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  1. ScaniaFan89

    Road to Simulation

    @FernandoCR [ESP] I swear i have seen your name in the area too, he may be onto something ^^^
  2. Is this a bug or known bug? I honestly don't know what happened or why i went through them, guy in front of me seemed to avoid them suddenly too https://youtu.be/0BNfvFxElqc?t=20

    1. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      I'd say that's a case of extreme lag.  Really odd that you were able to go partly through him/her though.

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @[ST-LH] The Englishman I honestly don't know how, it was weird & then later i had two trucks coming at me & one of them went flying off the map & i got heavy damage from it 

  3. ScaniaFan89

    Road to Simulation

    So basically you want to hit people for " fun ", no thanks! Thats literally what you just said, its a truck sim not a bloody demo derby!!!
  4. ScaniaFan89

    Road to Simulation

    @TheDuckThatFloats, @FernandoCR [ESP] Guys this isn't going anywhere & its just gonna end up getting you both in trouble! But sadly parts are true, it has brought more chaos to the areas & lets be honest, those areas are why they change happened....I just hope they don't revert the " zone " back in! The reason the trolls are on the sim servers is because they want to block & they cant on the arcade because its ncz ( they want to speed & hit people ). I know from experience that if you drive too fast with certain trailers you will end up jacknifing into a barrier from the stability fighting back ( DAF XF E6 is a fine example ) & even slowing down i.e for a crash can cause it to happen! Fact is as much as i like speeding even i know its unrealistic. This happened at 48 Mph, now imagine if it was at 93 Mph......
  5. Duisburg has become the new EP, situation critical! 

  6. Can people please stop refering to trolls as " autists " or " autistic ", i find it highly offensive! I have Asbergers which is a form of Autism & people with it are far from stupid, seriously stop using it as a word for insulting people already!!!

  7. ScaniaFan89

    Road to Simulation

    BREAKING NEWS: There is no speed limit on the Arcade servers & they are also NCZ, what companies have been destroyed???? While it was nice to drive 93 mph it was rare due to traffic & even if there is none you still got bends. I have maxed trucks out & i can tell you they really don't go much further than 100 mph unless your going downhill! Just like with your average car won't go more than 130 & thats if your really ragging its nuts off
  8. Is there a typo in the rules update, it says 2.9 & 5.4 but there is no 2.9? 

    1. Djinsomnia


      This was before the big sim/arcade update 

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Djinsomnia Oh so it was, i have a non repairable eye condition ( split optic nerve ) so though it said it was the day before....:( 

  9. ScaniaFan89

    /fix for owned trailers.

    Loading autosaves is better, downside is if you leave a busy area as it saves. The cool down is useless as trolls simply load a save instead so its not really preventing anything! Cargo probably can't be fixed anyway, irl the load would be refused.
  10. ScaniaFan89

    New VTC system is out

    @Kap Will you be adding the ability for VTC's to have skins, even if they are simplified to reduce the client download size, as an example you could use the default truck & trailer paint jobs but allow VTC's to add text on them & maybe a custom logo like how the TMP logo is on the police car ( that sort of thing )
  11. Well its pretty clear to me that i am being made an example out of, there is no way in hell anyone would get banned for saying " nice death threat " meant as sarcasm & telling someone to " shut up " thats bs & you know it yet nope i get declined....so basically you screwed me over for another year over telling someone to shut up! 

    1. KhaosHammer


      Hello ScaniaFan,


      The Game Management has been contacted about this for them to look into.

      Please follow what @XFMaster9666 told you in this status and don't continue to complain here on the forums but simply wait for the GM to provide you an explanation on why he decided to ban you for.

      If his reply doesn't satisfy you, you're free to submit a feedback here, and if the ban is wrongly placed, it'll be simply deleted.


      Thank you for your understanding.


      //Status locked, complains about bans aren't allowed here as everything is dealt with via appeals or feedbacks.

    2. Aestrial




      I'll look into this personally and contact you via forum personal message very soon about this. The above mentioned by KhaosHammer should however still apply.

  12. You need to stop spamming staff, they will get to it eventually....all your gonna do by spamming is get a forum ban or warning! Just a heads up

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    2. dieprofissindamstart


      Haha du bist ja einer, wenn mal wer über das Feedbacksystem Antworten würde xD


    3. Grundii


      @dieprofissindamstart Jedes TruckersMP Mitglied macht hier seine Arbeit als Hobby, ohne Vergütung. Wir alle haben ein Leben außerhalb von TruckersMP und da kann es leider mal zu längeren Wartezeiten kommen. Bitte entschuldige diese Unannehmlichkeit.

    4. Suleyman.53


      Hello there


      If you encounter a situation in the forum, please use the report feature. So that we can examine that situation. I want to remind you of a rule;


      §1.7 - Backseat moderation

      It is the role of our moderation staff to seek out and identify offences on our platforms while they are managing the TruckersMP community. Do not take matters into your own hands. If you see something that breaks the rules, please report the post, topic or user on the appropriate system.


      You can also find all our rules here: https://truckersmp.com/rules


      Wish you a happy day.:wub:



  13. Blast from the past, just saw the EP get blocked & guys got 2 weeks for it......Slightly amusing to see, but still not cool guys! Why don't you go block somewhere new like Poland so people venture into the reworked areas! *joking* 

  14. ScaniaFan89

    Road to Simulation

    No because you would need the game client / source code to make an mp in the first place & your not gonna get that unless you do it yourself being its highly illegal, anyone who leaks such things literally faces life behind bars! SCS are working on some form of MP but its unlikely to be like TMP & more on the lines of what WOT is..... Besides all that the fact TMP & IFMP ( coming soon........ ) exist is enough, SCS could decide to ruin everyones day & sue etc if loads of people start doing it meaning a lot of people would be arrested etc ( no one wants that ). Mod wise they allow mods but there are some people who charge for mods which is probably also illegal *cough* RTA Mods *cough*
  15. ScaniaFan89

    Road to Simulation

    @Andy2790 A server with 400 slots costs £800 & a more powerful one with other stuff costs £2000! < < < That will never happen though because if you started charging people to play SCS would sue the living * beep * out of you in court because your making money off their products! In other words, have fun in prison