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  1. v2.3.0 Website release

    It's not in the system yet. The recruitment system shows recruitments that are made on our website, it is not related to the forum.
  2. v2.3.0 Website release

    Management can create recruitment forms and recruitments, and when recruitment is open users can apply for positions through this system, on https://truckersmp.com/recruitment.
  3. VR / Questions about Patches

    If or when it is brought out of beta and into the official releases it will probably at least be usable in MP. How much support we can offer in terms of adjusting the chat and the MP user interface isn't something we can say much about at this time.
  4. VR / Questions about Patches

    Assumptions from others aside: There are a couple of reasons. The VR branch is a different version of the game. Even when they're the same version number, there are differences in the exe file, and it is a separate version we would have to support. This takes time and resources, so we have decided not to do so at this moment, as it could increase the time it takes for us to update by quite a bit. The VR branch version is not always updated at the same version as the main version. The VR branch has been updated later than the game version at multiple occasions, and what do we do then? Wait with updating the mod? Stop supporting the VR versions while it isn't up to date? Try to make workarounds, which could at worst take weeks? You can also have the VR branch being more frequently updated, if they discover VR specific bugs, which again would mean we would need to potentially update the mod to make sure we support it, or at the very least spend time testing before updating the supported version data on our update servers. The potentially more frequent updates in the beta branches is one of the main reasons why we have chosen not to support them in general.
  5. Adding a relevant link here: https://www.hacksplaining.com/ It has a bunch of basic, but good info on various kinds of normal exploits.
  6. Pretty simple answers: How to prevent XSS: You escape any input before showing it. In the event of a DDOS: We have cloudflare protection. Should someone direct a ddos at our servers directly we either have multiple servers or can replace them, generally. When it comes to the HTTPS rollout, because we have a bunch of "moving parts" in our system (the game servers, game client, website, forum, load balancing, other systems) it got more complicated than rolling it out on some random website, however, it was successful by testing it beforehand. This is a question better suited for @Tuxy Fluffyclaws though, since he did a bunch of the work, and I hadn't joined the webdev team yet at that time. Would also like to point out that this is a general development discussion forum category, not specifically a place to ask us questions, and it doesn't have to be specifically related to TruckersMP.
  7. Server Side Architecture

    This is a few months old, but still answers some of the questions: I could probably answer some of the other questions, but it's best left to a developer, since they know the mod itself and the game servers better than I do.
  8. Impossible that's a Human <_<@Kravatie



  9. [BUG] I'm not unbanned for ramming

    Ban expiration times are given in UTC, not your local timezone.
  10. Percentage values in save games

    Hex (or more accurarely hexadecimal) is a way to write/say the values of bits more easily (for humans). Those values are not color codes (although the hex color codes do use hex notation). See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexadecimal
  11. par julien78[BE] sens resons et sur tout que a ce moment la j ai rien fait 


  12. bonjour je me suis fait bannir par vous mais voila se qui c'est passer :il avais un camion en dehors du no collision area et une voiture qui était en collision area et quand j'ai voulue sortir la voiture était dans ma remorque et cela fait que j'ai vole a cause de la voiture qui était dans mon arrière de remorque et a cause de la voiture un autre camion a vole aussi car comme la voiture ma pousse cela la fait vole. je vous pris de revoir le ban merci bonne journée


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      Il faut que tu attendes que l'admin voit ton "ban appeal" ;) Poster sur les profils des admins ne fera pas que tu obtiendras une réponse plus rapide ;)

    3. dylou-FR


      ok merci beaucoup de ta reponse 

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      De rien ;)

  13. Editing the TMP ID in web reports

    Added a ticket on this, WEB-186.
  14. New Team Role: Events Team - Suggestion

    Events are the media team's job.