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  1. This is a good idea! It will be added to the VTC system soon:tm:
  2. Hey BaianinhoAleki, Would you be able to choose a server closer to you or go in a less populated area to see if that would resolve the issue? Regards, _J-M
  3. @ScaniaFan89 yeah they have been reported already and we are working on resolving them asap.
  4. This is a good suggestion. The reason why I didn't implement this was due to having to manage that. I'll check with @Smoky_TMP if that would be something he would like to have.
  5. Each report should only report a single person. So there for this suggestion will be rejected.
  6. This is a good suggestion but there's pros and cons for it. @Smoky_TMP what do you think about this?
  7. As of now, only the player can see the ban reason on their account if they have the ban history set to private and we don't want to show the user information if they do not want to.
  8. When a user apply. You're able to see how many ban they have. Also when a user have exceeded the bans limit set by your VTC you'll see a warning beside their name in the memberlist.
  9. _J-M

    VTC with 2 Owners

    I'm not sure how can that be useful. You can already set as much permission as the CEO the only difference is only the CEO can demote the other person and not vice versa.
  10. Another game manager... Good luck dude :troll:

    1. JeffSFC


      Thanks J-M. B)

  11. This will be push in the next website update
  12. We don't really mind too much about the timezone when you create a report. You just need to make sure the proof isn't too old.
  13. I've put this to open suggestion since this is probably a good idea to add this feature.
  14. This suggestion should be going into a feedback ticket to the Game Moderator Manager team.
  15. Since the website is unable to detect how long is the video. We are unable to accept this suggestion. You should suggest this by creating a feedback to the Game Moderator Manager team so they can take that into consideration.
  16. We are limiting feedback to 1 ticket open at a time to prevent people from spamming it and I don't think we should change that anytime soon for now.
  17. Since we use FIFO this would break that system. If you would like something like that to happen please let the Game Moderator Manager know and they will reach out to the Project manager to approve it.
  18. The HR team have the ability to add this them self. So I would suggest you to create a feedback ticket for Human Resource to suggest them that.
  19. This is probably a good idea and would be easy to implement so I have change it to open for discussion for now.
  20. It would be good in certain occasion but I don't feel this would limit troll from deleting their account and creating new one after 2 weeks. You can always report a user abusing this feature to a Game Moderator Manager.
  21. The user have the ability to make it public or private. So if you require to see a user ban. Ask them to set their ban publicly.
  22. If a person delete their account they are unable to create a new account and they must wait 2 weeks to be allowed back into our game. It doesn't block you from reporting them using the feedback system if you have the required proof.
  23. We have added this limit to prevent people from trolling and using it badly. You can always create a support ticket if you want your change name for a good reason.
  24. We already have something similar in place. Trial Game Moderator can only do website report.
  25. Your suggestion doesn't contains enough details.
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