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  1. @Encrypted™ I also like the new Man truck but my favorite has to be the Scania S, cause it has a nice design and alot of addons
  2. What is yours opinion about the new Man TGX Euro 6 truck? I like it!




  3. I think I haven't ever gone empty of fuel xD
  4. @Old man FurkanFurkan Yeah I agere with that sir
  5. @SprinterFS yeah i agree to that but the acceleration is trash, but all the addons on the Daf trucks are awesome!
  6. I am not using it in busy areas, cause of crashes and stuff
  7. Happy trucking guys!

  8. What's your favorite truck brand? You can check out my trucks here: https://tor2141.imgbb.com/ Let me know what you think about these.
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