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  1. [SUPPORT][MOD] @math-98 has been promoted to In Game Admin.
  2. TruckersMP Launcher Launcher By HumaneWolf I heard you like launchers, so I made a launcher for your launcher This is a launcher for the new official TruckersMP launcher, adding some useful features without replacing the launcher itself. Features - NoIntro and other launch parameters/flags. - Ability to launch single player from the TruckersMP launcher (with the same flags). - All of the functionality in the official launcher. Screenshots The launcher itself, with the SP buttons added by the launcher launcher, as well as the settings menu button at the top. The settings menu. Download link (and source) Downloads: Source code:
  3. [iGA] @Strydr_ has left the team due to personal reasons.
  4. Moved to general discussion. Developer Portal is for discussion about development in general, and is not directly related to the development of the TruckersMP mod.
  5. While a lot of Scandinavian people understand the other languages, several players from the countries do actually have trouble understanding the others, which would be a major obstacle if we did this. As such, I think this is sadly rejected, to make sure all the players from the Scandinavian countries have a subforum where they can understand other members, and be understood.
  6. Happy Birthday Clark :3
  7. @Louie G TFM has returned as IGA.

  8. Hello I am a user of truckersmp den I have a mistake my have been banned from using the reports system, please contact a Project Manager for more information '' Can you fix this?

    1. CaptainKostaZ


      If you feel that your ban appeal is not handled correctly, [email protected] .


      We apologize for any inconvenience but this is the way you have to go through with it.

    2. Mirrland


      Don't harrass the project managers on the forums... I'm assuming you mean the appeals system? Email [email protected] with a link to your TruckersMP account and explain your situation there. 

    3. Sgt_Tailor
  9. Moved to general discussions.
  10. [SUPPORT] @KOZIK PL has been promoted to IGA.
  11. [MOD] @1nYX and [SUPPORT-MOD-MEDIA] @El1teZombiezHD have been promoted to IGA.
  12. Sorry you feel that way, however, we can not terminate accounts on request. We can only permanently ban them. I have done so to your account.
  13. The status updates are (mostly) a free space for players to post what they want and to encourage interaction, which includes birthdays, so while the flood can sometimes be annoying, I don't really see us adding a rule like this. Rejected. Spam rules apply if relevant though.
  14. staff

    Rejecting this for now. Maybe we can reconsider it in the future, if new options regarding this opens up.