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  1. Good Morning :TMP: Guys, I finally made 500 community reputations! I would like to thank all who have supported me so much on my profile! Fat thank you! I never thought to meet so many nice people here! So, now I wish you all a pleasant Sunday and see you on the road! :love: :rolleyes: :wub::thisisfine: 

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good Morning and congratz ^_^

    2. Chris2306
  2. Thank you for your Follow! I wish you a great Sunday and enjoy him! :thisisfine::wow: 


    1. Major Tobi

      Major Tobi

      You're welcome. Thanks for following back^_^

  3. With my Buddy @Grundii and Tobi on the Road in ATS! I wish you a great night! :thisisfine::love: 


  4. 2 Beautiful Tours with my Buddy @Racyen :thisisfine::love: Thank you for this nice Tours with you Buddy! 

  5. Happy Birthday Buddy! I wish you a great Birthday and i wish you a great Weekend! How are you? :thisisfine::rolleyes: 

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      Thank you and you too have a great weekend :)

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      You're welcome! :P

  6. Good Morning TMP! I wish you a great Weekend! :love::thisisfine: 

  7. Danke für dein Follow Maurice! :3 :thisisfine: 

  8. Beautiful tours with my Buddy @Knusperschnitzel :love::thisisfine: 

  9. Happy Birthday Leon! I wish you a nice day and a nice weekend! Until later on your birthday convoy, I will hedge with the ConSec of course! :rolleyes::thisisfine: 


  10. Happy Birthday! I wish you a great day, how are you? :thisisfine::rolleyes: 

    1. Broker


      Thank you man :) I'm good preparing to celebrate my day :) 

      and how are you ?

    2. Chris2306


      Yes, I'm fine, but now it's the weekend! :thisisfine: Enjoy this Weekend! :love: 

    3. Broker


      Yeah you enjoy it aswell ;) 

  11. Good Morning TMP! :thisisfine::rolleyes: How are you?

  12. Hey, Danke für's Folgen :wub:

  13. Good Night TMP! I wish you a great Friday morning! Enjoy him and than is Weekend! :thisisfine::wow::rolleyes: 

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      Good evening Chris! Almost weekend ^^  Enjoy your Friday too!

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      Thanks Averazon! :love: