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  1. HumaneWolf

    How to get a players lcation via API

    Wrong. Contact krash, those have the position information you are asking for. The map API is separate from the normal API, and the endpoints and info is not listed on that page, only how to request more information.
  2. HumaneWolf

    Creating multiplayer

    The main reason this is unlikely to happen is the ratio between playercount, and the effort and resources required to make and continue to support it. While it is true that ETS(1) no longer receives updates, so supporting updates won't be an issue, the initial investment to make a mod is still there. In addition, servers, download links, etc also cost time and money to run, and most likely the playercount for an ETS(1) multiplayer would be quote low. In addition, ETS2 is by no means a heavy game, and most computers can run it today. Also, note that this forum category is not made to be a communication channel to the TruckersMP developers. It is here so people who are interested can discuss development in general.
  3. HumaneWolf


    The special trailers and missions were never accessible or allowed in MP. Only some of the accessories the DLC contains.
  4. Guten Abend, ich würde mal gerne wissen was da derzeit bei euch mit den Multiplayer los ist? Andauernd gibt es ein Update  und man weiß nicht für was die ganzen Updates sind. Eine info zum nachlesen wäre sehr angebraucht. Hinzu kommt das es mehrere Update am Tag gibt und oft zu PC abstürze führt.Erklärung an die nutzer wäre ganz gut.

  5. HumaneWolf

    VR isn't a separate version anymore so please add it!

    If the branches have been merged, that does not change any of the other reasons I gave you yesterday. We don't have unlimited time and resources to invest into it, and currently, it's not an investment we can prioritize. Maybe in the future, but not yet.
  6. HumaneWolf

    Que el TruckersMP tenga denuevo 32bits

    No. Supporting both 32 and 64 bit versions of the game means twice as much work, for an architecture few people use today. 64 bit has been available for many years, and have been the norm for all new computers for many years as well. According to Steam Hardware Survey, less than 2% of Steam users use a 32 bit OS. This is not worth the time or effort for us to support, especially considering it is a hobby project.
  7. HumaneWolf

    Autumn Mod

    No, anything that TruckersMP does needs to be done at a large scale, so that it can be utilized by several hundred thousand people at a month. Providing the bandwidth to support a 370 MB download in the launcher is not easy, nor cheap, at the scale we need to do so.
  8. HumaneWolf

    Virtual Reality Needs To Be Implemented!

    Rejected. It's a separate game version, meaning twice as much work to support it, compared to today. It's updated at a different pace from the main game, meaning we would either need to invest even more work into backwards compatibility, or wait for a very long time with updating the mod each time the game updates. VR is still a niche thing. It's big enough to attract attention, and get good games (and it's fun), but it's not a mainstream thing. There are a limited amount of TruckersMP players who have VR gear and use it. Making proper interfaces and such to interact with the systems in the game, like reports, chat, etc. is hard. It requires a lot of development and testing, which takes a lot of time and resources.
  9. Hello man I'm called Toma Costel Madalin I am 15 years old I live in Romania Jud.Braila but I have a disease of the glass bones disease, I only go with the help of the wheelchair know 50% English but the Romanian know very much I stand very much on my PC all day long and I would very much like to be part of the staff I want to help watch the players and the reports I'm waiting for an answer!

    1. Dziada


      Hello there,


      There is a complicated process that goes into becoming a staff member and unfortunately there are no programs where you can skip the queue.

      Here are the general requirements:

      Here is another guide which may help you:


      Hope that this has put straight any doubts that you may have had. For now, I am going to lock this status update as you have messaged the same content to 2 people which may be considered as spamming.


      As a side note, developers tend to not respond or take a very long time to respond therefore it is not worth messaging them.


      If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.


      All the best


      TruckersMP Community Moderator


      //Locked Status Update

  10. HumaneWolf

    email, spelling mistake

    He can contact support at https://truckersmp.com/support, and they will help him out.
  11. HumaneWolf

    TruckersMP Team

    @Tuxy Fluffyclaws has returned to the development team.
  12. HumaneWolf

    Issue with trying to reconnect after disconnect.

    Thank you. The most likely explanation is what I said above, that your client considers you disconnected while the server still considers you connected. I'll keep a note to look into it in the future.
  13. HumaneWolf

    Issue with trying to reconnect after disconnect.

    Most likely the server has not "given up" on your connection yet, even though your client is trying to initialize a new connection. When it happens, how much time passes between when players near you stop moving, and when your game tries to reconnect? In addition, how long between your client saying you're disconnected, and it trying to reconnect?
  14. HumaneWolf


    Adding more slots to a server doesn't work like that. It requires actual computing resources and CPU power to handle it, it's not just a number.