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  1. Don't see much point unless it has anything worthwile in it, they mentioned speed increases but thats blatently just for the new Tuner cars that are out / coming & doesn't affect all vehicles in game! So far it seems to just be a last ditch attempt to milk the thing dry before they throw GTA VI into the furnace. Enhanced literally means 4k 60fps or 30fps & extended probably just means more online stuff....they are already literally recycling stuff, first it was the vehicle sounds being mashed together & now its vehicles that already exist being edited. Some are new but others are simple edits of already existing models " Futo GTX " is literally just an edited Futo GT & the Vulcar Warrener HKR is just the Warrener turned into a pickup.
  2. They are still around on discord known as IFMP ( infinite truckers ), mainly because they can massage their ego's & power trip 24/7. People talk about TMP in there get shut down & treated badly for no reason other than " because they can " & " what you gonna do about it ". Development wise they never came up with anything besides a website of which half the links didn't do anythng, oh & the various long winded posts on " progress " or lack of it! Its a unpleasent community over there, literally everyone i know who checked it out said the same as i have!
  3. This is what happens when you save editthe " diamond evolution " paint, cool or crap?



    1. ScaniaFan89


      @TotalDieseldo you think this will catch on? as it says above resultof save editing colours,doesnt work but you get a sort of gold platinum colour

  4. Can we get a command to connect again after being kicked for " unreliable connection " it has nothing to do with a players connection 99% of the time, its because of how long it takes to load everyone in busy areas. I know this because if i put my pc into flight mode before clicking " drive " & then turn flight mode off, it loads in with out the issue! i have a 60mbps internet speed so believe me thats not the issue
  5. There is a bug with the public ai vehicle, the windscreen is showing whats under the car. As you can see here i stopped in the middle of the road on the yellow line & its showing on the windscreen, when driving it shows whatever is under the car ( moving image ) so you cant see clearly where your going What i see inside the car The car im driving
  6. @ShawnCZekThere is a major issue with the AI Weekly Vehicle, something is reflecting onto the windscreen & it moves as you drive...It made me feel sick so had to stop driving it & its also hard to see! " looks like its reflecting the road under the car??? "
  7. Can everyone please like & sub to my YT, how the hell do people get noticed / go viral???


  8. please can everyone watch my videos, just mute them & let them play in the background! My channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfaJ16u8g7JW3W2WyeUc8Ng/videos

  9. As long as things like aerodynamics & painted parts are included for everyone with the TMP Trailer then im happy, thats the only thing i wish we could do with trailers. As for damage SCS are letting you disable it on Convoy though i wonder if that includes cargo damage??? As for patron perks i will say it again, it should be about supporting the project & not what you get for donating, if people are joining just for the trailer, car & name stuff in game then they are in it for the wrong reasons!
  10. You lot are missing something, yes its 8 people or so but thats per server & anyone can host their own server with convoy. So while it may be only 8 players there will be a lot of 8 player servers being hosted! There is one thing Convoy has over MP & thats " enabling / disabling damage ", they are looking into mod support too.
  11. Whats the update that you cant downgrade from about?

  12. I can't believe R* are expecting people to buy RDR Online for £18 now, oh & thats what everyone who isnt on PS5 will be expected to pay for GTA Online in 2022!


    If everyone refused to pay out with shark cards, this crap wouldnt be a thing!

  13. These are from the blog post Everyone is saying its the new DAF thats been seen about testing ( spy shots )
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