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  1. Titanic4

    Do you own Schwarzmuller & Krone DLC?

    I own both mentioned DLC's, both acquired during official SCS giveaway at the date of their release. Also, the poll is kinda badly designed - it allows you to select all the options at once, as shown on the screenshot below: https://prnt.sc/ltxz4r
  2. Titanic4

    Kicked, Invalid accesory set detected, NetTruck

    You might have small blue LEDS on the front and medium sized ones on the back. Find these accessories on your vehicle and remove them/swap them with pilot ones.
  3. Titanic4

    Problem z ustawieniami

    Jaki posiadasz model kierownicy? Jedyne co tu pokazałeś to problem z osią przyspieszenia.
  4. Who else had Nvidia Shadowplay fail to properly save the footage from the buffer? I've had one reckless driver yesterday and the output file doesn't show the accident at all. I've set Shadowplay to have 5 minutes of buffer in Instant Replay mode. The output file was almost twice as long.

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    2. [VIVA] Kravatree [S64]
    3. Titanic4


      I had to downgrade to version of GeForce Experience to get Shadowplay to behave normally. I hope that NVidia fixes the issue any time soon.

    4. Titanic4


      Here's sample of what happened to the video output on the output file:


  5. Titanic4


    Do Driving Force GT nie można podłączyć dźwigni zmiany biegów od G29, gdyż nie ma fizycznie złącza, które by to umożliwiało. To samo dotyczy pedałów od G29, w tym wypadku przypisanie pinów na złączu różni się dość diametralnie. Istnieje adapter umożliwiający podłączenie shiftera od G29 do komputera przez USB: http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=97&products_id=188 Do tego adaptera potrzebny jest kabel USB z wtykiem typu B na drugim końcu. Co do adaptera do pedałów G29: http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=97&products_id=187 ETS 2 i American Truck Simulator obsłużą maksymalnie pięć kontrolerów jednocześnie na jednym profilu gracza.
  6. Titanic4

    Funny Old Video ETS2/ATS

    Here's my video, from 3 years ago(at the time of making this reply) showing the brutal launch near Bratislava.
  7. Titanic4

    Settings for those who cannot enter the game after the update.

    @MEGA TRANS Crystal The first image cannot be displayed due to 403 error on hizliresim's side for anyone not living in Turkey. Try using LightShot ( prnt.sc ) as the host for your image, if you can't access imgur for some reason.
  8. Titanic4

    [FORUM] The @OP tag

    Suggestion Name: The OP tag Suggestion Description: The tag will automatically select original poster's name when mentioning someone Any example images: https://prntscr.com/lo4xfj Why should it be added?:The tag will allow the user to mention original poster regardless of the name.
  9. The convoy went very well apart from small mistake near Lublin, where some players turned left instead of turning right after taking the exit.

  10. Titanic4

    Problem z komendą z FPS na ATSMP i ETS2MP

    Prawdopodobnie masz ustawioną zmienną g_minicon na wartość 1, bądź wyższą. Ustaw ją na 0, by wyłączyć wyświetlanie elementu pokazującego ostatnie 4 komunikaty w konsoli gry, ilość FPS'ów, wyświetlanych trójkątów, itd.
  11. Titanic4

    Report System Response

    You have to be patient - Depending on the amount of the reports in the system, your report may be handled from 1 hour(best case scenario) to at least a week. The amount of reports in the system is confidential information, which is only seen by staff members.
  12. Titanic4

    What to do with the Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack DLC?

    Krone DLC was released along with 1.32 update of ETS2, which adds trailer ownership. Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack may support the feature at any time soon. You can actually "own" the trailer via save editing, before the feature is officially supported for this DLC. Be warned though, that the game will crash if you attempt to change its paintjob via trailer customization feature, along with lack of available accessories for it, since no accessories are defined in game files.
  13. Titanic4

    G29 steering rotation part 2

    You may try plugging the wheel to different USB port - certain devices may not work properly when plugged in to High Speed USB 3.0 port.
  14. Titanic4

    G29 steering rotation part 2

    In order to use Logitech G29, you must install Logitech Gaming Software on your computer, otherwise your G29 may not behave as intended. https://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/g29-driving-force/downloads The fact that the wheel worked on the iMac just fine is because that computer had LGS installed, as your friend was using Logitech device, which is compatible with it.
  15. Titanic4

    Car/Truck stops itself?

    Firstly, have checked your binds? If any of the binds are set to use "Joy Left" or "Joy Right" keys, the function, which is bound to it will activate once the steering wheel gets turned to either direction at the angle, which is 50% of the total angle on each side, which by itself is a half of the total range from extreme left to extreme right.