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  1. Hello everyone, Suggestion Name: Multiple Perpetrators input and Reasons selections. Suggestion Description: There should be way to add multiple preparators IDs and be able to select multiple reasons as well. Why should it be added?: It can ease the process of creating and banning in a single report of multiple users who are involved in the same accident, instead of creating one for each user. Regards~
  2. Mine were like this before 1.34.x, it was perfect. I'll give it a try next time I go play. That is what I'm talking about. He rammed from the side and the recorder went flying.
  3. You should never crash into these Yellow Vested People from Krypton
  4. New colliding Physics are very bad when you play in TMP, because where you're suppose to turn over or swing, you go flying SCS need to fix this then.
  5. That is true, but then it's hard to see traffic and other players. The old blue dot was perfect, I hope they bring it back.
  6. Hello all, I'm here about how vehicles collide into each other doesn't make sense after ETS2 1.35 update. They were much much better before I'm 1.34.x. Compare both and you'll know. I'm sure others have encountered these accidents: Where you drive the others and the one who is being driven through goes flying. Two trucks collide and one goes flying, where both are driving very slow (~15KM/s). Trucks+Trailers flying in the safe zones. And secondly, I don't like how the Players Blue Dot appears on the GPS after TMP They show as smudged semi-transparent, when there are a lot of these dots they glow weirdly and block the GPS's Navigation Path (Red line with green arrows). Kindly change it back how it was before. Player Dot Comparison: What do you guys have to say about these two issues I mentioned. Share you thoughts below. Regards~
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