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  1. Is it just me or is it harmonic & relaxing when all 3 trucks have their sirens on at the start " listen closely at 12sec for the echo of the 3rd truck " ...1st truck is on Yelp & the other two are on Hi-Lo variants ( i believe the 2nd truck's siren is German? ) 


  2. This is how i drive & how you should in Real Ops when police etc are trying to get through ( drive like the police car here ). 


  3. Hopefully a better version, details in description which i hope covers copyright! YT is a pain for that 


  4. While that's true for some of them i.e Scania R & Streamline V8 horn,Renault Magnum / Premium horn & the Iveco HiWay horn its not for the rest, SCS need to record or add the real horns for those trucks ( what annoys me is people find unused files with better recordings that SCS did but never added ). Theres a good example with the DAF Paccar engine recording, someone found unused filed deep in the game code which actually contain cleaner samples ( you can hear the engine clatter & other sounds )...These are what you used to hear in their Recording Session videos but not in the end product in game! While its true most euro trucks have the same air horn the " Fiamm Jericho ", they don't all have the same tone due to variations in air pressure ( some are high pitched while others are lower )
  5. @/:\ACCE55_D3N13D/:\@[email protected]_productions Your first day on the job Your second day on the job with a new truck A few days later, you drive into NBFC ( Duisburg ) & drive through the trailers while turning around before reversing fast into the tanker full of chemicals your picking up! Somehow you survive & wake up in intensive care wondering why your fired 1 month later ( your boss sends you this CCTV footage, taken from a CCTV camera in Dusseldorf )......
  6. They have reverted horns back to 1.36 ( ETS2 ) & removed the air horn from the trucks that came with 1.37...The colour selector will be welcomed by many, the map reworks are always welcome when they are base game & as for the graphics upgrade dunno havent tried it but it may cause lag to many!
  7. Everyone take note of this, if you can find a way of displaying the number in game please do so! 



    1. Reaper


      I'd heard about this in the news recently, what a clever idea. I think they should make this a bit of a scheme from now on, childline, abuse helplines, suicide hotlines, all of them

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @ReaperI set it as a tag in game weather people will see it i dunno as used notepad, i dont know if that still works so it shows like bellow...?


      " NDA Helpline "

      " 0808 2000 247 "

  8. Little known fact that i believe is valid across the world in terms of vehicle lighting, its actually illegal to have green or blue light ( Static or Flashing ) on your vehicle unless its a registered as an emergency vehicle i.e PFAC ( Police Fire Ambulance Coast Guard / RNLI ) or a Doctor responding to an urgent call ( Green Static or Flashing, Not exempt from road laws i.e red lights ). So on TMP green lights should be illegal too imo


    HEMS LAAS Doctor

    A brand new Doctor Car responding ( Full Credit & Copyright @CobraEmergencyVideos Youtube )


    1. ScaniaFan89


      @K0rnholio This is what i'm ref to, clear as day! ( just watch the video ) 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      No green lights should not be illegal in MP, its part of save editing and noting wrong with it, this is a game not real life, yes a simulation but but still a game at the end of the day

    3. K0rnholio


      I wasn't doubting you. I was just upvoting to the comment you made of the following; 



      Please for the love of god don't add green lights or a million marker lights to it....I honestly wish green lights were still banned


      I remember watching a European channel Ambuchannel 112 I think (but looks like it was taken down due to laws) But in one of his videos I remember he was talking about different colors meant different things. One was IC and another was ER or Doctor on Scene. So yea I understand. I just think green headlights look dumb in my honest opinion and if it was my choice I'd remove game save editing completely and force everyone to drive J Spec trucks. Even as a member of the community not 1 person can have "what they want" but instead we all have to make sacrifices for the greater good. 

  9. Well it seems the rumours about FiveM admin abuse are true to this day, got on a server & spent ages trying to figure the controls out while making a person & had people kicking me to death....i complained after finding the chat key & i get banned for " bye no intent to rp " 2020/06/07! ( so apparently your not allowed to be a newbie....

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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @BloatedHook302 So are all the UK Police/Ambulance/Fire etc RP servers that bad? Are there actually any that are good 

    3. BloatedHook302


      Not I know of. There is a FivePD server you can look at. No guarantee you can found any good UK server.

    4. Reaper


      @ScaniaFan89 I honestly don't have any first hand experience with GTA V's online roleplay scene, I gave that up quite a few years ago, however I do have a friend who has not stopped in the last 10 years, I could put you in touch with him, I'm sure he'd have most of the information you'd want, plus a bit more knowledgable about which servers are good/bad. 


