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  1. Hello Krashnz, Our VTC is looking to add a live map to our website. https://truckstoplogistics.org. is there HTML code you could provide or any assistance would be appriciated.  Our drivers operate on ATS US server so just need this live map. Thanks



    Co-Owner Truckstop Logistics


    [email protected]

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! The reason why each location has different statuses is that each location is a different size. Some cities cover a larger area so it would make sense that it would take more users in that area to go from say, Low to Moderate to Heavy. I am thinking of adding some more visual indicators for each location but don't have any update on that yet.
  3. Traffic will be updated to support Bulgaria, Romania & Turkey once I update ETS2Map to support them. The ETS2Map update is proving to be a little bit of a hassle so might take a while, sorry. // Accepted
  4. This is something that is planned but involves quite a process to get working with our current systems. Sorry there is no ETA but it is something on our todo list. // Accepted
  5. Hi. I wanted to ask you something for a private message

  6. TruckersMP Traffic has been updated to support ProMods. Go check it out! https://traffic.krashnz.com/
  7. As you may have already noticed ETS2Map has been updated to support ProMods! Only country & cities names are in the POI section at the moment, but I will be adding all the icons (service stations, garages, companies, etc.) to the map at a later date. Release notes (v2019.10.3): - Support for ProMods ETS2Map is also turning 5 years old this week. Kat_pw tweeted out an old proof of concept version of the map, go check that out!
  8. An updated map has now been released.
  9. It's been a while but ETS2Map has been updated to include all the current ETS2 DLCs as well as support for ATS!
    ProMods support coming soon™


    1. Titanic4


      That's surely a long time since ETS2Map was updated - before the update was deployed, we could see that some players were driving outside of the highway near Osnabruck. 

  10. It's been a while... over 3 years to be exact since the last map update, but now it's finally here. Release notes (v2019.10.1): - ETS2 updated to include all current DLC - ATS added with all current DLC - Removed block on iframes - Slight UI tweaks We have more updates coming in the near future so keep an eye out (I promise it won't be another 3 years...)
  11. Coming soon... I'll have more information on an ETS2Map update very shortly.
  12. We are currently trialling a ETS2 US server with 1,500 slots to see how popular it is. From there we’ll see if we continue to keep it online.
  13. The US server is back up but looks like it's having some connection issues. Hopefully I'll have those sorted by tomorrow and it will be good to go.
  14. There are privacy features planned such as hiding your name and TruckersMP ID and just showing your game ID but we unfortunately don't have an ETA on that. For now the search will be staying, and if you have people trolling you please use the report system. The server listing is currently independent of everything but is planned to be linked with a live API in the near future. However, if you search for a user you know is on an event server you will be switched to that server. Rejected as a different system will be in place at some point to prevent this.
  15. Forum is currently reindexing. Some things might be weird for a day or two but should be fine after that.

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      thanks for letting us know Krash

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      Dylan R

      Thanks for the info. Was wondering where all my posts went. 😂

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