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  1. Less than a month until the event! So excited
  2. Very interesting viewpoint! I'd love to see more expansion west, even if it doesn't include Ireland. I feel like even the addition of Spain would make a massive change to the game. Thanks for sharing! I shared my opinion on this previously:
  3. I'd like to see Scandinavia be expanded, but I feel like (and hope) that won't happen soon, as I think they'd be paying too much attention to that area, since the Baltics were in the last DLC. Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine would be nice to see too, but again, too much attention to that area already. It'll take a while for the rebuilding of those countries, as the rebuilding is happening as free updates, and starting with the oldest parts of the map. It will definitely take a while at the rate of one map DLC per year. I really hope SCS take on some more map developers, in hopes of getting maybe two map DLCs a year or one bigger one per year, and maybe faster rebuilding. People will lose interest in the game before they finish expanding the map at this rate. The game will also become old, and they'd have to focus on meeting new expectations in years to come too. Thanks for sharing your opinion! The only European section of Turkey, Turkey -Thrace, is being added in the next map expansion DLC. I don't think they'll ever add the rest of Turkey, as that portion lies in Western Asia. If they do decide to expand Turkey however, it will more than likely be after they've completed all of Europe. But if they eventually do that, the name Euro Truck Simulator 2 won't be as fitting...
  4. davidd

    Where does the road take us next ?

    I never noticed Cork and Rosslare on the signs before, and I would love to see Ireland added to the game soon! As for your question, I answered it before here.
  5. davidd

    Double trailers in France?

    Hi @Welsh, It is possible to get double trailers in France, providing it's not in one of the areas marked in red on the photo below. While it's not possible to spawn a double into a garage in France, there are ways to work around it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Methods: [1] Drive down from a Scandinavian or Baltic garage with the double attached. You would have to do this every time you want to use the trailer. Restricted Zone for Double Trailers: Source [2] In single player, enable the console and use the console to teleport yourself to the location you desire to drive a double in. You can only do this in single player though. Here's a tutorial on how to use the console in game: [3] Download a mod that enables doubles to be stored in any garage in the game. I don't have a link to a mod that does this, but if you browse around on the Steam Workshop, or other websites online, I'm sure you could find one. Just remember that mods can only be used in single player. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this helped you, and best of luck! Kind Regards, David
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    The Last Post Wins!

    Don't reply after me and I will not follow you
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    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

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    The last number wins!

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    Game "Cities"

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    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  11. I never thought of there being more traffic in France, which I would love. The VLF DLC is a bit dead in multiplayer, so it's always nice to see more people when driving there. I didn't see that interview before, but judging by it, I feel like the Iberian DLC will be next. As a small section of Russia was added into the Baltic DLC, I don't think they'll add more of Russia for a while. Also, only a third of Russia is technically in Europe. As for China and Japan, those countries are in Asia, not Europe...
  12. As SCS just confirmed that Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey - Thrace will be the next area added to Euro Truck Simulator 2, I wanted to see what area is most wanted in the community! So, my question for you is: where would you like to see added to ETS2 next? This is my preference, starting with my most wanted: [1] Ireland and Iceland: Being Irish, I would love to see my country added into ETS2. I've seen it in ProMods, but that's just not enough for me. Ireland has some beautiful scenery that would be amazing to see in the game. As Ireland isn't big enough for a DLC in itself, I felt like Iceland would be a good match with Ireland for this concept DLC, due to it being close to Ireland (and, let's be honest, what other DLC would they add Iceland in with?). I was going to include the Channel Islands into this, but as we've seen with Sardinia, they may be added in a future update (hopefully). [2] Spain, Portugal, and Andorra: I feel like the community is begging for SCS to add this area into the game. We've waited long enough, and lately, all they're doing is focusing on areas further east. This would be a beautiful addition to the game, with lots of amazing scenery, and lots of possible ferry routes added to the game (which I'd love to see). I included Andorra in this concept DLC, as I wouldn't like to see it not being included in the game, like Liechtenstein was. [3] The Balkans: I honestly expected the eastern side of the Balkans to be added before Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. It would have made more sense to do that so we could have more options to get to the Road to the Black Sea area. I'm disappointed at SCS' choice for this upcoming DLC, because I know I'll rarely drive in that area, purely because you'd have to dedicate time to driving in that area, like Italy. It's another leg of land that has no connections, other than two or three roads connecting Romania and Hungary, that we will get bored of seeing. The Balkans open up a lot more travel options around Europe, and would give us more reasons to drive through Italy on jobs, due to the many possible ferry connections to/from Italy. I'd love to hear what you want in the next map expansion DLC, and what you think of my opinion! Do you agree with me? Let me know!
  13. davidd

    Road to the Black Sea - New Map DLC

    I'm excited for more roads to drive on, of course, but am extremely disappointed in the area selected. It's so random! I had the same complaint with Italy, and the Baltics. It's as if you have to dedicate time to go to those countries since they're out on their own, with no real connections back to the mainland. The Baltics aren't as bad for it, but Italy, and now Road to the Black Sea are just so difficult to get to/from. The logical decision, in my opinion, would've been to do the countries at the Adriatic Sea, going down to Greece, before doing the Road to the Black Sea.