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  1. hello 


    im will playing this game online but i dont can play him online because my profile stay on private how i can change this ?

  2. Hey, European truck simulation 2

    Would you like to spend some fun time?

    No matter how much time there is. 
    Keep going.

  3. _J-M

    Thank you all

    Hey @antrax737, We are glad that you're enjoying TruckersMP and we enjoy working on improving and adding new feature to our mod. I'm sorry for the lost you had and it's always sad to lose someone you care and enjoy playing with. I hope you'll continue to find new friends on our mods and that you'll enjoy playing it. I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your story with us J-M
  4. This is a good idea! It will be added to the VTC system soon:tm:
  5. Hey BaianinhoAleki, Would you be able to choose a server closer to you or go in a less populated area to see if that would resolve the issue? Regards, _J-M
  6. @ScaniaFan89 yeah they have been reported already and we are working on resolving them asap.
  7. This is a good suggestion. The reason why I didn't implement this was due to having to manage that. I'll check with @Smoky_TMP if that would be something he would like to have.
  8. Each report should only report a single person. So there for this suggestion will be rejected.
  9. This is a good suggestion but there's pros and cons for it. @Smoky_TMP what do you think about this?
  10. As of now, only the player can see the ban reason on their account if they have the ban history set to private and we don't want to show the user information if they do not want to.
  11. When a user apply. You're able to see how many ban they have. Also when a user have exceeded the bans limit set by your VTC you'll see a warning beside their name in the memberlist.
  12. _J-M

    VTC with 2 Owners

    I'm not sure how can that be useful. You can already set as much permission as the CEO the only difference is only the CEO can demote the other person and not vice versa.
  13. Happy birthday

  14. Oh my lord, happy birthday, boi!



  15. Happy birthday!

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