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    Which of these games do you like?

    I like both. ETS much bigger map, more roads, etc .... ATS although the map is much smaller, after the DLC of special transports, you can travel escorted and without turmoil in the traffic. Too bad that TMP does not support this DLC.

    Where do you think TMP will be at the end of 2019?

    The quantity does not matter, but the quality of the community. For now, TMP could think of putting a server at least in the ATS that would accept AI for the players who like me, has the DLC of special transports, where the AI has important role of escort.

    Free TruckersMP Signatures/Backgrounds

    Very good! Congratulations for the initiative

    Hot topic #11: 2019 predictions

    Mais DLCs ETS e ATS podem vir. Tenha uma boa viagem e vamos embora .........
  5. To the entire TMP community, my desire for a Happy New Year, with their respective families, having a lot of Peace, Health, Harmony and Prosperity!  :)

    1. xTH3xMoDsZx


      Thank you very much! Hope you do too!

    2. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      Thanks, Christina, hope 2019 will be a great year for you ;) 

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Happy New Year:wub:   Wish you have a good holidays with your family and your friends. Hope you have a happy new year, happy, more luck and success !
      See you in the new year 2019 !

  6. Happy Birthday! :love:



      Thanks, @razvan655 !    

      Happy New Year for you with your family ! :love: :) :D


    Hot topic #10: Holiday season

    Vacations at work from day to day, then, nothing better than enjoying the family and also not to miss the "addiction" to play ETS and ATS. Happy 2019 with a lot of prosperity and the blessings of God to us all !
  8. Feliz Natal, amigo pessoal da TMP e suas respectivas famílias!

  9. Entrega Internacional de Eventos ETS e ATS: Evento concluído com sucesso! Obrigado SCS!


    Devs and state of performance?

    My friend, all MP players suffer from this type of problem. In order to avoid since you are carrying your work in VTC in a correct way, I indicate to you the server #EU 1, because all the others (outside the freeroam) will give you these problems always. A hug and a good trip !

    What's your dream car?

    Volkswagen Jetta (loved it)

    The Impact of Updates - Measured!

    I remember very well when the servers were all freeroam @El1teZombiezHD (now after many years, I came back to freeroam because they shut down the server South America). Plus, TMP Login System is indeed perfect.

    RiP C-D road

    For those of you who are in doubt whether or not to buy the Baltic DLC, I highly recommend it because you will not regret it.

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    All that refers to improvement, is, and will always be very well seen and appreciated by all TMP users. Thank you for your interest in community members, @Prime !
  15. Good night TMP. Does anyone know to tell me why the South America server is offline a few days ago?

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Probably because no one uses it, they turned the others off too! Its funny as they do that because of low usage & it saves money ( not having to pay to rent the servers out ) but then turn them on again as demand goes up....

    2. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill


      Yeah, my friend, @ScaniaFan89
      I like the South American server because I do not have many messy players that only enter the game to literally mess up others, besides what my ping on this server is fantastic.
      A hug and thank you.  :thinking:

      Excellent night of rest, @Black Skill ! :love: