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  1. ets2_20210326_205727_00.png?width=1214&h

    1. wesleyr99


      Very Cool 👍👍👍

    2. Space Night

      Space Night

      it was.  Just cruising Iceland towards Reykjavik just enjoying the scenery of the south coast as we ambled down at 60km/h


  2. treat the /fix as getting the duct tape out. As for the CD road, the calais end of the road needs traffic lights at the junction and if i had my way, a town-lock of 60km/h to stop idiots going through the junction complex at 110km/h when its a 70km/h speed limit in that area BECAUSE OF THE JUNCTION
  3. hell if I had my way, you'd have to do a form of driving test to be allowed access to a dedicated simulation server This would involve sign knowledge, manoeuvring tests and basic driving. There is a core of players who think it acceptable to sit 2.5m off the back doors of a player doing 100km/h to intimidate the player into going faster, then when that player gets a slight lag spike or the brake lights come on because cruise control is triggering the retarder, or the player is slowing down for a bend or what ever, report him for brake checking rather than taking their own re
  4. Speaking from my experience as a player. I would not remove the /fix command. It was put in i think give players the ability to fix their truck in the event of someone trolling and deliberately ramming them. As or the speed limit, I run at 90km/h, whether I am in a truck or a Skoda. - removing Autosaves when not in NCZs, yes I would agree with that as it prevents players from spawning in after being kicked from the server or crashing, the only auto save will then be in an NCZ area. My only take on as to why you would want the Road To Simulation changes removed is because quite si
  5. Suggestion Name: Trailer restriction / kick protocol Suggestion Description: There is a core of players who it seems think it acceptable to take unsuitable trailer combinations down the Kirkenes road and the central road in Iceland, and given that the moderation team can not be everywhere, they may be good but the rules of physics kind of get in the way of being in more than one place at once, I am thinking about bringing an old idea back. The multiple trailer restriction protocol, however this would be on 2 specific roads. Kirkenes road With this road being steep, twisty and n
  6. if Players actually slowed down on the CD road and stopped the banzai overtakes, the the city would not be as crowded. People crash then F7, clogging up Calais, Duisburg, Brussels and Lille. if players carry on they may find that they get a hard capped 60km/h limit all down that road just like how the 150 club had their balls deflated to 110. The CD road is an 80km/h limit yet you can't do that speed everywhere otherwise you WILL roll your truck, wash out and head on in a bend. SLOW IT DOWN and take corners slowly at a sensible speed then perhaps D'burg will actually be quieter by the
  7. ets2_20210214_142456_00.png?width=1214&h



    Your Daf.  🙂

    1. Vikiηg


      thank you for everything. it was a pleasure to know you :tmp: 🙋‍♂️

    2. Space Night

      Space Night

      you're welcome 🙂

      It was nice talking to you

  8. For me, as a user of 6x2 tag axle trucks, I find the 106xf to be too short, and with the tag lifted the truck is skittish where the 105 seems planted.
  9. one of the issues with Duisburg is that it is small and badly laid out, with the F7 in an awkward place and with the sheer number of accidents on the CD road caused by people quite simply driving in a manner not conducive to the road to simulation, Duisburg gets crowded Furthermore players all clog up Sim 1, yet we have 2 other sim servers plus the US and SGP servers, so why do they all clog into Sim 1 when all the servers are identical. If players spread themselves onto other servers rather than crowd themselves onto Sim 1, this may help the situation. In addition to this make
  10. with Duisburg, the issue is the way players drive up and down the CD road, because its one of the closest F7 points it gets crowded around the F7. Therefore the F7 could do with being moved or made a through route. In addition to this double up the fueling areas to stop players having to come in counter flow and make the entire CD road a dual carriageway road with 2 lanes each way and a hard divider betweem them. If you reduce the traffic conflicts on the CD road then you may reduce its population. and if possible, set the speed limit on the CD road to 80km/h
  11. As a driver from the old EU-x days, in fact I joined the servers back when it was called ETS2MP and yes the 90km/h server was great, although most players went onto EU2 or EU3, if i recall EU2 had the car and a 150 limit, EU3 had no cars but a 150 limit, with EU4 being like the current Arcade server. The trouble is, the fact that we can reload auto saves which means if you F--- up you can F7 reload a save then retry the same process so people drive like idiots because of the percived lack of concequences as the vast majority of players probably dont recoerd, dont report, just shout " [num
  12. There are a number of things you could do. 1: start recording 2: sit and wait for 11 minutes without turning your wheel, using chat or anything, this will result in the AFK timer coming in and eventually kicking you from the server of you are still waiting, after which you then drive forwards to a SAFE LOCATION where you can then pull over, exit and reload the game, or you could take advantage of not being connected to the server and do the delivery, then reconnect. 3: in the time that you are reloading the game, fill out a website report and upload the evidence to youtube, vim
  13. nice to run with you to Honningsvag.  🙂

  14. sad to see you retire 😞

    All the best Creator. 

  15. Suggestion Name: Player NCZ Marker Suggestion Description: Adds sign to end of player name when player is in NCZ Any example images: Why should it be added?: Some prefabs have small NCZ areas and for players it is sometimes hard to tell if a player is inside an NCZ or not, this results in backlogs of traffic caused by players not driving through a trailer, because they dont know it has an NCZ, if a player has a clear indication to the fact that they or their trailer is currently cloaked by a non collision zone, this should help players on the highway by i
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