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  1. Steam updates server regions at different times, so scs may put out the update but it wont download until the servers have been updated
  2. Congratulations to all the US players out there on Joe R Biden becoming the 46th President & in making history with the first ever female VP! 

  3. Question to staff, any idea what or when we will see the trailer customisation mentioned a while ago when patron was announced, it said there would be customisation & then additional stuff for patrons....all i have seen is the paintjob?

  4. I would but don't know how or if you can convert downloaded mods, i have interiors on sp i would use if i could
  5. Ahh another staff only update for the car in terms of lights, they really dont want us players to have strobes on pilot cars do they! Its funny because we can use strobing beacons from the special transport on trucks but cars " NOPE ". Glad i tried the Special Transport trailer mod out before it was blocked, not that it was any good as it bottomed out & also lifted the truck off the ground in places
  6. This is why I love Dennis Darts & Cummins engines, that take off at the start is nostalgia to my ears....


  7. Just found two bugs reported on the SCS forum about the DAF XF 105...


    First is the Speedo for MPH is miss reading, when it says your doing 50 MPH your actually doing 45 MPH ( its miss aligned ).


    Second is the Frame & Chassis on the 6x4 & Taglift are missing as seen here! I knew i wasn't going mad AUgJQFN.png

  8. Can someone explain how you can get savegames that are 100% roads explored & all skills etc unlocked but be level 0? How do they unlock all the roads without driving them

    1. P h o e n i x

      P h o e n i x

      The explored roads are stored in the save file, so if they just edit the save they can add the list of discovered roads to a new profile


      Stored like this, so its super easy to just copy the whole list and paste it into a new profile:



      Transported cargo types, unlocked recruitment areas, and companies, etc are all in their own list aswell.

  9. Scania needs to bring back the T, don't tell me you wouldn't love to see this on the road over there!


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      would be great to see them back, have seen 2 irl before :D




  10. Brace yourselves for.....




    " Sorry, Winder Mod " 


  11. Is that RSPCA trailer skin gonna be available or is it just for show in the blog post? 

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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Unnamed88008didn't see that, next question is will it be removed after the convoy? I wish they would add the promods themed ones rather than teasing us with them in streams 

    3. Unnamed88008


      Yes, the RSPCA trailers will be probably removed after the event.

    4. ScaniaFan89


      @ForerunnerPlease can you keep the RSPCA trailer for after, maybe add the promods ones in ( ones with the promods logo ). 

  12. For MP it has to be the 389 & now the Cascadia ( sound the best ) SP i got a few truck mods but love Vipers 389 with a Cummins 444, otherwise Paccar ( engines & sounds by Kreichbaum ). I hate the stock sound SCS have for trucks, the LoneStar & 49x sound horrible
  13. I thought the game mod colour had changed, its more orange now....

    1. JamesS014


      Looks normal to me. 👀

    2. Mr. Calvin

      Mr. Calvin

      Not gonna lie. I thought the same thing, lol


    3. ScaniaFan89


      @Mr. CalvinGlad it's not just me who noticed, it is quire clearly more orange compared to the others! In fact i just realised they have completely switched the colours around for everything as now veteran drivers are dark green & veteran v & vi are very light green ( same applies across the groups )

  14. The TSI engine is just the TDI sound with a pitch increase to make it sound like a petrol engine, its poorly done to the point you can hear the clipping in the loop as it idles etc....The Skoda as a whole is a poor mod because ultimately it was never intended to be anything other than a way to stand out for Admins!
  15. Got to love the unique sound the Cascadia has, that distinctive Detroit piston chatter....I hope SCS re records all the other trucks in both games

  16. Can someone duplicate my ATS profile for me, it won't work when i do it! Its required because when ATS updates promods will not be compatible with it & everyone whos played in canada will find their game is broken.....( it wont load without the pm data ) 

    1. ScaniaFan89


      @Unnamed88008Because Its safer to have a second profile purely for promods, i have it for ets....its annoying that it wont work! 

    2. Unnamed88008


      If you really want to duplicate your profile, then follow this guide. I hope it will help you, if not then sorry.

      I tell you the methid I used when I was duplicating my profile in ETS2. I hope it will work in ATS too


      Please do everything step by step.


      1. In config.cfg (or in game console) find g_save_format and replace the number next to it with 2.

      I am not sure if this is required but do it just to be sure/


      2. Load your profile you want to duplicate

         2.1 Turn off saving in Steam Cloud

         2.2 Load the game and save it.


      3. Create a new in-game profile.

         3.1 Turn off saving in Steam Cloud (after you will do it you can turn it on again)

         3.2 Finnish your first job and save your game.


      4. Go to This PC/Documents/American Truck Simulator/profiles

      You will find there two folders. One from a profile you want to duplicate and one from the new profile.

      Pick the older folder (for your old profile), then go to save/last edited folder and copy the game.sii file

      Paste the game.sii to [new profile folder]/save/[last edited folder]


      5. Launch the new profile and check if everything is the same as on old profile.

      If it works, then turn on Promods Canada and done.

      Now you can turn on saving in Steam Cloud again in both profiles.


      Sorry if this is not understandable but I hope it will help you.

  17. Hiya, Whenever i click on the truck or trailer browser in either game it crashes to desktop but a black screen req a restart...i noticed it in the beta, it happens in tmp too & that as you know is vanilla so it cant be any mods 


    1. Unnamed88008


      They will never understand what this sign mean...

  19. Can someone delete the suggestion i put in that has 0 views for calais port, the forum went down as i was sending it & its double posted 

  20. Suggestion Name: Calais Port NCZ Suggestion Description: Make the whole area of Calais Port NCZ, currently its only the ferry that is NCZ ( the ramp on / off is not along with the port area ) Any example images: Driving off the ferry ( area in front is not NCZ where 1569 is ) Coming onto the ferry ( traffic in both directions has to pass in that small gap ) Down the road ( a tight bend in the narrow two way road that is not NCZ ) the truck with the white stripes is driving the wrong way, thats the leaving direction believe it or not ( note the ar
  21. @DigitalThere is a major bug with the truck / trailer browser where if you click on them the game crashes to desktop & a black screen, only way to close it is via task manager ( right click & end task ). I believe its an SCS issue, but it does affect MP as i did it last night! Also on ATS the strobes on the low decks dont function which again is an SCS problem...Just a heads up
  22. Two things


    First I bet despite this " Skoda Caravan trailer temporarily prohibited due to a crash - this will be fixed soon " people still complain asking why they get kicked or whatever!


    Second the ATS version of the graphics mod doesn't exist when you click the link!

  23. This is what makes me laugh, people get super aggressive over VTC's & tags....Yet here we see the same vtc twice! https://truckersmp.com/vtc/search?name=Transinet&tag=&min=&max=&language_id=

  24. @NoxiiYour back, trolls should be worried :P. Not sure why you need to be a Trainee first though when you know what your doing, if anything you should be a Leader 

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