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  1. sziasztok lehet tudnátok segiteni november 8.án kaptam egy hét bant és az lenne a problémám hogy be akartam lépni a fiókba és sajnos eltűnt a nevem amivel eddig játszotam  most újból kell mindent előröl játszanom sajnos valaki tudna segiteni hova tudnák irni vissza kapjam a nevet előre is köszönöm 


  2. Thank you for all your work you have done for TMP for 2 years! :HaulieLove: Hope, I will see you come back soon 

  3. Thanks for your efforts ❤️❤️

  4. thanks for your time on the team, we hope to see you soon ?

  5. Thank you for your efforts. You have something important to do. May you be happy every day.

  6. thanks for your efforts 

    1. Space Night

      Space Night



      I am not abandoning tmp (you'll still see me on the roads) but I just have not got as much time so must step aside 

  7. Can the reporting restrictions of the reporting system be cancelled?


    How can I cancel the restriction

  8. Perhaps have those mods as a downloadable mod so we can use them in SP if we so desire
  9. heya

    remember this????

    1. [IRL] Maaster Oogwaay

      [IRL] Maaster Oogwaay

      got damn barriers xD


  10. just cruising around working containers #boxrat
  11. ets2_20210326_205727_00.png?width=1214&h

    1. wesleyr99


      Very Cool ???

    2. Space Night

      Space Night

      it was.  Just cruising Iceland towards Reykjavik just enjoying the scenery of the south coast as we ambled down at 60km/h


  12. Suggestion Name: Trailer restriction / kick protocol Suggestion Description: There is a core of players who it seems think it acceptable to take unsuitable trailer combinations down the Kirkenes road and the central road in Iceland, and given that the moderation team can not be everywhere, they may be good but the rules of physics kind of get in the way of being in more than one place at once, I am thinking about bringing an old idea back. The multiple trailer restriction protocol, however this would be on 2 specific roads. Kirkenes road With this road being steep, twisty and narrow, bad enough with a single truck with one 21t payload, yet players are taking HCTs down there and edited triple combinations. This kind of combination is already illegal in Norway, (currently legal only in Finland), however the nearest F7 for one of these loads is not that far away as the Kirkenes quarry is quite close to the Finnish border, (and sits on the Russian one) so if a player with one of those F7s or is F7'd to that location, then its just a short drive to get back to the start of the road. and invariably with the player mentality of self importance no one gives way, so who gives way when 4 of these are trying to pass eachother as they can not be reversed. This will often result in no one giving way, resulting in the road jamming up so the best idea would be to prevent them going down that road in the first place. Arakanes to Eyjafjallajökull road (great central) Here, players like the challenge of heavy haul roads, HCTs and doubles (I myself have tried that road with a 6x2 and a single trailer as well as a 6x4 and a double but was able to negotiate the soft narrows) however the problem comes here when players save edit a triple combination with something like 3 locomotives then expect to climb the icy slopes and invariably failing but they dont give up, resulting in players behind working as push teams. (2 trucks pushing a heavy load up there is not unknown) so there again a restriction on heavy cargo pack loads and HCTs there would be ideal. The icy section in the north is particularly bad with traits similar to the Kirkenes road where no one seems to give way, so if the players can't comply, perhaps it would be best if a robotic enforcement would be better. In addition to this, possibly ban HCT combinations and triple combinations on the Calais - Duisburg route, they should not be driving those down there anyway, legally they're for Finland only. Any example images: Why should it be added?: These kind of combinations are not suitable for the above mentioned roads, and when players take them down there it has a negative impact on player experiences and they dont all get reported, furthermore a lot of players just go down to the quarry, turn around and return with out actually making a delivery or collection from the quarry near Kirkenes. It would also help the moderating team by reducing the report workload for players taking those kind of trailers down there as a lot of players can't even reverse 1 trailer, yet alone 2!
  13. if Players actually slowed down on the CD road and stopped the banzai overtakes, the the city would not be as crowded. People crash then F7, clogging up Calais, Duisburg, Brussels and Lille. if players carry on they may find that they get a hard capped 60km/h limit all down that road just like how the 150 club had their balls deflated to 110. The CD road is an 80km/h limit yet you can't do that speed everywhere otherwise you WILL roll your truck, wash out and head on in a bend. SLOW IT DOWN and take corners slowly at a sensible speed then perhaps D'burg will actually be quieter by the F7 area which will benefit everyone. The trouble with a significant number of players is that They have to be first, at all costs and that ruins it for the majority as well as themselves as they end up being reckless, getting reported and banned.
  14. ets2_20210214_142456_00.png?width=1214&h



    Your Daf.  ?

    1. Vikiηg


      thank you for everything. it was a pleasure to know you :tmp: ?‍♂️

    2. Space Night

      Space Night

      you're welcome ?

      It was nice talking to you

  15. one of the issues with Duisburg is that it is small and badly laid out, with the F7 in an awkward place and with the sheer number of accidents on the CD road caused by people quite simply driving in a manner not conducive to the road to simulation, Duisburg gets crowded Furthermore players all clog up Sim 1, yet we have 2 other sim servers plus the US and SGP servers, so why do they all clog into Sim 1 when all the servers are identical. If players spread themselves onto other servers rather than crowd themselves onto Sim 1, this may help the situation. In addition to this make the CD route a no passing zone from Calais, all the way to Duisburg by making the white line an unbroken line all the way along its length, then add new gas stations opposite the existing ones, this will reduce crossing traffic at the gas stations as players will no longer need to. At the southern end add a set of traffic lights at the interchange complex by Calais like they have on Promods. If that fails to work, add a second CD-road running along side the first and make the existing one Southbound only and the new one northbound only, effectively making it an autoroute, this will then mean that if players wish to overtake others then there is no risk of driving into oncoming trafic, (a big issue with the CD road at the moment) so if you reduce the number of accidents then you can make Duisburg quieter. Elsewhere on the CD road, another choke point is the level crossing, when the barriers are down players seem to think it perfectly acceptable to zoom up to the gate, resulting in accidents and blockages at the crossing so if the devs who created the NCZ could possibly adjust the CD road so rather than going across the railway at grade level, it gets dug down in a trench going under the railway in a tunnel, this will remove that choke point. Then perhaps at the 1/3rd point and the 2/3rd point put in parking areas with a roundabout then add crash barriers along the sides to prevent players using the grass as a means of overtaking. If the number of accidents on the CD route can be cut drastically, then Duisburg, Calais and the surrounding cities of Lille and Brussels should quieten down especially around the F7 points, as part of the NCZ problem is people trying to leave in one mass stampede. -- This was done last year for April fools, and it caused no end of complaints however i liked the idea, though many players did not
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