplanmäßige Situationen müssen dem Veranstalter gemeldet werden. 3. Mitmachen dürfen nur eingeladene. 4. Den Anweisungen der Security-Mitarbeiter sind folge zu leisten.
  6. Well, to be fair, I was thinking of the website report system, however, work is being done in making the IG report system more efficient, and to help the admins do more and better work in game.
  7. Not a bad idea, and definitely something to consider if we are considering adding more paint jobs to it. There are a lot of talented people in this community, and a lot of people who want to (and can) contribute.
  8. Double trailers is very possible if/when added to the base game itself, but exactly how we will deal with it we don't really know at this time. We might need rule changes, or we might not. Full length double trailers (won't be added, but possible via save editing) will likely not be allowed, simply since they don't fit on the roads. The map isn't made for that, and they cause issues for everyone in that area when players mess up while driving them.
  9. The issue with allowing some things client side is that we lack control. How will we allow only mods that won't interfere with the MP, or ruin other players experiences? There are few, if any, viable solutions we can implement and maintain right now. When it comes to server load, that's more about if we create a platform where you download the files from our servers (one solution to the client side mods issue), that would massively increase the load to our servers, because you would need to download it from our platform. Maybe it's something we can consider in the future, but it's something we don't have the resources to do now.
  10. It's something we know a bunch of people want, but that has a load of potential errors and issues tied to it, that needs to be resolved first. So, it might happen in the future, but I wouldn't sit around waiting for it, because it will take a while (if it happens).
  11. More info here:
  12. From a PM point of view: The most important things currently is to sort out issues with the report system, and making the team work more effectively in general. We need to be able to get more done with less work than we do now.
  13. There are multiple issues with mods: Download size: Download servers costs money and time to maintain and set up. Licensing: We need permission to redistribute to include it with the mods. Updates: We don't want our updates to be slowed down because other mods are not updated in time after the game is updated. Incompatibilities: Mods are, in their nature, somewhat untested and unstable, and can have unknown consequences when combined with other mods, or game updates. As well as other reasons.
  14. Probably not gonna happen for a long while. Developing and maintaining a version for Mac would massively increase the time and resources spent, meanwhile, we would not get much benefit when it comes to playercount, as people still manage to play TruckersMP via Wine, a VM, dualbooting, or having a separate PC with Windows.
  15. Moved to Help.