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  1. If you want traffic for ETS2 EU #2 check out There is also a heatmap option on If you go to settings and click 'Hide Heatmap' you can see where the busy areas are. Find your truck on the map and click on it. It will then follow you as you drive.
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    2. C?nnell


      Looking nice, best of luck mate.



      I see this for the first time, great job thank you.

    4. English


      this is amazing! good job :)

  2. Video from the ATS Heavy Cargo Convoy.
  3. Streaming now at for the next hour or so

    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Nice video ! how did u get the road train on screen if you don't mind me asking ?

    2. Krashnz


      I have it chroma keyed from the GlobEx map.

  4. New version of the page out now!
  5. There is a version similar to this in the works for the public that should be released in the next few months...