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  1. nice to run with you to Honningsvag.  🙂

  2. sad to see you retire 😞

    All the best Creator. 

  3. Suggestion Name: Player NCZ Marker Suggestion Description: Adds sign to end of player name when player is in NCZ Any example images: Why should it be added?: Some prefabs have small NCZ areas and for players it is sometimes hard to tell if a player is inside an NCZ or not, this results in backlogs of traffic caused by players not driving through a trailer, because they dont know it has an NCZ, if a player has a clear indication to the fact that they or their trailer is currently cloaked by a non collision zone, this should help players on the highway by indicating that they can be clearly driven through. I too have had to tell people that they and myself were in fact in an NCZ and can be driven through, as they thought i was clearly blocking. The moment they see NCZ appear, they then drove through me so making it clear that a player is in an NCZ will help traffic flow, Admittedly I used an image of someone leaving. Calais was oddly quiet so had to take what I could get, however it provided what I needed. especially around some world of trucks events. Big Sur and Genoa are just 2 examples where people have been unsure about players being in NCZ or not so have simply sat there, causing a needless jam because there is no clear indication that a player is in an NCZ or not. I have posted this here so players in the community can discuss the idea.
  4. where the CB is located now is actually where the CD player goes, it is also probably one of the few places with a dedicated 24v feed due to the proximity of the tachograph and the CD player. and to be honest, where it is now is out of the way so the cable is not in your view. best left where it is. No if you want a CB to be moved, its best to be done of the right hand drive Skodas as its melted into the dashboard.
  5. good lord this thread has been dug up from the grave! I tried a run across the map keeping to the EU tacho regulations and it sounds easy however you have to pay close attention to your start time and map, also when you have your 11 hour daily rest in MP, the time does not advance for you, great ideal for single player however do you really want it so that after totting up 9 hours driving you get kicked from the server for 11 in game hours to simulate having your daily rest, during which time you can not log back into the servers because you are meant to be asleep in your trucks bunk, or if you have racked up weekly total and you have to take your 45 hour weekly rest, do you want to be again "banned" from the server for a period of time equal to 45 in game hours? i can pretty much guess the answer would be NO to this. also when you sit for your 45 min break after 4 and a half hours, you might get caught out by the AFK timer.
  6. unfortunately as nice as it is to push for the road to simulation, the fatigue simulation is however a step too far as when your character has a drowsy moment your screen darkens and during this time you can not see what you are doing or for that matter where you are going and so puts you at hightenned risk of a crash and therefore A BAN if you hit another player. Therefore from me, its a big NO!
  7. This was why I didnt reply to you for 3 minutes.  :)

    1. Night_Cruiser


      Awesome clip dude!
      You should tell me i will be on Youtube 😂

      Btw, your paint on Volvo is awesome!


  8. i would implement this ONLY in Calais, Duisburg and Kirkenes.
  9. Congrats Space Night!

  10. Congratulations 🎉

  11. buddy  Congratulations ^_^

  12. Congratulations ❤

  13. Suggestion Name: Restriction of doubles, heavy cargo on Kirkenes road Suggestion Description: Auto kick system like the western Germany and Netherlands with doubles and heavy cargo trailers on Kirkenes Quarry Road Any example images: can be provided later. Why should it be added?: Players taking heavy cargo pack loads, High power cargo pack loads and doubles onto the Kirkenes quarry road (the one where you turn right off the Kirkenes to Murmansk road) is causing a problem with regards to traffic there. Its a narrow road with a lot of hair-pin bends which are barely wide enough for 1 truck to pass, let alone 2 Finnish HCTs or a heavy trailer with something like the locomotive on it. Furthermore, the traiilers of the Heavy Cargo pack are so low to the ground they get stuck all the time and cause the road to back up, sometimes all the way from the mine to the Murmansk road! This restriction is to apply only to the quarry access road only, that goes down from the Murmansk road. As Kirkenes is part of Norway, so 25.25 doubles are perfectly legal in Kirkenes town and the roads there are okay for them. Players just need to learn to park sensibly by the port exit
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