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  1. Because adding more capacity to the existing servers puts more stress on them which leads to a lot of issues such as extreme lag & desync, so to counter balance it they open extra servers which take up the slack while keeping the network stable. I have a feeling they have idle backup servers that they can switch on & off as needed, also some new servers come online in other areas to allow people on the other side of the world to play with low pings & as for moderating them they don't need to be on every server as they can simply hop on where needed, like how the police irl cant be everywhere but focus on the hot spots & filter out across their patrol area when required.
  2. Fact is they could completely restrict this right back to basics ( base game, no dlc or anything & ban all edits etc ) people would still find a way to ruin it....." everyone is restricted to 310hp ivecos with a top speed of 10mph " trolls just resort to blocking, then they go on about the 3 million registered users of which probably 80% or so are banned accounts & unused accounts! Another thing i read which to me sounds rather silly is adding horns makes them louder which im pretty sure isnt true, its the tones that change not the sound level.
  3. So your telling me we cant even swap truck engines, gearboxes & sound anymore? REALLY......
  4. What do you guys think of this view  ( Seat Adjustment Mod on SP ), wIuOHV8.png

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I don't like it, its like your setting back on the bed, would be way too weird a driving position for me

  5. Seems to me like the second they see something they don't like that's it they ban it, i can honestly predict they will force us to j spec at some point because certain people in the community go out of their way to ruin it for the rest of us! I had to remove the horns as addons from my ats truck beacons which sucks as the default air horn on the lonestar & vnl are crap.... If these images offend you, your playing the wrong game people
  6. Does 3.5 mean i can't have a horn adaptor from one truck as a beacon hookup on another? i got the horns from my 579 as addon hookups on the beacons on my lonestar as the default air horn is crap! 

  7. I feel this should be a PSA / Guide, people think your blocking here when your not. Trailers get stuck here because of the fence in the Yellow area, please don't stop by the yellow box! ( red line is the driving line )MuY1UZz.png

  8. Solution, if the speed limit affects a motorway or bypass just put the truck in N & coast through....I should point out that its easy to crash / tip over at speed even on motorways especially if your pulling a double or a hct because they will simply pull the truck over causing it to fishtail & plough into the barrier ( i have done it ). Theres also the fact the game doesn't simulate wind speed / direction or drag, you only have to sit on the top deck of a bus on a windy day to know what im talking about!
  9. The fence is part of the service station prefab ( pretty sure it is anyway ), i had suggested making the ncz bigger to cover the road in the past but they won't do it & besides people would just exploit it to send others flying!
  10. I was referring to this on the patron page " To our Patrons: we have looked at the things you guys suggested which would be nice to receive, as a reward in return for your subscription. We can confirm that there will be suggested items arriving as a reward in 2020. We can not yet confirm which ones these will be exactly, as they will be kept as a surprise. You guys will be updated as soon as a new reward will be given. "
  11. Important info on FMOD i found on the scs forum from a member of the team. 


    " ok, some clarifications then:

    old sound mods will definitely stop working. there is no meaningful way how to load them and run-time convert them to new system. the game should be able to read them and properly ignore, though (aka not crash).
    but sounds will be modable, of course. moders just have to learn the FMOD-way to use its abilities to most profit (for this very same reason it is also not good idea to make any one to one conversion tool). but you should not be afraid, there will be guides (complete truck samples can be easily switched and tuned in like 0.5 to 1 day) and also there will be beta period so everyone interested could learn before true release (and we may yet update the system based on feedback). for now you can check FMOD Studio (it exists for all main platforms).

    although samples we are using are same basically, some additional effects FMOD gives us made them better already. there will also be few new related features, hopefully. FMOD is tool we want to use to improve the game and our long term plans are not small. " 


    See here bottom of page as proof https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=178&t=281124&hilit=FMOD&start=40

  12. What kind of things are the rewards gonna be for patron, are we talking truck skins or new lights for the pilot car ( things like that ) or just vip areas similar to the veterans forum? @Smoky_TMP People have a right to know what they are getting before they part with their cash....Can't you list the rewards or perks in that respect
  13. Relaxing the language so profanity is moderated but not an offence meaning people can express themselves to an extent but insulting etc is still not permitted....dont force people to log jobs but have it as optional.
  14. Promods doesn't have the invisible walls that the normal map has, hence why when it came out everyone was driving all over the place....you can drive across the sea! Honestly i think the out of bounds rule should be waved on the server.
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