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  1. Two things to note for 1.40, as stated in the " hot topic " the Renault T Evolution is just parts like with the facelift on the DAF XF & you need to sell your WS 49X before updating to 1.40 as they removed the current model which causes it to crash instantly, you have to re discover the dealer & re buy the truck! I'm saying this as a lot of people are likely to find that out the hard way......

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      whats the WS 49X 🤔

    2. RayRay5


      Western Star 49X (in ATS)

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Ah ATS, don't play that much and was thinking of ETS2 😅

  2. Its also the first truck to have sequential indicators, the new lights give it an evil look with the teardrop effect ( shame its plastic ). I'm actually surprised they are allowed to call it an Evolution being thats exactly what Mercedes did! Hope they can add a dlc & rework the older trucks because they are really showing their age now....Whats weird is if you look on Renaults website they say about the T, C & K coming to the game yet only the T is???
  3. I'm aware of that, I posted it in-case he was going to release 1.40 within a few days as it will likely be a separate update ( its coming in April but dealer changes are in a few days )...Basically letting them know as its not on the SCS Blog yet & if they released 1.40 it would be incompatible almost straight away because of that!
  4. @ShawnCZekA friend sent me this on steam, thought I should give you the heads up ( new trucks coming )they are adding them in a few days.... https://www.renault-trucks.co.uk/news/2021-evolution-of-renault-trucks-t-c-and-k-revealed-in-euro-truck-simulator-2.html
  5. They really should just do it there then on the website! Thank god, thats what i want to see more of....
  6. The voting process should be on the forum too, making it discord exclusive cuts a lot of people out!
  7. Oh no......what will Truck" Mafia " & other troll vtc's call themselves now!!!
  8. Right does this break the rules or is it now acceptable? toWmh5B.jpg

  9. I'm not sure exactly but it sounds like the retarder has the same issue on ETS, whenever people started moving i could hear it from their trucks. Also could have sworn i heard one of the roof air horn sounds from a skoda!
  10. Should be for everyone -1 & besides your not meant / allowed to use dev cam in reports so what would the point in doing it be? People should be joining patron because they want to help pay for the cost of the servers, not because they want special abilities & content as a result! Wen you donate to a charity you wouldn't go in saying right I'll give you £10 a month if you reward me with this & that...You do it because you want to help & support the work that charity is doing!
  11. Here, read this https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hgv-maximum-weights/hgv-maximum-weights
  12. Most trucks you see on the UK roads that come from all over the EU are in 6x2 ( mid lift ) layout or 4x2, but on ETS2 its better to have 6x4 as that first axle comes into its own when you get stuck & you can pull any load with it!
  13. At least with the NCZ you can just drive through people & actually get into the service area in once peace, traffic still backs up at the fuel stop but its much better than it was!
  14. Clearly doesn't understand with the first sentence " Again. Thats your opinion. When I give my money. I expect to get something for it ". Urm the servers staying online 24/7 is what they are paying for???
  15. Turns out SCS screwed up, you have to visit the Western Star dealer again to unlock it in 1.40 " Stockton " is the place! The game crashes because it doesn't recognise the 49x due to the dealer changes & truck update ( basically you have to buy a whole new truck ) 

  16. 4,000,000+ of which probably half are ban evaders or banned! or is that not counted for this?
  17. Your paying to keep the servers online, you have badges & a coloured name in game, you have a trailer paint job! The whole idea behind patrons was to help pay for the power & software usage on the servers, not to have a load of tuning options! People are signing up with the wrong intention if they are only doing it for that stuff.....
  18. Regarding your question on weather its a generic rumble or you actually hear other trucks, you DO actually hear them & it uses your sound settings ( what you set the sliders to ) which is actually pretty impressive! 

    1. Reaper


      Ohhhhh that is good to know, cheers mate! I was a bit disappointed nobody replied to that actually

    2. ScaniaFan89


      I wasn't going to but decided out of curiosity to as it got me thinking.....Pretty sure it works that way as I have turbo sound muted so don't hear it on others trucks! I'm a simple guy, this is the sound i like from an engin ( the clatter of pistons waking up, 20 sec if you want to hear the starter getting a workout ) Warning she's loud if you use headphones!


    3. Reaper


      I used to have a classic Volvo mod in singleplayer with an engine sounding similar to that, no turbo whine or any of that nonsense. Was an enjoyable watch, thanks for that

  19. Steam updates server regions at different times, so scs may put out the update but it wont download until the servers have been updated
  20. Congratulations to all the US players out there on Joe R Biden becoming the 46th President & in making history with the first ever female VP! 

  21. Question to staff, any idea what or when we will see the trailer customisation mentioned a while ago when patron was announced, it said there would be customisation & then additional stuff for patrons....all i have seen is the paintjob?

  22. I would but don't know how or if you can convert downloaded mods, i have interiors on sp i would use if i could
  23. Ahh another staff only update for the car in terms of lights, they really dont want us players to have strobes on pilot cars do they! Its funny because we can use strobing beacons from the special transport on trucks but cars " NOPE ". Glad i tried the Special Transport trailer mod out before it was blocked, not that it was any good as it bottomed out & also lifted the truck off the ground in places
  24. This is why I love Dennis Darts & Cummins engines, that take off at the start is nostalgia to my ears....


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