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  1. New troll server

    Since you do not want to follow the rules of the MP, go to the server EU 4
  2. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    Perhaps because the ETS 2 has a map much broader, and diversified than the ATS, which makes it the favorite of all players. I particularly play the 2, more certainly no doubt, I also prefer the ETS 2.
  3. New ATS server?

    I never got it online.......
  4. Truckers.FM Sponsored Giveaway

    Good luck for all !
  5. New House!

    Perfect !
  6. New Police design (Europe)

    Excellent suggestion of great highlight. Loved it !
  7. Which places do you wish to go to in the future?

    I'm from Brazil, and I'd love to get to know Germany and London.
  8. What is the most useless/ugly DLC for you?

    For me, all the paintings.
  9. Fastest truck in ETS2

    In my opinion, is Scania
  10. World of Trucks = mission given is mission accomplished!

    Good night for all !

  11. What is your preferred WOT number plate?

  12. I agree with you, my friend @TheCreepyTruckr but, as you well know that no one respects the laws of the road in the game, there is the tip of the US server 1, totally simulated server. Have a good trip.
  13. For players who like to obey the laws of transit in the game, the ideal is the server EU 1. The other servers have the allowed speed of 150 km / h so it is not tasteful for those who want a perfect simulation.