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  1. Suggestion Name: RJL Scania to TMP add-on Suggestion Description: Allows use of RJL Scania mod in TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: RJL's scania mod is a far superior model to the stock SCS version and gives the user many options to choose from, having it in game would make driving the 6x2 and 6x4 versions more enjoyable as the longer chassis is more stable than the stock SCS model, furthermore the scope of customisation without the mighty griffin kit means that players without the MG kit can still have a good Scania without the need to save edit parts onto it, and as it is a popular mod, you would just need it to be in the mod folder for it to be supported, just like promods. Or you can load it server side like you did with the scout. By having this as an add-on you may actually reduce the number of people being banned for save edit violations as you won't need to carry out save editing to create a good looking vehicle.
  2. Doubles are not that bad. (Unless it's a HCT)
  3. Actually a truck can go north of 80mph (just look at ATS) but for Europe the law says 90km/h limiter, therefore keeping the server limit of 110 is fine.
  4. Fill out a bug report on the Promods website
  5. @TFM_Flaming so what if you are one of these people who enjoys racking up the miles, I did 1750 km in the space of a few hours, on a stream day I can do north of 3000km without even trying
  6. Also make it a rule to respect ALL Speed limits and players. More than 3 bans and you're out. Sounds harsh but if you get playears who have a lot of bans, your VTC will get a bad reputation
  7. 1000km limit, I can do that in a single trip. Being a casual VTC, you don't need limits, I'd be tempted to consider convoys on a quiet server, perhaps a few challenges for drivers to do, such as fuel economy challenges where the aim is to get as far as possible on a single tankful of fuel
  8. One idea could be a theory test. In order to play, players must pass a simple test when they set up an account
  9. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  10. A point to those who enjoy taking doubles and HCT trucks down the CD road, please do not attempt to overtake others, keep to 60km/h apart from the gas station area where it is 50km/h. Technically you should not be taking those trucks down that road as it leads to Belgium where doubles are not permitted If you are following a double on the CD road, for safety sake don't try to overtake it as there is insufficient room to pass safely with oncoming traffic.
  11. To protect players who play sim style from those who think it's acceptable to do 90 or 110 EVERYWHERE
  12. Players just need to understand the nature of the game and show respect to others. If they did that then there would not be so many accidents. We (the community) have brought this on ourselves by doing 150km/h everywhere, especially on the CD road.
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