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  1. Suggestion Name: Report notification Suggestion Description: You should get notified when a person report you. Why should it be added?: I record whenever I play and I think most people do, however it takes a lot of disk space to keep and I normally delete them to free up space. The problem is, after I delete them - in 2 weeks time, I get banned for reckless driving. I can appeal the ban however, the admins will ask for evidence that I no longer have and so with a report notification i.e. "User1 has reported you for reckless driving UTC Date/time" will allow me to review at the videos I recorded and then keep the video where user1 purported of a rule violation that I did and then I will be able to use it when I appeal the ban if it result to that.
  2. I say no to this because trolls who ram into you or drive recklessly quickly f7 to go away and you don't catch their ID for /pinfo, the ets2 map help you track them down. If you don't mind, maybe turn ETS2 MAP like air traffic maps out there, where it is delayed (inaccurate) for security and perhaps privacy reasons.
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