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  1. Petrova

    Add timestamps to in-game chat

    +1 Good idea!
  2. Finally a new video by @Darts_379 :love:


  3. Petrova


    For me its -1 (+1 - Because yes, its very annoying when someone spam the horn without real reason.) -1 - Because (I talking about only EU2 Calais-Duisburg road) sometimes I "have to" spam the horn too, when someone going with 40-50-60 km/h on CD road and block the traffic with this speed, of course because this "someone" there are always lot of crashes, because every player who want to drive faster on this road, try to overtake the low speed guy(s) and they make accidents. Thats why I spam horn on these low speed guys, 1. because they make big traffic jams with the low speed; 2. because they driving low speed and blocking others, other players trying to overtake them and make crashes. And I think if they make crashes, not their fault. The low speed players fault. If these people want to drive slow, or follow the speed limit, than go and drive at an other region or server (EU1).
  4. Thanks! Thank you! Thanks Falco I hope this will materialize once as soon as possible
  5. DAF :)





    1. TomiikCZ


      Great pic!:)

    2. Emirhan  kurt 29

      Emirhan kurt 29

      cok güzel

    3. Petrova


      Thanks guys :)

  6. Thanks for follow :)

    1. TomiikCZ


      No problem :love: ! And thanks for the follow too <3 !

  7. Well, maybe this is unnecessary for You, but I experience this every single day when I playing on the servers and this is very annoying for me. Thank you If I would report each person to such this reason, Staff would block my permission to use report system haha Thanks
  8. With brother :)



    With brother :)


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Fantastic photo and very nice trucks :wub:

    3. Emirhan  kurt 29
    4. Petrova


      Thanks guys ^.^

  9. A shot about the Moon ^.^



    The Moon


    1. Mr.Fodor


      Gyönyörű fotó! 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Wonderful photo :wub:

  10. Scania :)





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      Aaauuu <3

  11. ayyyy the witch petrova is back :run: :scream: 

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  12. @RequieB & @AdaBey & @Hüseyin :love:




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      @Emirhan kurt 29 vpn aç yada sağ tıkla diğer pencerede açıp 2. i nin başına 0 koy açılır :D