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  1. Use forum anti spam plugin/addon

    As far as I'm aware, it doesn't have much like this. In addition, this is kind of pointless, as it would mostly just prevent people who accidentally double post and such, which we already don't warn for. Those who spam post i.e. in various threads quickly, and without reading, will continue to do so with no real trouble. So, bottom line, finding one that works, potentially paying for it (which a lot of plugins for IPB require), isn't something we're gonna prioritize.
  2. The link to the map image is corrupted.

    Most likely either a connection issue to a server on your end, or the server serving that image being down or temporarily unavailable when you loaded the page. That can happen. It's not a corrupted image, it's an image that failed to load.
  3. New troll server

    Locking this for now. If you want to play around without being serious, use EU4. That will not change your current ban however, and we cant really predict whp will troll and banish them to another server. Also keep in mind not all banned players try to troll, etc I can have a closer look at the entire thread later tonight when I'm home, but for now this mostly looks like a suggestion I'd reject.
  4. Music Play in Forum Profile

    Rejected. There are more reasons, but a big one is this being a copyright nightmare, as well as requiring quite a bit more than you might think from a technical point of view.
  5. Servers change EU3 and 1 merge?

    This is not how anything works. We can't move slots between servers, it requires actual hardware able to support the playercount, and that costs money. Not to mention that EU1 and EU3 serve slightly different audiences with different settings.
  6. Can't create new Feedback

    Not a bug. Read the actual error message, and do account for time and timezones.
  7. Hardware ban methode

    We already know this exists, and we already utilize various tools when looking for ban evaders.
  8. Allow closed source tools

    If you read closer, it does not apply to all tools or all components in every tool. However, to promote other developers in the community as well as to allow people to review what they download, we will keep that requirement. We have in fact seen people submit false TMP-launchers containing malware, though that issue is not just limited to that specific section.
  9. 500 Slots for the experimental server?

    It literally makes no difference. We don't reserve the CPU resources when starting a server, so unless it actually reaches 500 players it won't use the resources required to host 500 players. 500 is just a simple default-ish number we use occasionally for event servers and similar.
  10. Question to multiplayer devs

    Just to specify one thing: When I say full support, I mean on the level of having a TMP economy which is partially based around VTCs etc. It's likely we'll do things step by step, so you can see parts of a system being done before we start doing the next part, i.e. working on balancing server side job rewards before we start storing peoples earnings in a server side "bank account".
  11. Question to Developers: Synchronization of rain

    We had some synchronization as a test at one point, iirc, and a lot of people didn't really like it. It didn't take into account the local climate in different positions in the game, etc. It's not impossible we might do some weather synchronization in the future, but for now, don't hold your breath on it. Real weather in game and such would be pretty cool though (<-- in my opinion)
  12. Game Demos

    We're working on improving the experience and the handling of in game reports.
  13. Question to Web Devs

    Because doing that across different steam accounts is not feasible for us. It will require us to store information we do not need, and which can identify the user (i.e. hardware data, etc.) and thus the user can require us to delete it. It's can also easily lead to false positives, and it will be possible to circumvent it and play anyway.
  14. Question to multiplayer devs

    Maybe is the simple answer to that. When it comes to VTCs, full VTC support and systems will likely wait for a little while, until we are closer to a full economy/game system, and decisions about what perks VTCs can get will be made closer to that time. It's likely to be a few restrictions on getting skins like that though, depending on limitations in server capacity etc.
  15. Introducing Bus in the Truckersmp Platform

    Implementing a bus simulator in the normal MP is beyond the planned scope for this mod. It's not impossible that it will change in the future, but for now there are no plans to implement a bus, and it's not really that relevant to the mod and game itself.