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  1. Actually deal with ingame reports.

    Mate, we're working on that. We get several hundred thousand in game reports a month, we simply don't have the capacity to work through them all currently. Solutions to this is being worked on, but are not in place at this moment. It's not as simple as to toggle a switch.
  2. Upper staff can already remove someones access to make appeals, and there is a maximum of 3 appeals per ban regardless. If a user is abusive in appeals they can forward it to a game manager or their team leader. If they see it as necessary they can suggest a feature like this themselves, but that will then be based on the experiences of people actually working with the system from the staff side of things.
  3. How long TruckersMP will remain in alpha?

    Generally we say that it's gonna stay alpha until SCS stops updating ATS/ETS2 as regularly, but even looking away from that, it is currently not a finished product. It has various bugs and such that should be fixed, as well as features that should be added and polished before moving on from alpha is something we'd consider likely. Not that it really matters for the player, in the end, TruckersMP being in an alpha state doesn't make a real difference for the player. The changes we make might make a difference, but it's likely we would make those changes regardless of what state we consider the mod to be in.
  4. Picture of the forum profile in the game.

  5. In-Game Avatars from the Website

    It's the plan. The reason it has been on the back burner is because it would significantly increase the load on our static asset servers/caches, which requires some testing and scaling, and we have not prioritized it.
  6. Preview of topic/reply posts on Forum

    We will not modify IPB for this.
  7. Add MOD to other seasons like MOD in winter

    Rejected. Distributing mods like that is not easy or cheap, and we would probably not have been able to even do winter mod this winter if we weren't sponsored with a server and bandwidth.
  8. Weekly bonus job offers

    Something like this is possible, but much more likely when we have a server side economy. Currently money and xp become meaningless for many players, because you can cheat it in by editing your local save game.
  9. Suggest this to SCS.
  10. Please add a vr server and a ProMods server

    Game servers are not the reason we don't offer either of that.
  11. TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    If it shows up empty when you view your data dump: Try a different browser. Seems to be a browser issue when I looked closer at it. Still investigating. If they re register with the same steam the ban will persist. If they re registered with a different steam they would avoid the ban anyway. Regardless, this update was necessary. We are legally obligated to allow users to delete their account and their personal information.
  12. TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    Regarding empty data dumps: I am not sure what causes this, and it will be investigated. Regarding ban evasion: GDPR was gonna make it harder, and there was no way we can avoid that. We can just try to make it better, which we will. Regarding us storing bans tied to steam ID: Steam ID is made public by steam, and we treat it as public information. Any remaining connection your steam ID has to you when your TruckersMP account is deleted is either game logs which have not been deleted yet, or it is a connection created by steam, which they are responsible for. Some short answers right now, since I'm kind of tired, but you get the general gist.
  13. N/A

    It's already literally on the top of every single page on the forum, as it is every time an update is released which we don't support yet.
  14. Reverted change in post to use a link shortener.
  15. Our report and recruitment systens were developed by us, for our own use. A similar premade recruitment system might exist, but i can't point you to a good and free one.