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  1. R.I.P You Absolute Legend!!! Thanks for all the laughs & banter you provided on the roads etc, truely gonna be missed buddy 😭. Give em hell up there dude 🤘😈👮‍♂️

  2. Wondering if theres any news on DB's Bus World, last post was its coming early & nothing has been mentioned ever since...surely its not that complicated as people use it on convoy & your only adding one bus model

  3. is tmp only adding the electric bus from db's mod? it literally includes 4 by default so why not add the others. don't tell me its the liveries because you could change those easily!

    1. Arcticwolfs


      No idea i don't use busses in  trucking games.

    2. ScaniaFan89


      its a dual purpose game, even scs admitted it & are slowly working on them

  4. Is there any update on DB's Bus World being added, also seems the custom trailer has gone quiet. I believe the new area that was hinted at is the TMP HQ ( don't know what its actually for ), seen a few staff driving the original ai bus around & figured thats part of testing maybe....

  5. Guys i have a YT channel & i do live gameplay of gtav, ets2 & ats as well as live chats & piano covers....channel is linked in profile! ( NO I AM NOT MAKING & DO NOT PLAN ON MAKING ANY INCOME FROM IT ) I do go on camera so i ask you respect me by not sharing my face on here or anywhere online / offline, reveal my location etc & you be respectful to my guests! ( please refer to me as " Scooby " in chat etc...My channelis NOT suitable for anyone under 18 as there is strong language & nsfw chat etc ( I may call people idiots etc or swear its outside the game not in game ) alsoplease DO NOT give my gametag out, i havent given it out on my channel for a reason ( TROLLS IN CHAT ) i am not responsible for what people say in chat either, just covering my butt because i know what people are like " he swore because someone cut him off or was driving like a tool, quick ban him " ( so if your just watching to do that crap your not welcome, go away ) im not saying anything in game or on cb while streaming so its got nothing to do with tmp, its my channel & i do & say it as i see it....Also its a big deal me posting my channel here & im scared as none of you have seen me in person etc but i want to get to know more people in gaming & make new friends, maybe more ( im not making money from it & the only link if any to this community is if i tag truckersmp in the description ). Hope to see some new faces soon & you will be welcomed by my moderators, they dont take any nonsense so dont try it as you will be very quickly removed etc! See you out there

  6. Delete this....reposting

  7. I wish people didn't make these automatic mod loader things i.e interior mods etc discord exclusive & only make them work with the ones they make....it excludes a lot of people! Noticed a few saying in comments about it...

  8. Does that mean IFMP is oficially dead?
  9. Whats wrong with double trailers in Kirkness, HTC i can understand but normal ones im sure companies spawn them in options? That being said its about time someone found a new area thats like Kirkness / Iceland ( there must be some ) i found hidden highways somewhere around Greece i think. Come on lets start something new, i challange everyone to find new hidden / unmarked or tricky roads....what do you get out of it? how about being famous for the one who discovered the new hotspot where everyone goes!!!

  10. I like how they gave patrons the coach ( real bus ) & gave the rest sone russian minibus thing! That Neoplan should have been for everyone, really dissapointed by that!
  11. Forum Title (obsolete)



    Greta's voice " how dare you " angry griffin roar....proceedes to desimate the countryside with diesel fumes & loud noises from 770hp v8!

  12. Don't see much point unless it has anything worthwile in it, they mentioned speed increases but thats blatently just for the new Tuner cars that are out / coming & doesn't affect all vehicles in game! So far it seems to just be a last ditch attempt to milk the thing dry before they throw GTA VI into the furnace. Enhanced literally means 4k 60fps or 30fps & extended probably just means more online stuff....they are already literally recycling stuff, first it was the vehicle sounds being mashed together & now its vehicles that already exist being edited. Some are new but others are simple edits of already existing models " Futo GTX " is literally just an edited Futo GT & the Vulcar Warrener HKR is just the Warrener turned into a pickup.
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