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  1. Moving on to wish everyone a great week, and who knows, we meet on the highways of the MP. 

  2. Good and blessed night !  :)

  3. Do not put limits on your dreams, put FAITH !  Good week for all !

    1. MHT_


      Have a good week as well! :D

  4. Passando para desejar a todos os TRUCKERS MP uma Happy Easter

    1. David Edson

      David Edson

      Thanks! you too .

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Happy Easter :P 

  5. Para todos os amigos da Truckers MP, desejo um bom domingo e uma grande caça aos ovos de Páscoa. Boa sorte guys !  

  6. Cultive o hábito de agradecer a cada dia.
    Obrigado e boa noite, Truckers MP.

  7. 3x crash game today

  8. After this MP update I made today, my game is crashing right through. Anyone else with this problem?

  9. Where are you, Fyzz08?  :(

    1. fyzz08


      I`m here =)



      At last ..... the disappeared reappeared. Miss you.   :rolleyes:

  10. Bom dia, amigos dos caminhoneiros! Tenha um bom jogo!   

  11. My game is crashing, after today's MP update.  Unpleasant this...

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    2. CroTruck


      @CHRISTINA had that update 3 hrs ago , everything works fine. 

    3. [ST-E] T.Rucker

      [ST-E] T.Rucker

      I would recommend you simply try to restart the TMP-launcher as an admin and press F1 in order to apply the most recent updates again. If you are unable to solve the crashes this way, feel free to either create a topic in the Help section of the forums, contact us on Discord or submit a support ticket at



      For me it is not. Only the ATS that is good. the ETS crash @CroTruck

      I will try this. If not, send the support ticket. Thanks @[ST-E] T.Rucker

  12. Saudades do servidor América do Sul............

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Culpa da Intel. :truestory: 

  13. Feliz Ano Novo para todos os camionistas e equipes de MP com: Sorte, Saúde e Sucesso !   

  14. Happy Birthday! ;)



      Thanks, Mirko9  :tmp:

  15. Merry christmas with peace and light to all !  :)