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  1. Thanks for letting us know, I hope it will be quick.
  2. Although I don’t like bad players, I don’t see it as a good idea, many people don’t care much about following the rules of driving and it’s for these that the acarde servers were created, the problem is those people who are on the simulation servers as if they were in the acarde and end up hindering the fun of people who really want to simulate. A driving school would not solve this because it is something that exists inside people besides being laborious. It is much easier to denounce the reckless so that they pay for their mistakes, although many seem not to take the punishment seriously as they end up repeating the bad action several times until they are permanently banned. However, the idea of having some kind of driving school within the game so that we can test the skills without being a mandatory requirement to be released to play on the servers is still interesting, many companies already do something similar, but in their own way, I have already elaborated a sequence of testing for my company's drivers at the time we were at the peak, having an official TMP structure would be wonderful.
  3. Hi @Ticreut29 Unfortunately, there are several different types of players and not everyone usually takes the simulation more seriously. Do not be alarmed by things like this, it has always existed and will always exist because just as many people denounce imprudences of this type and consequently the people who cause these imprudences are banned, other people come together with the same mentality! Of course, there are cases where there was really no intention, however, to always be driving according to the speed of the road is a way to help those who do not know where they can and cannot accelerate some more. I'm sorry that I went through this situation, I have also gone through situations like this and I didn't hesitate to report it because in order for the servers to improve it is necessary that we all do our part. I hope everything is fine with you, greetings.
  4. 1.39 aparenta demorar tanto quanto 1.38 e a cada nova versão que a SCS lança, mais demorado vai ficar... Desanima :(

  5. Hello, This will probably not be a TruckersMP problem, but a configuration or hardware problem. You can try to redefine the settings as suggested, in addition, check that the steering wheels you use are working correctly, that they are properly calibrated and adjusted to be used in the game. There is also an existing configuration in the game depending on how that wheel is used (instead of 'steering wheel' use 'joystick' in the configuration options of controls within the game). The game obeys commands sent by hardware devices, if those devices do not work correctly the commands sent to the game will not be accurate or may not work. Please keep us informed about your problem, if possible, you can tell us which steering wheel you are using to make it easier for us to assist you. From now on, peace and good.
  6. Veja um breve tutorial mostrando a configuração básica do VTC.World (Em PT-BR)

  7. Maybe if it was an update to the current TruckersMP vtc system, build a greater interaction with the game itself. It would be great and would avoid having to use third party applications that can end up messing up our profiles! You highlighted ETSFS, another highlighted TrucksBook, I liked VTC.World a lot, which 'forces' the player to be more prudent and simulative if he wants to grow. However, not all companies see importance in the travel record of their members, many just want to get together to make a convoy from X to Y place, so it could not be mandatory! Basically, there are much more important things to do, but it would be a very interesting implementation.
  8. My CB keeps changing channels by itself even leaving CH 19 as default, is it a wrong configuration or a bug? Has anyone else been there?
  9. Olá, @Tuna_ tenho a leve impressão de que falta alguma coisa na linha que diz " Parece não funcionar corretamente em alta densidade de tráfego " Me parece que o Digital mencionou 'sons' porém na tradução a palavra foi perdida deixando essa parte confusa. Desde já, muito obrigado por dedicar seu tempo e nos proporcionar essas informações em nosso idioma.
  10. Finally updated! Thank you TruckersMP team
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