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  1. HumaneWolf

    email, spelling mistake

    He can contact support at https://truckersmp.com/support, and they will help him out.
  2. HumaneWolf

    TruckersMP Team

    @Tuxy Fluffyclaws has returned to the development team.
  3. HumaneWolf

    Issue with trying to reconnect after disconnect.

    Thank you. The most likely explanation is what I said above, that your client considers you disconnected while the server still considers you connected. I'll keep a note to look into it in the future.
  4. HumaneWolf

    Issue with trying to reconnect after disconnect.

    Most likely the server has not "given up" on your connection yet, even though your client is trying to initialize a new connection. When it happens, how much time passes between when players near you stop moving, and when your game tries to reconnect? In addition, how long between your client saying you're disconnected, and it trying to reconnect?
  5. HumaneWolf


    Adding more slots to a server doesn't work like that. It requires actual computing resources and CPU power to handle it, it's not just a number.
  6. HumaneWolf

    NodeJS - future of coding or just a trend?

    Same as other languages and technologies. It has it's place, and is unlikely to go away. It has it's use cases, and other things which it isn't that good at. At the same time, other languages and technologies are not gonna disappear because of Node.
  7. HumaneWolf

    Connection Error - Retry?

    Delete your C:/ProgramData/TruckersMP folder. The launcher fails to write to it.
  8. HumaneWolf

    Forum Authentication Update

    As said in the original post, we do plan to make the TruckersMP OAuth2 available to community developers, at least using the Access Token flow, which is what the forum is currently using.
  9. ets2 map is broken again.... :RIP:  :thinking:

  10. HumaneWolf

    Live Map

    No, there is no copy/paste code to embed the map on your website. It's not impossible to do so, but I would not recommend it as the result can easily end up badly. The other option is the map api, but that would require you to make your own map, as the api only contains the player data.
  11. HumaneWolf

    Launcher two factor support

    Wrong. You need to be logged into the correct steam account to play at TMP.
  12. HumaneWolf

    Forum anonym sign in

    That has to do with how the forum does stuff, so don't expect it back any time soon. Sorry.
  13. The forum login now utilizes oAuth2. This should provide more reliable logins, which should also be easier to maintain in the future. In the future, oAuth2 will be available to third party applications, however, this will not be until we are done with internal testing.
  14. ETS2Sync is not featured on our forum at all because of it. The only reason this topic is not currently hidden is because it's an independent tool that uses the ets2sync api, it is not a part of ets2sync itself.
  15. HumaneWolf

    Launcher two factor support

    Gonna point out that this is planned, and coming in a little bit. There are a couple of things in the client that need to be adjusted to make it work well, so for now, the client relies on you needing to play on the Steam account tied to your TruckersMP account, meaning Steam's 2FA gives a level of protection for now.