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  1. Just one song? That's impossible for me. I don't think I have an all-time favourite song, as my music taste is so diverse, and I am constantly finding new songs I love. At the moment, I have Lightening Bolt by Jake Bugg on repeat. But, I've also been really into Adele lately. I've never decided to listen to anything more than her popular singles until recently, and wow, I've been missing out on a lot. Every single song of hers is amazing, and I definitely feel like they should get just as must recognition as Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You.
  2. Like many others, I use the Logitech G29! I preferred the G29 over the G920, as it has more buttons, and looks better, in my opinion. The wheel itself it amazing, I've never had a problem with it (knock on wood), and it's built better than I expected. The pedals are sturdy, and each pedal is spaced comfortably apart from the other— which was a concern of mine before purchasing. It's a hefty price, but definitely worth it, if you play the game multiple times a week. It can also be used on many other racing / driving games, if you're interested in that.
  3. Looking forward to another convoy, working with you, Sana, and Pixel! Hard to believe this is going to be our eleventh convoy...

    Took my new Volvo out for a trip from Amsterdam to Munich earlier this evening!

    I never usually go for solid shades, but I really love how the grey and chrome look together on this truck.

    It's definitely quite a change from my Pride Truck! 🖤



    1. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      Beautiful Photo ❤️ 

    2. Paddy.


      That Wendy plate though.

    3. Vexus.


      Nice truck! How many times did you crash? :kappa:

  5. I have not yet updated to the beta, as I usually wait until TruckersMP supports each update, so I can try it out with friends! I am, however, delighted to see the addition of the hex colour picker when customising paint jobs. It's a feature that's long overdue for those of us in VTCs. I am also so excited to see all the unique truck dealerships. I feel this will definitely make the game feel much more realistic, and makes each city a bit more unique than before! I really hope they continue to do this for other buildings, such as the hotels and recruitment agencies, or maybe even the different companies!
  6. Congratulations to the three winners! Stunning photos and amazing talent
  7. I quite like this idea! If it operated like Twitch's mentioning system, that would be very useful. For example, you must @ the ID: "@5678 hello!". I feel like this would be great at events, or in other areas of high player density, such as Calais or Duisburg. +1
  8. I really like this suggestion! It opens a whole new world for your creativity— which I'm all for. I particularly like the part of the suggestion where you mention adding the truck paint jobs to the cars. This would be great for those in VTCs, who prefer using the Scout car on their travels; or, in my situation, for the occasional car and caravan convoy I partake in with the other drivers in our VTC. +1
  9. While I understand this may be a fast solution— and probably one of the best ones, if you're in singleplayer— this may not be the case for multiplayer. Loading an autosave will put your truck in the position on the road you were in, when that save was made. Therefore, if you were in a populated area at that time, you could cause quite an amount of danger if you choose to load the autosave. Yes, you might say ghost mode is a feature— and a very useful one at that; however, ghost mode only lasts for twenty seconds after loading in. This means that if the save does not load in at most fifteen seconds, you are causing an immense amount of danger to others around you. You might fail to get moving in time, or another truck might not notice you're in ghost mode, and swerve around you— not to mention what incidents could occur if you take more than twenty seconds to load in to the area. With all this being said; teleporting to services; quick travelling to a garage; or loading a save, in which you know your truck is parked in a safe place; are the safest options in this situation, as they have a significantly lower chance of anything catastrophic happening.
  10. Understandable to see the group being closed down. I used to frequent the group quite often, however, I could see some quite toxic behaviour when it came to the likes of Pride Month. With that experience, I can completely see why the final decision was to close the group. To those who seem disappointed by the decision, I don't understand why the TruckersMP Discord server, or the forums, can't be a better substitute for the Facebook group for you. Both the server and the forums offer you the same services, as far as I'm aware, and seem to be used by more of the TruckersMP players. The closure of the group, however, really does signify the gradual death of Facebook, as a whole. The network has slowly become less, and less, active over time, and— to me— TruckersMP closing their Facebook group marks the start of other organisations doing the same. I'm not saying they're the first to do it, but they're the first organisation, which is close to me, that has done it— making it more symbolic to me. Personally, I don't mind the demise of Facebook, as I have never particularly liked the social media network. But, to some, this is the end of an era— similar to the death of MySpace and Bebo.
  11. It's become the go-to route for me, when driving with friends. You're always guaranteed an experience when driving on Calais - Duisburg, and you know you'll always see another truck on your travels. While most of my favourite memories come from driving in convoys with friends, I also have some of the best memories on Calais - Duisburg with friends. However, despite what you may think, most of my C-D memories are not due to the high player count on the road— they're just things that happened to occur whilst driving on the road. I do enjoy a bit of traffic though
  12. I first heard about ETS2 as a whole, through Keralis' old videos with Squirrel a few years back. I then found Squirrel, and saw his videos on TruckersMP! I loved the idea of the game, and found it quite relaxing. So, when I got my first laptop in 2017, I got ETS2, and joined TruckersMP a few weeks later. Somehow, here I am three years later, with some of the best people I've ever met, and in a VTC I really enjoy being a part of
  13. Always enjoy the Official TruckersMP Convoys! Can't wait for Sunday

    Enjoying some time on ETS2 with friends tonight 💞








    @Savage. @Jamie R

    1. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      Brilliant Photos mate ❤️ 


    Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our first-ever Pride Month Convoy!

    Over two hundred of us paraded down the Italian streets, to celebrate diversity.

    We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 🌈










    @Savage. @sanamaria @G4M3P1X3L




    1. Paddy.


      Disappointed that I couldn't have been there to show support for the LGBTQ community. I'm so pleased however to see the amount of people who attended the event, even in a niche gamemode such as TMP. We love you LGBTQ people, even if the malicious few try to cause pain. The TMP community, alongside the VTC families will always be here for you.


      Thanks for posting these pictures. A lovely celebration to behold. :)

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