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  1. TruckersMP Traffic -

    Just a little update, I've added United States #1 (ETS2) and South America #1 (ETS2) to the server traffic ( I'm just testing them out for now to see if my server can handle the load at peak time. They may disappeared later or they may not, we will see.
  2. Hi. what happened to traffic website?.image.png.45e87dca2b39bae153fc064b978b91c4.png 

  3. ETS2Map Megathread

    The map works fine for me. Make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. What exactly are you trying to search?
  4. API Per-City Info?

    I do have a public API for but I haven't created the docs for it yet. I might do that soon™
  5. TruckersMP Traffic -

    Bergen - Oslo road added since it seems to be really busy due to double trailers. If you have any other locations you want me to add just post them below.
  6. And one more thing, on your ETS2 traffic data page I noticed that Jonkoping was with the Italian cities, when Jonko is in Sweden. When you have the time, perhaps could you have a look at it? 

  7. Happy Birthday Trucker! :D

  8. Happy Birthday :)


  9. Happy birthday! Keep up your fantastic work on your web projects (including your reformed ETS2MP traffic page) and in your position as a web developer for TruckersMP, work together with your fellow web devs to make sure that the websites work flawlessly. 

  10. Happy birthday :D 

  11. <?php 
    echo "Happy Birthday!"; 


    I suck at PHP.

  12. Happy Birthday

    Here is my present for you :) 



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