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  1. Very big Thanks sr!

    Local Mod for 1.40 are ready!


    Only waiting of the 1.40 TruckerMP.




    1. Scanva Diesel A/S

      Scanva Diesel A/S

      Amazing Mods Jasperrrrrrrrr ❤️ 

  3. Ialá achou que ia trollar alguem KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  4. Parabens pela promoção meu GM portuga preferido ❤️


    Ps: flindix tbm te amo.

  5. Step n°15: Now save your file, enter your game and upload your file.


    Hello Everyone!


    I come to announce that my ADDON CUSTOM PARTS TRAILERS  mods for trailers is ready and available for download!






    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2423910472

    1. effinghamjnr


      Looks nice! I'll have a proper look later.

  7. sincere opinion? comes in saying that my mod is rubbish, since everyone who used it has absolutely no problem with the mod, and I do not accept a honest opinion? Look how you came to talk about the mod friend, if you had come more calmly, I would help you in everything and see why the mod was crashing or what would be the mistake, so before coming to detonate something, arrive with more calm and talk with the author, he does not know the work that gives something like this, for someone to come and say it without any reason.
  8. @Sbinotto07 I'll not waste my time arguing with a person, who spends hours of his day on the truckersMP forum to complain about everything he sees, just enter his profile that he will understand, according to him he doesn't understand anything about save edit nothing about mod nothing about truckersmp and no SCS I have 4.4k hours of ets2, I make mods for more than 3 years, I know very well that to ruin a save it is only to put several mods at once and make it crash, now as a mod that contains only def's will the game itself "bug" your profile? so for me he is a disgusted per
  9. @seth_haveron But why do you think that? did you come to use this mod? my mod that I launched yesterday? did you test him to give and his verdict? I made this mod for my own use, it never ruined my profile or my equipment, or the more than 1k of people who are using it ...
  10. Addon Custom Parts For TruckersMP This Mod was designed for players who like to "Save Edit". Working on TruckersMP v.1.38, this mod adds parts from other trucks into one. It was made to work only with parts that fit together, that is, there will be no parts that will be buggy in your truck. How to use: 1. link the mod in the mod manager and activate it. 2. Buy your truck and add your customization. 3. after customizing it to your liking, save the game and go online. If you want to modify any part, enter offline mode with the mod e


    I'm amazed how rich this detail is.



    1. Sistiblee.


      Great truck and photo 😍😍😍

  12. Baltic Sea 🗺️

    I'm in love with this set


  13. aopa mascote, e esse avatar do truquisemipi

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    2. mαscσtє


      deculpa, vou colocar uma egrilo então 



    3. Capitão Broxa

      Capitão Broxa

      ala o carakkkkkkkkk

    4. Jasper.


      agora zim meu patrao


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