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  1. Technically, adding additional pair of fuel stations, each located on the opposite side to one that already exists could resolve the issue. Additionaly, if there's enough space for a large fuel station, using large fuel station prefab could increase capacity while reducing chance that player will perform high speed drive through despite of the fact that the player would drive on the road without any issues.
  2. Once you hit the speed limit you won't be able to accelerate with the accelerator pedal, unless you go slightly below the limit. The speed limit itself depends on the location. If you're in the city and the speed limit is 90 km/h in your location, you won't go faster than that within the area. Once you get out of city, the normal 110 km/h speed limit kicks in. The city speed limit won't go below 60 km/h, though.
  3. In the Controls tab you can check the assigned axes. If the clutch axis is spiking, you may need to clean the pedal set. Try increasing the clutch range if possible, so the gear switch won't occur randomly when clutch isn't pressed down. Also, you might want to adjust the deadzone of the clutch axis to compensate for inaccuracy caused by dirty potentiometer in the clutch module of the pedal set.
  4. I've checked the collision boxes of both the Queen V39 cargo and Vossloh G6 from Heavy Cargo Pack and the latter seems to be slightly taller. Queen V39 seems to use capsule collision box, which doesn't even reach yacht's roof, not to mention the equipment located on top of it. Vossloh G6 in other hand uses at least 2 separate collision boxes. The smaller of the two will hit the bridge above when coming to/from the C-D road. I've tested also the yacht cargo from High Power Cargo Pack and all I got is a slight bump from above, however I went through the affected spot without any issues, regardless the side.
  5. I wonder what's the list of fixes in the Duisburg area... ?
  6. Radzę zrobić sprawdzenie spójności plików gry. Miałem wcześniej podobne artefakty po aktualizacji gry i dopiero sprawdzenie spójności rozwiązało problem. Co do spowolnienia gry przy ruszaniu myszką, sprawdź, czy oprogramowanie obsługujące mysz daje możliwość zmniejszenia częstotliwości raportowania swojego położenia. Jeśli jest taka możliwość, zmniejsz tę częstotliwość do 125 Hz.
  7. When the wrong way driver gets instant karma...

  8. Here's my reaction to the recent changes in Duisburg: ?


  9. ebIMMklRR8e_TmZvl_lEZA.png

    I've just noticed this when looking at events page. What kind of changes are expected tomorrow? ?

  10. Screenshot is only sufficient if you want to report text chat insulting(chat must be open and visible on screenshot), impersonation, or inappropriate tag, license plates, or interior plates. Depending on your computer's specs, you could use Game Bar, which is built in recording system in Windows 10. One of the benefits of using it is it can record just the game audio, if you happen to use media player outputting audio on same output device as the game you're trying to record. This won't work if you're using in-game radio, since the game won't provide option of changing radio's output device. If you're using NVidia card, you might be able to use Shadowplay to record footage. One thing I can recommend is to create small ramdrive for Shadowplay's cache files in order to reduce wear on any of the drives installed in your computer, if you happen to have a lot of RAM available. If you have AMD GPU, you might have better luck with ReLive, or similar software, such as OBS. The latter can be used on most GPUs, since this program can utilize hardware encoding to reduce load on the CPU as you play. You'll have to select appropriate encoding system for the GPU you're using in settings. Another viable choice is Medal.tv - this program allows you to upload the footage for later use. More detailed info can be found here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/788
  11. Guq0MwO.png

    Technically, the issue with Hannover Expo traffic jams could be resolved by extending the existing non collision zone to cover the area marked in red. 

  12. The website report system load is very high. I wonder if this is related to fact that Patron vehicle is front wheel drive, regardless of the fact that the real life counterpart is rear wheel drive... ?

    1. blabberbeak


      Thanks for the information!

      I doubt many players have noticed this detail. If so, how would it relate to the website report system? ?

    2. Arcticwolfs


      Guess you haven't kept up with  the topic about staff leaving and joining.?

  13. If you're using virtual mixer application, such as VoiceMeeter, make sure that the relative application is running, otherwise you may get no sound on the relative audio outputs.
  14. If you don't have sound everywhere, check the sound volume settings on either headset, or in the system. Also, there's a chance that you've unplugged the headset by mistake. If you're using external powered speakers, make sure that they're actually receiving power.
  15. Do you actually own all the DLC's that are marked as "Installed" in DLC browser on your Steam account? If you select ETS2 in your Steam library and scroll down a bit from the top in the largest part of the window, you'll see the amount of DLC's that are actually owned. After opening the DLC manager, you'll see all the DLC's that you actually own. The amount of DLC's in the list should be equal to the amount of the list of linked DLC's minus 2 (due to Rocket League and PC Gamer DLC's not counting in the link process, these can be easily seen in the manager, as they have ETS2 logo, without the purple DLC ribbon in the corner).
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