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  1. I've done a sneaky update and updated the map tiles around Genoa. Enjoy!
  2. Just a quick update, I've add the Operation Genoa Bridge roads. Enjoy!
  3. Some recent updates: TruckersMP Traffic has been updated to support the latest version of ProMods (v2.45) A new status has been added called "Empty" and is for when there is no one present in a location Something I rolled out a while ago was heatmaps for individual locations that can be found by clicking on a location on a server's page Calais - Duisburg (Road)
  4. Release notes (v2020.04.1): - Support for ProMods v2.45 - Misc updates/fixes
  5. Hello Krashnz, Our VTC is looking to add a live map to our website. https://truckstoplogistics.org. is there HTML code you could provide or any assistance would be appriciated.  Our drivers operate on ATS US server so just need this live map. Thanks



    Co-Owner Truckstop Logistics


    [email protected]

  6. Thanks for the suggestion! The reason why each location has different statuses is that each location is a different size. Some cities cover a larger area so it would make sense that it would take more users in that area to go from say, Low to Moderate to Heavy. I am thinking of adding some more visual indicators for each location but don't have any update on that yet.
  7. This is something that is planned but involves quite a process to get working with our current systems. Sorry there is no ETA but it is something on our todo list. // Accepted
  8. Hi. I wanted to ask you something for a private message

  9. TruckersMP Traffic has been updated to support ProMods. Go check it out! https://traffic.krashnz.com/
  10. As you may have already noticed ETS2Map has been updated to support ProMods! Only country & cities names are in the POI section at the moment, but I will be adding all the icons (service stations, garages, companies, etc.) to the map at a later date. Release notes (v2019.10.3): - Support for ProMods ETS2Map is also turning 5 years old this week. Kat_pw tweeted out an old proof of concept version of the map, go check that out!
  11. An updated map has now been released.
  12. It's been a while but ETS2Map has been updated to include all the current ETS2 DLCs as well as support for ATS!
    ProMods support coming soon™


    1. Titanic4


      That's surely a long time since ETS2Map was updated - before the update was deployed, we could see that some players were driving outside of the highway near Osnabruck. 

  13. It's been a while... over 3 years to be exact since the last map update, but now it's finally here. Release notes (v2019.10.1): - ETS2 updated to include all current DLC - ATS added with all current DLC - Removed block on iframes - Slight UI tweaks We have more updates coming in the near future so keep an eye out (I promise it won't be another 3 years...)
  14. Coming soon... I'll have more information on an ETS2Map update very shortly.
  15. We are currently trialling a ETS2 US server with 1,500 slots to see how popular it is. From there we’ll see if we continue to keep it online.
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