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  1. Can someone delete the suggestion i put in that has 0 views for calais port, the forum went down as i was sending it & its double posted 

  2. @DigitalThere is a major bug with the truck / trailer browser where if you click on them the game crashes to desktop & a black screen, only way to close it is via task manager ( right click & end task ). I believe its an SCS issue, but it does affect MP as i did it last night! Also on ATS the strobes on the low decks dont function which again is an SCS problem...Just a heads up
  3. Two things


    First I bet despite this " Skoda Caravan trailer temporarily prohibited due to a crash - this will be fixed soon " people still complain asking why they get kicked or whatever!


    Second the ATS version of the graphics mod doesn't exist when you click the link!

  4. This is what makes me laugh, people get super aggressive over VTC's & tags....Yet here we see the same vtc twice! https://truckersmp.com/vtc/search?name=Transinet&tag=&min=&max=&language_id=

  5. @NoxiiYour back, trolls should be worried :P. Not sure why you need to be a Trainee first though when you know what your doing, if anything you should be a Leader 

  6. Right I have had enough of this & it needs addressing, people at the cd junction still cant follow the **************** signs despite the rework & still block it, fail to give way & scream rec ban at those who follow how it should work! Something needs to be done or said because its a daily issue...i said maybe if i banned 200 people or more the rest might actually finally get it & follow the rules???? 😠

    1. Reaper


      I don't know why you'd subject yourself to it, I've been down C-D a handful of times, aside from the 1st time ever it was always an absolute nightmare. Can't expect anything to change mate 😛 

  7. I knew someone was going to post that kind of result, the fastest in the world is actually in the UK but at a University where they hit 178tbps which in layman's terms means downloading the entire netflix database in 1 second!
  8. Some old school British trucks, the first half of the video is old cars! 



    1. ScaniaFan89


      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ this stuff should be right up your street

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      that Scania at 25:19 is great 😍

  9. Is the bullbar on the volvo in the launcher pic a mod you can download or some advanced editing? 

  10. Does anyone know why this happens, makes it hard to see! kROPQ0A.png

    1. DJ_Sukoi


      Go to Documents, ETS, Profiles, find where your save is and look in the config for that save. Mess around with the dof and bloom.

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @DJ_Sukoi only seems to affect that truck, the others don't do it & yes im using the autum mod! 

  11. Why does it keep saying i changed my profile photo when i havent touched it???

  12. I use Xbox Game Bar DVR which is built into Windows 10, you can set hotkeys & set how long you want it to record clips. I set 1min for " Record That " & its 1080p 30-60fps quality!
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