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  1. Tbh it depends on what they are adding as i expect they will be expanding on Turkey & other areas....
  2. It would be a nice touch if the trailer skin was added for the convoy but i doubt that will happen, from the trailer i was expecting a Promods Xmas Convoy as it was clearly recorded in Iceland. Seriously though i wish these things could have their own skin for the event as it would honestly look so much better & professional! I'd love to see the Northern Lights, sometimes i dream of going there or to Australia.
  3. They can't update the API if Steam is Kaput
  4. I like how SCS have put the Trademarks for International at the bottom of the post, they never did that with the others! Interesting 

  5. Who cares about this stupid mod, it causes more trouble than fun! Pretty sure you can make your truck handle the same way with some editing???? IF you have promods, just drive around Iceland. I mean honestly theres all these bugs & people are demanding they add that crap now
  6. Its a weird one, i'm curious to know what caused it
  7. Can you fix the pause bug with F7, it only happens on MP for some reason & it affects all the F7 options ( Both Games ) Scratch that, just noticed the message about critical bugs, i'm tired 5am sorry
  8. Thats a pretty low priority considering everything then lol
  9. Can you be banned for driving too slow, had 4 cars blocking both lanes out of calais so drove slow expecting them to brake check! Then some guy said im reported because im going too slow....wtf 

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    2. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      As long as you’re recording and you know full well you’ve done nothing wrong you’ll be fine. Just laugh off their report because it’s just that.........laughable.  

    3. ScaniaFan89


      I wasn't but i know its bs, had i sped up & got brake checked they likely do me for that instead 

    4. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      If it’s recorded from your viewpoint then it’ll show exactly what they’ve done or tried to do. 

  10. DO you mean the real time map? ( That's a Work In Progress & massively outdated ), there isn't anything on the website that says where garages are......I have a feeling you translated this & you mean add the NCZ areas to the DLC's which will happen at some point ( there are a lot of bugs on the list to fix )
  11. So Plays tv bites the bytes ( pun intended ), makes you wonder if YT will buy out Twitch eventually! 

  12. Lets face it, its never gonna be a Beta is it.... Urm maybe because past updates have been really good, my internet is 60mb or something & im using the 5ghz band ( pc runs both games at around 30-50fps on ultra settings on SP no problem. While my card is 2gb it does the job just fine as does the cpu 4 cores 3.1ghz / 3.4ghz! Upgrade your pc i hear people say, urm yea when im not paying for a house with the disability living allowance etc i get i will, pc cost £700 which was pushing it!
  13. TMP is just unplayable with the constant lagging & stuttering, you literally can't drive with anyone around because of it! Question is what is causing it, i mean everyone is rubber banding around 

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    2. Noxii


      Well if that's the argument to use, "it ran fine for me on MP so it's clearly not MPs fault then" or am I wrong?


      It might just be that your PC can't handle all the traffic of other players.

    3. BloatedHook302


      It too must internet traffic that try to connection to the server at the same time. It has nothing to do with their connection and PC itself. It all come down to the server and MP itself. Remember, TMP is a multiplayer mods. Everything is not 100% stable.

    4. ScaniaFan89


      @Noxii Yea fine for you but many others it's not running fine & that's coming from people with 2080ti's etc, while my card is 2gb & my cpu is only a quad core it runs SP under maximum settings at around 30-50fps ( locked the fps at 50 as tv is 50hz ). 1.35 wasn't stuttering & lagging like hell, but 1.36 the second someone appears on tab it has a fit! We have got 60mb or so broadband here so it bugs me when i'm made out to be running a potato ( not directing at you personally btw ) You shouldn't need a 5ghz 16 core cpu with a pair of 2080tis to play these games

  14. It has noting to do with the Connection, its purely the time your HDD takes to load everything. Basically because it takes a few seconds to spawn everything the game has a tantrum & decides your lagging
  15. Exactly the same on ETS2, everything that's broken in one is broken in the other! @_J-M Are you guys aware of these issues, the trailer wheels are flipped ( back to front ) doubles are jack-knifed & ncz through everything ( player doesn't see this ) f7 crashes etc...i noticed the game randomly freezes frequently which is why i reverted back to dx9 but now its forced everything is super buggy! Sorry if you already know
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