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  1. Hey @sanamaria both answer did help and I think the problem is sorted out. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I need some help regarding the new 1.37 update. It seems like the graphic settings have been changed and now, I experience heavy lags in the game again. Has anyone got an idea how to fix this? I would be pleased if you could post screenshots of your graphic settings if they are stable.
  3. In fact, I like the event because it doesnt take that much time, there nothing more horrible than doing long jobs whilst being throttled at 90 km/h
  4. Okay, looks like it has been removed
  5. It looks a bit like there is a wrong post in the TMP news, because it says the Racing Championship did take place in ETS2, and I think the recent Racing championship was ATS. Have you also noticed this?
  6. Thanks to the Developers, your work is amazing
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