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  1. There is a version similar to this in the works for the public that should be released in the next few months...
  2. I've been really busy lately but if I have any free time I'll have a look at updating it.
  3. You can already display a heat map in ETS2Map. Go to settings and uncheck the 'Hide Heatmap' checkbox. I plan on doing something like that soon where you have a little graph of the average for each hour of the week. I'll think about it. I'm prioritizing getting new features like different servers and stuff done first but it might be something I look into in the future.
  4. TruckersMP Traffic TruckersMP Traffic is a simple tool that tells you how congested a location is in TruckersMP.
  5. A little traffic thing for Europe 2 :)

    1. StuartD


      Pretty cool ^-^

    2. Killua (DavidOC93)
    3. Natedoggg457


      That's really useful thanks

  6. Here is a video from our Easter Convoy.
  7. Another timelapse of the Sunday GlobEx Uniform convoy.
  8. Update: Updated API documentation to include the new server options I'm also working on v5 of TruckersMP Stats which I plan on releasing in the next couple of weeks. It is a rewrite of the full website (frontend & backend) which will allow me to display even more stats and have some cool new visualizations.
  9. A lot of time and effort has gone into building up the website and TRUCKnet to get to where we are today. Here is a time-lapse of that processes.
  10. Here is a playlist of me driving using the GlobEx Job Logger along with the map.