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  1. trixicat

    CB Radio

    It also can help, if you try to update the driver of your soundcard.
  2. trixicat

    Cargoes better paid

    Also a Double trailer would increase the amount of cargo you can transport. (Scandinavia & balitc dlc)
  3. trixicat

    Changes to the Appeal System

    Suggestion Name: Change the person who handle of appeals Suggestion Description: If a player appeals, the game moderator, who has banned him at the first, should handle the appeal (either accept the appeal, or refuse it, with an explanation why he is still banned). If the player still disagree with the ban, his second appeal should be processed by another game moderator. And the 3rd ban should be processed by an 3rd game moderator Any example images: An image is here pretty pointless, as it would move the general discussion, to the discussion about the ban video itself. Why should it be added?: As we know, we all humans and we do some mistakes. Sometimes it's not easy to accept, that you have made a mistake by yourself or you are just interpreting the situation wrong. I also think, it would improve the quality of the work, as the game moderators would control each other. Also in real life, if you are go in revision of a judgment, you get to an higher instance, with new judge. I think if 3 different game moderators came to the same conclusion, that the player has to be banned, its almost 100% sure, that he deserves the ban, how it is. I think the current system is espacially hard, if a game moderator bans a player permanent for hacking, even if the evidence is not good enough to make it 100% sure its hacking. To hold the community, everybody that brakes the rules, should be banned, but nobody should be banned for a no reason. (btw, was never banned at tmp)
  4. trixicat

    Is it my fault?

    Yes it is a bug. Basically the game adjust the speed of the truck to the speed of the spinning wheels and this causes the truck get out of control at those bumps of the road including rail crossing. Those bumps are most likely on Change between special roads, like before and after bridges, tunnels, Parking spots, rail crossings, big highway intersections, drains. To avoid losing control just let the vehicle roll over the bump without accelerating, even if your still slow. If you are very slow just tip the gas slightly, never go full throttle over this points. With some expierence you will kinda smell those bumps, as you cant see them. Just for the calais road. At this bridge you can see the edges of road. There are some hard angles.
  5. trixicat

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Well, with no collision it just feels plain wrong. You cant drive through other cars in real life. if most people would like no collision, EU4 should be full. But actually it isn't. So I think all people just would end up in the collision server. The best example was the Christmas event. All people who wanted to drive properly with a lot of other players around landed in Paris, while those players that wanted to drive reckless, already drove the CD road. I mean there was a 2 hours traffic jam, just to get into FLE. If people wouldnt like to do it, theya could have drive 2000km in the same time. you didnt need to go to paris at all for this. event. So the big problem is to divede between constantly reckless drivers and drivers that just want to drive at full roads, but still drive carefully.
  6. trixicat

    game moderation

    Hello Tmp Team, Am i allowed to create a feedback ticket, if i think a game moderator made a mistake with a certain ban to another player? Greetings trixicat
  7. trixicat

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    empty, sorry please delete this post
  8. trixicat

    Game "Cities"

    Herculaneum (anciant roman town, destroyed 79 AD by a natural desaster) i hope this is within the rules =) else i do Husum (German City near the North Sea (which results in the same end letter)
  9. trixicat

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    i mostly take videos to report people. did you check your emails today?
  10. trixicat

    Update doesnt work!

    There is a chance, that you can restore the old exe file with the windows auto save function. (it should be around december last year) edit: okay here a quick guide: open the game folder (right click at steam, properties, local files, Browse Local files) https://imgur.com/GLGZABs right click on the file itself, and chose restore option https://imgur.com/eohqV4C
  11. trixicat

    Europe 4 no lights

    Actually it doesnt matter, so i neither agree nor disagree. Well, at this points its almost a do what you want server: §2.2 - Ramming* §2.3 - Blocking* §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking* §2.5 - Reckless Driving* §2.6 - Useless Traffic / Inappropriate parking* all this rules dont apply to EU4.
  12. trixicat

    Ban Skodas and tractors with no trailers from Duisburg-Calais

    I disagree with this topic. it wouldn't reduce the traffic by any amount, it would just change the type of vehicle those people are using. There are as many trolls in trucks with trailers as with cars or trucks without trailers. Its always the person, not the type of vehicle. At this point, I even disagree with the useless traffic rule.
  13. trixicat

    Why every person should have a pet?

    lets be realistic. i really would like to have a pet, but my situation with work, hobbies and other circumstances dont let me. I just dont have the regularly time for a pet, like a cat or a dog. Also i dont like to cage other animals. So i wouldnt do the pet, neither me a favor. PS: i would never use a dog like a barbie =)
  14. trixicat

    ETS2 Service Exit Accidents

    Well, im against automated kick systems in regards to driving rules, as you always catch to many innocent people 1) 2) so, how do you get from a picture what was going on. There might be an innocent player in between. If the first car stopped, the car behind must be counted as innocent, as you cant tell if he belongs to the blockers or not. To solve this out, you need a lot of time.
  15. trixicat

    How to report irregular players

    within the game, the command /pinfo gets you the id. You also can type /time to show the time within the video (for doing a webreport) you also can look at the log-files, to get a player id, for doing webreports.