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  1. A lot of time and effort has gone into building up the website and TRUCKnet to get to where we are today. Here is a time-lapse of that processes.
  2. Here is a playlist of me driving using the GlobEx Job Logger along with the map.
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BlocKing


      The image looks very good :)

    3. Anriandor


      I am curious, though. Will it be implemented and can you see other players?

    4. Krashnz


      @Anriandor Right now it is just for people using the program aka the people in GlobEx.

    1. Sentinel_


      Has this been tested in a high population zone? 

    2. _Lee_


      The transparent map looks so much better imo :D 

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    2. Krashnz


      It is already been used for GlobEx :P
      But I have been considering a public release... but no promises

    3. ismail


      Woawww, Thank you @Krashnz :wub:

    4. Sven67


      It would be good to come out publicly that anyone can use to really like your project go ahead ;)

  3. Changed: Improved user search Changed: Usernames are now limited to 30 characters Added: Links are now clickable in reports Added: Auto decline ban appeals if ban reverted
  4. A look at an upcoming feature
  5. ETS2Map heatmap coming soon :)


    1. Sentinel_


      I've been waiting for something like this, oh yeah.

    2. DJ_Artyom


      Will this be implemented on ATS sever's stats as well?

    3. [Kina]      TACHOGRAPH

      [Kina] TACHOGRAPH

      The number of traffic flow with different color display, this is very intuitive, this is a very good progress!

  6. I've re-enabled changing the color of player, city and country names. I had them disabled when I was porting over to the new style but they are back now! We were having some issues with the backend which is why you were getting those 504 errors. We are waiting for the ATS rescale before we touch ATS. It requires a lot of effort to create the map and we don't want to waste our time to have to redo it all again. We have also fixed the /follow URL in case you didn't know that was broken One thing we have introduced in this update is player profiles. When you click on a truck the user details tab will pop up in the sidebar and display this:
  7. We are back! After some time in development are back with a new sidebar design and settings that save! We are working on getting a map for ATS but for now you can switch servers using the sidebar. We have lots of stuff planned for the future so stay tuned for updates in this thread. Any bugs or suggestions will be gladly accepted here! Thanks Krashnz & Kat_pw
  8. Update: Server queue added to status tiles
  9. On Sunday (2nd of October) at 23:00 UTC we plan on doing maintenance on our website, forums, support and API. This is expected to last around 5 hours. During this time the website, forums, support and API will not be accessible. This means you will be unable to login to our game servers, however our goal is to get as much done before we have to affect the game servers which we hope will see minimal downtime on. For updates during the down time please go to

    1. FirestarteR93


      ehmm this....

      Looks amazing :o

    2. Sunort


      Oh, I have no words :D


      Awesome work!!

    3. CaptainKostaZ


      That's fantastic! :D