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  1. As soon as the Braco van was available, I have tried to attach the caravan to it. The result of that is in this video.

    1. povgamer


      F in the chat.

    2. Lasse


      I am not entirely sure if this is street legal.

  2. That should hopefully fix the initial issue with users accidentally installing police accessories. Does that feature check the "Police cars for players" server setting?
  3. You have to generate def file, which doesn't have Special Transport DLC support, since it's not possible to use Special Transport DLC cargoes in TruckersMP.
  4. You'll have to copy/move ProMods files into <HomeDir>/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder. <HomeDir> is game's home directory. If the -homedir parameter isn't set, the home dir is your Documents folder, otherwise it will be located in the path on the right from the parameter. For instance: If the target has "-homedir F:\HomeDir\" at the end, then the homedir will be located in F:\HomeDir\ directory. Check the shortcut target path of TruckersMP launcher for -homedir parameter, since all parameters given to the launcher will be passed into the game you launch from it. Also, make sure t
  5. Well, that was unexpected...


    1. Penguin


      That's going to take more than the little box on the insurance form :D

  6. Suggestion Name: Detailed info about missing DLC's/ProMods files when accessing ProMods server Suggestion Description: So far when the player is missing any of the DLC's, or is missing any of the ProMods files(assuming that the player has all the required DLC's) the game will give error message, appropriate to the condition. The message is a bit simplistic, since it doesn't show the detailed info about missing DLC's, or ProMods files. Any example images: None provided Why should it be added?: This could allow the player to check if there are any missing ProMods files, such
  7. Technically, you don't have to write "yyy" in chat - using command, such as /p will also reset the AFK timer.
  8. Now we need similar thing on the text chat as well, since new line character makes the message blend into message below from the exact location of the mentioned character.
  9. https://www.shmoop.com/drivers-ed/utah/traffic-lights-and-signals.html
  10. @QF_Giulia During rush hours there was always an issue with users blocking the 4-way intersection near the service by making a turn while not being able to fully drive off it before next traffic light cycle. Also, driving out of companies, garage and rest area was very difficult as well during these times. With NCZ in entire Duisburg the capacity is greatly increased.
  11. Well, does that mean that entire Duisburg city will be one giant NCZ?
  12. @VSOUSA14 This feature was removed since it could make it more difficult to make screenshot in specific weather conditions. Also not everyone can afford for powerful PC, since rain can cause lag in case if the PC is struggling with all the effects while handling TMP code, as well as base game's logic.
  13. Miss you mate ^^

  14. What about Hauling Hope Event support? Is it possible to deliver cargo from that Worlds of Trucks event?
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