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  1. Well people have really gone to town on scs over the trucks world cup, i can see why & somewhat agree.....Nowhere did they say it had to only be the Renault T, they simply deleted everyone who didnt use that truck which was a kick in the teeth from the start & then the winning truck out of all submitted is hardly the best ( there were better examples ). 

  2. That would just be a stupid thing to do, " banned for typing " i mean come on now.... Also is this actually ever gonna be added as it was opened for discussion 4 years ago.........
  3. PSA: When the lights turn green it does not give you the right to instantly lay on the horn while screaming go on your mic or ram through or drive on the wrong side! 

  4. You can't have company skins on owned trailers without them looking odd like in the images, they are not designed to be on owned trailers!
  5. Well got so see a few situations on RO V9 before the server decided it had enough. 

  6. lmao yea thats bad, simple mistake in editing causes all kinds of crazy stuff to happen! You have to ake sure the trailer your changing has all of its parts instead of the parts from the current trailer otherwise it will go wrong. Glad you sorted it
  7. Except they didn't, because they have nothing besides a website ( IFMP ) & you don't know the true story behind the mod from years back....The mod was shutdown briefly because of a situation between the devs at the time & SCS. Why do you think all these GTA modders are getting sued?
  8. Right i want this cleared up once & for all.....


    Are we allowed to drive here, i have seen many staff & players on the area highlighted by the red lines. There is no barrier where the green arrow is! I just got teleported for reckless driving which everyone was saying is nuts, i want a straight up answer 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ScaniaFan89


      @JeffSFC Well if that's the case can you make sure all the GM's know that & other staff because i have seen staff & players in that area countless times & when questioned you always get the " its not hacking,its allowed " answer! Thanks for clarifying that i had been right all this time in saying im sure its not allowed! Someone said they were reporting me but i hope not as it was a first " never been there until now. " 

    3. JeffSFC


      If you are implying that staff members told you  " its not hacking,its allowed ", bring it to the feedback system please with adequate proof. 😎

    4. ScaniaFan89


      @JeffSFC No i meant players said that over the years when questioned. 

  9. Firstly thank you for not accusing me of things & understanding what i meant. I fully understand if people are NHS or other Key Workers that they will be busy, i still think more devs should be recruited as there are many people begging to help & afaik there are only 4 devs of which possibly 2 are working on the client although 1 is working on an upcoming game & as such is rarely on " mwl4 ", which leaves the other " ShawnCZ " who is doing a fantastic job of patching things currently, i think the others are web devs?
  10. If you're gonna do anything tonight for the final clap, do this 


  11. I swear i have seen you before in game, that name sounds familiar 

    1. iPeached


      Can be, i drive around a lot

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @iPeached We will have to meet up, where do you tend to drive?

    3. iPeached


      @ScaniaFan89 I am in Rotterdamdam (The Netherlands) right now, i will be driving somewhere in around 2 hours

  12. This is a PSA:


    I heard from a former member of IFMP staff that they are deleting everyone's accounts & the project is off.....Is this true because if they are then everyone who has accounts linked or sent a photo of them to get verified needs to check under GDPR that they are actually doing so! It looks like they are still on Discord. What concerns me is people are registering to something that literally doesn't even exist, when i looked at deleting my account the website ( which is now offline ) threw up the same error for every link so i couldn't delete anything which by the way is illegal. 

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    2. PaddyJackson


      I hadn't heard of this particular project until you made this status update. That said, I had a little look into the discord of the project and while very few channels exist on that discord (which I suspect wasn't always the case), there are still members of management online and I imagine that they could be contacted to clarify the issues you've raised.


      In terms of error links pertaining to deleting your account and the legality surrounding it; if they are deleting your account on their end, then there is no legality issue, as they are complying with the data protection requirements (ie, making a point of not holding your details anymore). It's important to make sure that you don't make allegations too readily, as deformation of character is a civil offence which can hold a penalty in it's own right.


      In any case, I hope that this scenario plays out well for you and everybody else involved.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      @PaddyJackson Their discord has been like that for ages now, trust me i know what im talking about as i was basically a member from the start ( i'm like the 400th person to join ) theres now millions.....They were getting people to join by promising promods which at the time TMP didn't have, then they got a kick in the teeth when promods & tmp partnered! 


      In short they make a lot of noise & nothing really happens besides the odd website update ( they have no working client to date & basically lied about having it in the first place which resulted in a targeted ddos attack ). 

    4. PaddyJackson


      I agree with everything you're saying, but all of that doesn't necessarily amount to a criminal offence pertaining to data protection. :P

  13. No it won't, i get the feeling they are now waiting for Idaho to release as it was made clear RO V9 was gonna be before they even considered updating! I think that's their intention now tbh!
  14. Its a known bug, the devs even mentioned it & said not to use the caravan for the time being!
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