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  1. You realise a lot of drivers fit them for the look irl, its homage to the old trucks & its known as a " retro fit " or Holland style " ....You tend to see them at truckfest!
  2. Am I at fault at all, noticed someone on the map overtaking like an idiot ( swerved to avoid being rammed ) & then I was focused on not hitting the fence! Messaged the ID saying sorry & that it was recorded.....There was a large amount of people driving like the car seen here causing crashes. Not much I could do to avoid what happened here, is this worth reporting or am I likely to need it for counter evidence? 


  3. +1 to the Turkish player messaging me sorry bro after tailgating & hitting me while i was slowing to turn....Proof not all are bad, the rest of you could learn a thing or two from this & then we would have a better community overall! 

  4. Would anyone be interested in ASMR / Sleep sound videos if I made them, trucks at a set rpm? 

  5. Procedural Manager, why not just say Operations Manager or Director....Also what was wrong with HR 

  6. New hill climb road in Iceland, 


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    2. Granite


      @ScaniaFan89 That island is not new either, only the western part is new/rebuilt - area around Reykjavík and Keflavík, þorlákshöfn is new (short way west of Selfoss), I remeber these dirt/snowy roads in the centre of Iceland being crowded, but now?  I wonder how many of the sheep knows you can drive by Loch Ness and spot Nessie.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      @Granite I didn't know that, what version was all that added in Iceland then? As for Nessie, il have to check it out 

    4. Granite


      @ScaniaFan89 Iceland together with Faroe islands appeared in version 1.9, I think, which is very old and didn't have any dlc dependencies, it contained most of what you can find there now, except the  northern and central parts were less developed. Vestmannaeyjar - that small island was added in version 2.20 it seems, which is like 3 years ago.

  7. So what does it take to be noticed for the right reasons ( Com Ctrb )?

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there ScaniaFan,


      To get the baseline idea of what it takes to become a Community Contributor, you can have a look at the sections titled "What are the requirements for being a Community Contributor" and "How can I become a Community Contributor?" in this Knowledge Base Article: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1042 

  8. Its annoying, pure laziness because you know for a fact they could easily do it ( i haven't got them btw )
  9. Tbh i think that post for  @Speedy_TMP should say promoted to Game Moderator Leader or Manager! This guy is one of the best on the team & most friendly you will meet! 

  10. Now That's What You Call an OVERSIZE LOAD!!! 


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    2. nιgнтмαяe
    3. ScaniaFan89


      @WNxArcticwolf Yes as it is for 1.38,however it literally cant be driven because it gets stuck everywhere & gets wrecked when spawning! 

    4. WNxArcticwolf
  11. Anyone know what causes this ( look at windscreen ) is it scs or mp? I swear it happens after loading a save, makes driving really dangerous as you can't see...it moves around as you drive AD1A3Nn.png

  12. We can't hear them at all the second anyone is in the tab menu, i hope it can be fixed as its a safety issue ( can't warn people who pull out etc ). Also the engine start issue is still there, it varies on how many times it plays ( it does affect the rpm )
  13. They don't play at all period, the whole sound engine is a mess atm. Hopefully they will find a way to fix it somehow
  14. This is the trailer your talking about You won't be able to copy & paste the code as i would imagine its all one model ( all the trailers with signs on them for explosives etc are individual trailer chassis types ) going by what it says in the image " tn_forklift ", that usually means the trailer is all one thing like the new aerodynamic ones...
  15. Its part of the reverb effect, why are people so offended by a 2 second sound!
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