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  1. collison is the minimal realismn you need.
  2. Well, the Steam picture is used as ingame avatar. So you could put your logo there.
  3. I would say the 1st combination is not allowed because the low trailer is longer than a default HTC trailer. The 2nd looks a bit strange to me, not sure what's going on. The 3rd looks okay
  4. Something between today and never. Tmp never tells in advance when they open recruitment
  5. Suggestion Name: 3rd Simulation Server Suggestion Description: replace one of the Arcade server with another Simulation Server. Any example images: -none- Why should it be added? Long waiting time to join a Simulation Server (Both Servers full, while both of the Arcade servers are relatively empty). I dont see any use of 2 arcade servers, 1 is enough.
  6. trixicat

    Help me choose

    Well, the 90km/h speed limit applies to WoT contracts and hasnt to do anything with your truck.
  7. Those player with triples eventually got banned. Well, you may not exceed the lenght of a HCT trailer, also you cant have any clipping parts. Not sure about this combination though.
  8. As I remember that the locomotive is longer than a normal box trailer. So 2 locomotives are longer than a HTC. So i would say, it isnt allowed, refering to rule 3.4. §3.4 - Trailer combinations It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. The exact trailers and cargoes used do not matter in this rule and can be mixed freely. The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination ("HCT" for ETS2 and "Turnpike Double" for ATS, see images below) - using a longer trailer on any combination is permitted if it is within this length.
  9. Hello Suggestion Name: Make Duisburg a NCZ Suggestion Description: I would suggest to make the whole city a ncz. East Border at the end of pavements and end of the tunnel. Any example images: Exact area of my ncz suggestion see attaced image Why should it be added?: As with the latest update double trailers are allowed at the whole map, duiburg is just a mess at the moment. A lot of people have problems to drive out of the service station and never give way to the traffic on the main road. So they are blocking each other complete and the traffic flow comes to a complete stop there. But at the other hand, you can't forbit to use the double trailers there, as you can get some contracts in vanilla game. So my suggestion is to make the complete city a ncz. I think it would help, because the traffic dont have to cross each other, when they leave the service station. So it would increase the capacity of the road by a lot. Also the players dont end up in the deadlock, when sb blocks the crossing near lkwlog and at the other side, some players block the exist of the service station itself. Regards, trixicat
  10. Doubles are now allowed everywhere, while triples are now forbidden everywhere and a ban reason.
  11. if they are just slightly faster, you just might have a bad synchronisation. If they are way faster its more likely that they speedhack.
  12. Gibts da nicht den einen dachBügel , wo man 13 leuchten drauf bringt ohne mod oder saveedit? Edit: sind max 13
  13. Hallo White Wolf, wo steht das denn mit den 6 Rundumleuchten. ich finde nur so ne schwammige Formulierung: §3.6 - Beacons Beacon lights are only permitted on default positions - on the roof of trucks or on the dedicated slot on the rear of trailers which support it (not the bumper slots). High amounts of blinking lights can also cause issues and as such can come under this rule.
  14. Hello Wolter, looks like truckersmp changed the names for staff members again. But i want to notice that a Game Moderator still does website reports, additionally he can moderate ingame live (Ingame Reports or handling live traffic). So a Game Moderator has wider range of responsibility than just a Report Moderator, even in the same category. here a link to the structure of truckersmp: I just can tell, that you need some more patience. Edit: i just noticed that you still have a Reference to drugs in your avatar at truckersmp, which also wouldnt be allowed. Greeting Trixicat
  15. so whats about eu1 before, nobody was playing there. But we will see what happen ;-)
  16. This update has just disadvantages for me: 1. im in a convoy guiding company (www.convoy-security.de). Now we have much less time to prepare the textmessage. 2. i have problems to catch up to my friends, if i had to stop for refueling or doing some support of my vtc 3. i get bored on long trips as i usually dont have to brake at all. It even makes me sleepy, which might cause some accidents for me. If i want to drive with all traffic rules, i can take me own car. 4. the trolls are still around
  17. I have a feeling the opposite will happen. The players that played at eu1 before will leave, as the trolls are now forced into the simulation servers.
  18. "§3.6 - Beacons Beacon lights are only permitted on default positions - on the roof of trucks or on the dedicated slot on the rear of trailers which support it (not the bumper slots). High amounts of blinking lights can also cause issues and as such can come under this rule." what is a high amount of blinking lights? i have a truck with 4 beacons, 5 led strobes at the radiator grill and 5 led strobes at the front bumper bar. Is this still okay? No excessive save editing made.
  19. why my truck suddenly steered to the right?
  20. Im just thinking what will happen after the update: 1st: the troll behaviour will slightly change. Instead of recklessly overtaking the troll may do more direct ramming 2nd: at the CD the amount of accidents will increase, as the players need more time to overtake slower trucks. 3rd: you will lose some of your player base, because they cant join the servers. you basically removed the number of available slots by about 2500. 4th the trolls will spread out a bit more evenly between Simulation1 and Simulation2, which results in anger for those players, that drove at eu1 + eu3 before, as they are encountering more trolls
  21. Yes it might help to adjust the dead zone, but as I told I have not much experience with controller. And yes, you should try to brake before the corner. And you should look ahead when driving. Be prepared for mistakes of other people driving around. Your description of your driving skill sounds terrible. So I would recommend you to stay away from CD road, until your driving skill improved.
  22. Hello, as Duskie said above, it depends on your control interface. What may irretates you, is that the game is made for trucks, so the car behavious partly more like at truck, than a car. Espacially the center of mass is calculated way to high for the car, which makes you more likely to tipp over. if your diving with keyboard, i also can agree at this key holding. Another Problem with car, is that its very sensitive to bumps at the road. Another nice tipp: be careful with braking in corners, it makes car uncontrollable. The car also under/oversteers a lot it takes some training to get used to it, but at the same time, its contrallable. i would recommend to goto eu4, to test and find your setting. As this is a non - collision server, so normal traffic rules dont apply, so it doesnt matter if you crash. here a report video with lots of driving from myself, driving with keyboard. you can clearly see, im always tipping the key when driving around the corner.
  23. There was an announcement at discord, that they eventually will remove the restricted zone for double trailers. However, as there is still no official rule change it might be technically bannable, if you try to bypass the restriction. Quote from official truckersmp discord:
  24. i strongly agree at this suggestion, even though i have bought all DLC.
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