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  1. Looking forward to this event! Hoping to show my face at one of the routes
  2. FREIGHTFM'S SECOND OFFICIAL CONVOY SUNDAY, AUGUST 25TH 2019 — This month, join us, as the FreightFM Convoys make a return! We’re marking the end of Summer with a 1,054km route along some of the most beautiful roads Euro Truck Simulator 2’s base map has to offer. Departing from Szczecin, the convoy will make its way down through Poland, before heading north-west towards Magdeburg along some winding roads. Interested in convoying with us? See below for details. — DETAILS Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Server: Simulation 2 Date: Sunday, August 25th 2019 Advised Meet-up Time: 19:00 BST Scheduled Departure Time: 19:30 BST Departing Location: Szczecin WGCC, Poland Destination: Magdeburg eAcres, Germany DLC Required: No DLC Required ETS2c NoTimeZone Discord Server CONVOY ROUTE — We look forward to seeing you there...
  3. Delighted to be working with you and Sana again, along with Pixel!
  4. Looking forward to taking part!
  5. I would open up more of the blocked off car parks, etc. There are so many open spaces that would be great to have available for use!
  6. Happy birthday Savage! Hope you have an amazing day!


    1. Savage.


      Thank you David <3

  7. davidd

    What graphic card do you use

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4GB)
  8. davidd


    It's always fun having more customisation options for trucks! It will be nice having some more options other than the Michelin and base game tyres.
  9. The player banned did have right-of-way, however, from the perspective in the video, it's difficult to tell if the banned user attempted to slow down at that junction. Maybe the junction was clear when the oncoming truck decided to continue straight? Who knows, but the Game Moderator may have seen something else from a different perspective.
  10. davidd

    Favourite Truck on ETS2!?!

    Would have to be the 2016 Scania R and S. I love how they look and how many customisation options they have from the Mighty Griffin DLC!

    Thank you so much to everyone who attended Midsummer Madness 2019!

    I hope you all had a blast.


    While the event didn't run entirely smoothly, it was a learning experience for all three of us Event Planners.

    This was the first event any of us have ever done from scratch, so mistakes were expected to occur!









    Congratulations to:


    Prime Logistics

    For winning the Most Attendees from a VTC award


    Courtz Carriers

    For winning the Best VTC Parking Formation award



    For winning the Best Public Truck Configuration award









    I'd like to give a special thank you to the following people. Without these, the event wouldn't have been possible.


    Event Planners

    @sanamaria and @Savage.


    Convoy Control

    Anis, @Callum Johnson, @dutchman_17, @ekebergt, @GGrayburn04, @Jamie R, @MattTM@Nathan7471, @Olioak, @PotatoKing, siraj, @VeLociTy XTRoLl, @Voltera, @Zithy



    @creepergamingboy, @G4M3P1X3L, @[VIVA] Jxkke, @tnt404


    Event Streamer





    A member who should have been listed above, is DannyB.

    Danny sadly lost his life to cancer on June 26th, 2019.


    Danny's bright personality will forever be missed in the community,

    and he will most definitely not be forgotten.


    Rest in Peace, Danny.






    1. Callum Johnson

      Callum Johnson

      Thank you for having me! Nothing is perfect without hiccups ;)

      RIP DannyB, forever missed. :(:wub:

    2. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Thanks for letting me help out! Was a great event!


    Only two more sleeps until myself, @sanamaria, and @Savage. host our very first event together!

    We're absolutely terrified so excited! Will we see you there?

    Midsummer Madness takes place this Saturday from 6pm BST. More information here.


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      @IethaI might do it for the content xD

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      @MattTM I look forward to panicking a lot when you do :lol:

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      @MattTM Do it for the views and add some good clickbait and you set.


  13. Very interesting viewpoint! I'd love to see more expansion west, even if it doesn't include Ireland. I feel like even the addition of Spain would make a massive change to the game. Thanks for sharing! I shared my opinion on this previously:
  14. Thank you:wub: