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  1. Operation Big Sur

    1. Pillow_
    2. [???] ????????

      [???] ????????

      maybe never have traffic like this again -_- lol 


  2. ATS is now supported on TruckersMP Traffic!

    1. [WTLVTC] ismail [TR]
    2. Pereira-153


      very good, Congratulations:check:

    3. Fabio Jr
  3. TruckersMP Traffic -

    ATS is now supported!
  4. TruckersMP Stats -

    Update: Added a new version history page ( Updated the theme Fixed some mobile compatibility issues
  5. TruckersMP Stats -

    It's been a while since I touched this project, over a year in fact! But I've done some backend code clean up as well as fixed the version numbers to support the launcher version codes. Stay tuned as I have some cool new stuff planned, hopefully.
  6. 你好我想获取每个玩家所在城市的详细信息,请问可以吗

    Hello I want to get detailed information of each player's city, may I ask?

    I am doing Chinese version of ETS2 query website, I need some data

    my  site

  7. ETS2Map Megathread

    Quick little update, I've added zoom buttons in the bottom right corner so if you don't have a scroll wheel you can still zoom in and out. The follow API is back. You can use<tmp_id> to follow a user if they are online. <--- Also, if you click image under the "TruckersMP Profile" button it will also follow the user. We are working on supporting Italy as well as ATS but since this is quite a lot of work it may take some time.
  8. ETS2Map Megathread

    Along with our new v3 API which should make trucks less jumpy we are testing out a new player search option. In the top right corner you should see a search bar where you can type in a user's TruckersMP ID, player ID or username to goto them. Note: If you don't see the search bar you might need to refresh the page or clear your cache.
  9. 2 Million Users reached!

    Thanks everyone! To 3 million we go!
  10. 2,000,000 registered truckers! Thanks everyone!

    1. [ NOG ] Baldemar95

      [ NOG ] Baldemar95

      We are a huge family TMP :) 

  11. Server Downtime

    Sorry, we don't have a time frame. We are waiting for confirmation from our datacenters so whenever they patch them the servers will come back online.
  12. Server Downtime

    ^ That Reddit user that posted that chart has said it isn't accurate anymore. Intel has now said they can fix Spectre 1 & 2 with OS, software and firmware updates. You can check out for the latest and more accurate information.
  13. Server Downtime

    Most of those companies have already updated/working on/patched their services. Some other companies are yet to deploy a fix such as the ones we use to host our gaming servers. Links:
  14. TruckersMP Traffic -

    New update! I've added a game status image that you can use in your signatures or wherever you want. Just replace <id> with your TruckersMP ID in the following link:<id>/status.png For example, my TruckersMP ID is 6818 so my link would be Note: Data is collected from ETS2Map so if the map is down it will say you are offline.
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    4. LUIG


      Congratulations, you deserve every success always working to bring the best to us in the strong embrace and if need I am here beta test as in the other application.