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  1. Hello @[MF-Founder] Fan Ci, I apologize for seeing your message just now( No, we are not planning to add support for other languages and there are good reasons for this. The official languages, as now, will remain Russian and English. But, we try to use simple terminology so that you can understand everything with minimal knowledge of the English language. Perhaps in the future, we will translate our FAQ into other languages. Thank you for playing with VTC.World
  2. Hello truckers! Exactly seven years ago, the development of the VTC.World Project was started! In honor of our holiday, we are pleased to announce that those players who were not banned from the Project and deleted their account, can register right now, return to our Community, and play again on the VTC.World profile. This year, as always, we invite you to the festive event! We used to hold this event on our dedicated TruckersMP server, but during the OBT anniversary event we decided to diversify the gameplay and started the truck on the oncoming lane, which turned out to be a violation of the existing TruckersMP rules. As a result, now we don't have an opportunity to hold the event the way we would like to. This is a temporary measure, and maybe in the future we will go back to hosting events on dedicated servers. Thanks to all of you for helping us gather the votes to apply. As such, we will be holding it on the ETS2: [US] Simulation server without any accompaniment or participation from the Volunteers who have helped all of us in the past. Congratulations on your holiday, we wish you an enjoyable game and thank you for being with us! Details of our event https://vtc.world/event/F9C829C07483EACF/
  3. Perhaps a little time has passed, but it seems to me that the voting statistics are not representative. And since results is closed, I'm not sure we can trust it. And here's why: In fact, we are seeing the opposite effect. The server that was supposed to unite those who play the simulation is always full (Simulation 1). The server, with a speed of 150 (Simulation 2), for which the majority voted in the survey is actually empty. This is strange. After all, according to the voting results, most of the players wanted this server. Or not? Or did not everyone vote and did not take into account the opinion of those who constantly play but they did not vote? Unfortunately, we will not know why these particular decisions were made. But the only thing that upsets me is that we can forget about the road to simulation
  4. Hello truckers, We heard the wishes of our players and added the ability to choose which data to display fuel consumption in the job information panel. Added new settings for the job information panel: Happy trucking with VTC.World
  5. Hello truckers. We have updated our AFK notification system, and also, the delivery information panel supports the following game parameters: "Region presets", "Volume units" and "Consumption units". Happy trucking with VTC.World
  6. Hello truckers, Today we are pleased to present you a big update of our in-game overlay. Added 2 new windows - with telemetry data information and information about the current job. We have paid special attention to how and what data we should provide to you. But the most important thing is that we have worked on optimization and performance. You can enable new features in the gameplay settings. Each of the panels has its own settings, which are available in the main menu of our overlay when the corresponding panel is enabled. We wish you a pleasant game with new VTC.World features
  7. Hello truckers! Today we are pleased to present you a new function for events "Personal unloading". The innovation is designed to simplify and speed up the unloading of players at the destination of cargo delivery. We hope that this innovation will improve your gaming experience of attending VTC.World events, which are prepared for you by virtual transport companies and our event team. The function is available to all event authors without any restrictions. Have a nice game
  8. Hello truckers! Four years ago, on February 1, VTC.World was opened and presented to the entire TruckersMP community. Over the years, we have learned a lot, improved the operation of all our services, created many new features, and most importantly - changed the gameplay. We have changed the economy of base game, two gameplay modes, introduced a tax system, implemented a car market and more.. We are happy to celebrate this anniversary with you, on February 4, at the open event "VTC.WORLD - 4 YEARS IN OBT!". Everyone can join this event. We will be glad to see you. Details about this event: https://vtc.world/event/C694D110E3CE501A/ https://truckersmp.com/events/13341-vtc.world-4-years-in-obt! Video of last year's event Have a nice game
  9. Happy New Year, truckers! First update on this year is out TOP of the Year has been released! On behalf of the entire VTC.World Team, I wish you all the best in 2023. I wish you love, prosperity and peace Also, I am glad to present a recap of our New Year convoy Happy New Year Happy trucking
  10. Hello truckers! Time flies rapidly and the outgoing year was not easy for us But, we were able to make a lot of cool and unique features. In addition, we have improved the operation of our server infrastructure, added new servers in Europe. All the lot of more interesting things are left for next year. Today, the entire VTC.World team is happy to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish you happiness, health, peace and love! Also, we will be glad if you join our open event on a dedicated server in honor of the new year: https://vtc.world/event/4FBB62E0E462CAB6/ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends
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