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  1. TruckersMP Team

    [SUPPORT][MOD] @ilhanmermer leaves the team due to lack of time.
  2. Add FAQ button to the help section

    I am not sure if it can be added as such button ( I doubt if IPB has ability to add custom buttons). I can add redirection link to Guides/FAQ as subforum, however I'll need @LIGHTOFGOD to approve this, because this is related to the Help section and he has the final word for it
  3. Moderation Team Recruitment

    Moderation Team Recruitment Hey truckers! We are looking for new global moderators to ensure the observance of forum's rules! Check the requirements and send in your application. Requirements: - To be registered on the forum for at least 1 month - Good knowledge of English - Min. 75 useful posts - Good behaviour You want to join us? Please send Your application here: End of recruitment: 13th November 2017 Additional info: -If you fail with something, don't worry, you can send max 2 applications -Having experience and being fluent in languages may give you an advantage, However: -You must be able to speak English, otherwise communication with the rest of the team will be impossible -The system won't allow you to send application if you have active or recent bans. In addition, having bans or being known as trouble maker will lower your chances. Good luck, have fun & keep on truckin'
  4. Who did it better?



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    2. Smalley - Truckers.FM

      Smalley - Truckers.FM

      Pfft I can do it way better. 

    3. Mirko9 I FME

      Mirko9 I FME

      @MATYAS 30 HUN / POL 

      It is not about cars it's about drivers.

      I really enjoy driving with scout and having great time following TMP rules.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      2nd clip :P In that 2nd clip its the car thats driving properly :P

  5. Community Success Stories Part 2 - TruckersMP Community Radios (1/3)

    Chris m8, pls... Hold on a second, you ain't saying anything about the elephant in the room...
  6. Poor guy...I stole his luck



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    2. TruckerStefan


      Wow the skill when that truck spawned in and how can you drive in that camera view as i find in hard to drive in another others camera views. Camera view 1 and 2 is best for me

    3. Matt [FSE]

      Matt [FSE]

      Nice skill right there

    4. SpeedySuliHD


      Daaaaaaaaamn xDDD

  7. What is your truck's km ?

    These are mine (I used to have like 130+ trucks and hired drivers, but then I removed them, cuz I only play in MP and at certain point, the lag from autosaving became a nightmare) and tbh RubberDuck is probably on 12m already xD
  8. TruckersMP Team

    [SUPPORT][MOD] @sko0923 also joins Forum Moderators
  9. In-game rules [EN] (30-09-17)

    Punishments for the Hacking/Speedhacking/Bug abusing rule have been updated to the following:
  10. TruckersMP Team

    [SUPPORT][MOD] @Caernage also joins Forum Moderators [SUPPORT][MOD] @Yoyo_ManSg also joins Forum Moderators [SUPPORT][MOD] @ThatCrazyPillow also joins Forum Moderators
  11. TruckersMP Team

    [MOD] @videogamer has been removed from the team due to inactivity.
  12. U have a new message :rolleyes:

    1. FirestarteR93




      When I saw it,my first thought was about:


      ( May be NSFW - Video contains some inappropriate gestures!)




    2. Jigglypuff 'RZ

      Jigglypuff 'RZ

      /b BlueScania 30d speedhack :P

  13. Which gearbox you prefer ?

    12 gears w/ sequential shifting, cuz I dislike when the automatic one shifts whenever it wants (especially on hills)
  14. thanks for your nice reply xD



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. FirestarteR93


      Tbh that video from the report made me laugh a lot

      and btw, You're always welcome

    3. Carrera18


      Thanks, I know. The video is funny, but such answers make us happy. It was a lot of fun thanks to your reply. =) :P

    4. Xiao Zhu
  15. §2.15 Car with trailer

    Cars are not allowed to pull trailers. It looks weird and can actually cause reckless driving.






    *took pic from @Texas Transports LLC