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  2. well, a local_mod interior is a little different from that, well the way to do it is the same, but as the interior itself is not an addon, the only way you can do it is to duplicate it to make an interior addon on top of the original from SCS, it seems complicated to understand but it is not. 1. You import the SCS inside the blender. 2. you import a set_dash and place it in its correct position. 3. you duplicate the interior and adjust it to be on top of the original 4. after leaving it in place, you will put it on the hookup 5. you will need to adjust according to the hookup, that is, it will need to be rotated, until the dummy is aligned. 6. After everything is adjusted and textured, you will need to do the procedures for this video.
  3. hello, Making a mod_local is more complicated than it seems, because you need to have knowledge in blender, as you will have to make a "cover" ie: you duplicate piece by piece from the inside and leave it over the original of the game. what you can do is order an interior with those who do it or learn to work with the blender, then yes do the mod_local of the interior, if you want to know how it does, answer me that I do a step by step.
  4. Thank you for the follow, @Jasper. 💝

  5. Koleka on the Black Sea





    1. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55
    2. [VTCSL] Harsha
    3. Jasper.


      VOLVO AND SCANIA my favorites trucks 

  7. Volvo and Sweden



  8. hola, si hoy, guardado está permitido
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