      Let me know in anycase, add me on steam or something I can put you in touch. 

  10. Anyone willing to gift me gta on steam? 

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Why steam?

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @DJ Jefferz I only have steam & i just want to use mods so pc version....i have console for normal play! I mean if you or anyone can gift from other sites then great...

  11. Urm yea the mini fridge may be a tinder box, i wonder if the fan turns red when its about to explode given they show it with a green glow in the reveal? Tbh it looks more like a bookshelf speaker from Logitec or a subwoofer 






  12. RUN CMD AS AN ADMINISTRATOR! Type /sfc /scannow & let it run....it will either say it didn't find any integrity issues, that it found & fixed issues or that it can't fix issues. Also try dism /online/cleanup-image/checkhealth & if it requires a fix then replace check with restore & let it run! Another thing you can do is run a disk check on your hard drive by using chkdsk /f /r ( WARNING DO NOT RUN THIS IF YOU ARE USING A SSD, THIS IS A HDD ONLY COMMAND ) let it run while you sleep is best & it will check your disk for errors / corruption & fix them! MAY APPEAR TO FREEZE & TAKE HOURS TO COMPLETE, THIS IS NORMAL...Let it run, your pc will restart automatically once complete!
  13. I need advice, with gta coming to XBSX is it worth getting it on pc for modding while its on 50% off? I'm guessing it will be £50 or something when its out on XBSX in 2021...?

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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Syln i mean for fivem or the various mods for storymode, i have no intent on modding gtaonline because for a start thats illegal & they are currently banning thousands for it! 

    3. Syln


      Well if you're looking to play on FiveM then yeah PC would be the way to go. But then again, if you ever want to play GTA Online for PC, chances are you'll come in contact with a modder who'll ruin the experience for you - so it's like a 50-50 debate between both of them. Again, personally I'll take the console version anyday.

    4. Reaper


      I would say PC if your main interest is in modding the game, I had particular fun with the LSPDFR mod especially when I used to play. I could not stand public lobbies, probably one of the most negative aspects of that game IMO.


      Edit: Plus the sheer simplicity of finding/installing mods via PC I've found to be a bonus too

  14. Of which both trucks put down just over 3000
  15. Scania & Volvo are the top dogs in terms of power, the DAF XF ( new ) has the best gearbox for acceleration the ZF611 TIO & as for the rest i'm not sure but i believe the new volvo is up there in terms of range ( i know man are bad for fuel usage )
  16. Its a low priority for them to add the new garage locations, its also pretty much a novelty feature
  17. Shes a beauty...





    1. JTrocks55


      It's very beautiful ScaniaFan I loved ❤️ 

  18. Is the car meant to have a siren for everyone, because well it does! 

  19. I hope SCS add all the country variants to this....daf-unity-edition-3840x1300px.jpg?mw=192



    1. JTrocks55


      mm Interested ❤️ 

  20. Is anyone working to fix the sound bugs, engine constantly starting & lack of horn sound half the time which is extremely dangerous ( you cant hear other peoples horns etc ) 

  21. Heads up to GM's about Feedback etc, i have just fallen rather ill so i won't be around to read any replies to my ticket...Thank you for understanding! 

    1. Reaper


      Hopefully it's nothing too serious at a time like this, get well soon 👍

  22. FMOD requires you to register to download it & then you either have to pay for a license or you can get it free if your classed as a hobbyist ( not making profit from it ) which is what i assume TMP went with? Then actually using it looks as complex as trying to use / understand blender for the first time.....A lot of truck mods sound like the Peterbilt 389 currently due to the modding community having to learn how to use FMOD or simply not using it due to the above license requirements & fyi if they are making paid mods that means they are likely required to buy a license for something like £500 from what i read???
  23. I tend to do 3 flashes to mimic SOS & sometimes use hazards to reinforce the alert, 2 flashes is either hello or letting someone out though i tend to beep for hello & several blasts of the horn or a long blast is when someone cuts me off or forces an overtake into traffic i.e running me off the road etc! Beacons are if im pulling something heavy or dangerous or to alert others to a situation i.e a crash in traffic along with hazards
  24. You might want to re word that as it sounds like your saying there are 200 of each position when you actually mean there are 200 staff members altogether. There are 2 devs with the know how to work on the update currently working on it but one is full time employed & working on an upcoming AAA title & i think the other works in the NHS or health services somewhere
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