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  1. I feel like they have most probably missed it out, im sure if you make a post in suggestions it will be considered!
  2. Same as you really, its just a nice way to relax driving around and chilling, takes the load off after a hard day. I feel this is the same in real life for me also, I like to go for a little drive in my car to just relax and pop the tunes on.
  3. I'd say in a way yes, just because, although it is online, you're still showing that you've had experience in managing a team as such.
  4. Hello A few things I can think of that this could be are, firstly, if you have switched between singleplayer and multiplayer during the mission, the times will be different. This is because multiplayer has set times so that its set the same for everybody on each server. Otherwise, it could have been an 'urgent delivery' and that's why it has shown as you being late. All I can suggest really is completing a delivery before leaving the game. Hope this helps
  5. Hows everybody's Saturday going? 😋

    1. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Hello, my Saturday is not bad what about yours ?

    2. OriginalDoubleO


      Not bad thanks, just chilling trucking around Britain ;)

  6. Hi TMP, it's been a while x

    2. Nathan_


      Welcome back


      Hit me up on steam, man's got some deets....

    3. Brad313


      long time no see :P


  7. Happy Birthday :D

    1. OriginalDoubleO
    2. Penguin


      No worries, hope you have a wonderful day :)

  8. Can I have some M&Ms from you ;)

    1. OriginalDoubleO


      Sure... £30 plez :P 

  9. Haiii im back! :D College has been a pain but im now used to the routine of waking up early and going to sleep late every day ;) 

  10. Gonna go through my fleet and flog my old ones on the auction :P 

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