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  1. Domyślną wartością do zmiennej g_traffic jest 1. Lista wszystkich zmiennych konfiguracyjnych wraz z domyślnymi wartościami znajduje się tutaj.
  2. In the trailer definition there's additional line named "source_name" - if it is not empty, then the game will take the info from that pointer instead of the save file. Set it to following: source_name: "" and the game will take info from the save file instead. The only non-important side effect is the warning in the console about being unable to find source definition when you try to move the HCT to different garage. Take a note that when you want to customize HCT with in-game customizer, you'll have to move it into any garage in Finland before moving it back to previous one with trailer manager, since game will read the in-game definition after you start customizing the trailer. Similar thing is with any double set - in that case you can choose either Germany, Netherlands, Finland, or any of the Scandinavian countries before you move it back with trailer manager.
  3. On the main site click your name, then press "Reports". After the reports list page loads up, press "New report" and you'll be given the form, where you have to provide info about the perpetrator, the time when it happened in UTC, etc.
  4. On Logitech steering wheels, the included pedal set is using inverted axes. Also make sure that you're using separate axes for gas and brake. This can be changed in either software or in the test page I've mentioned before. After making this change, reassign both acceleration and brake axes to the respective pedals in the pedal set. As for 12 speed transmissions: you can assign 1 button to toggle between high and low ranges. The gear you'll get on each set will depend on whenever you've selected splitter layout or ranged one. In case of the gearboxes with more than 12 gears you'll have to assign another button for secondary transfer case toggle. I've set mine to first red button from left(Button 1) for toggling first transfer case and the second one next to it on the right hand side for toggling second one.
  5. On older Logitech steering wheels, such as G27 you can test the axes by opening joy.cpl followed by double clicking your steering wheel on the list in the window. After the new window opens, you'll be able to test all buttons and axes. In some cases you may be able to test additional features, such as force feedback, or the LED bar(if applicable). In case if you're searching for drivers, they can be downloaded here: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024840473-Downloads-G25-Racing-Wheel
  6. Technically such report notification system would have setting in user's profile while default setting is "disabled". If user wishes to receive such notifications, he would enable it in his profile's site settings. Also, there should be a way to add the system, which would check how much time has passed since last successful login. There's nothing more annoying than rammer deleting his TruckersMP account before the victim creates web report against him.
  7. https://prntscr.com/quq3zk

    It looks like someone has hired sorcerer to Dortmund's quarry - I've got Schwarzmuller lowbed trailer floating quite far above the ground.

  8. Pokaż ustawienia klawiszy w grze, w szczególności ustawienia sterowania ciężarówką za pomocą klawiatury.
  9. Well, during my high speed run to Berlin on Arcade server, something went horribly wrong...

    1. NoTime4name


      That's quite possibly the longest lasting crash I've ever seen

    2. ScaniaFan89


      Sat Nav be like " *beep* it, i give up "....Seriously though, that's insane! Its why i say the physics should be banned to Arcade only because that can happen at low speed too & you literally have no control over it. @NoTime4name Whats worse is he only stopped because the truck hit a tree i think, meaning it would have carried on until it went through the map lol! 

    3. Titanic4


      As long as you don't accelerate excessively, you shouldn't have issues with vehicle going sideways on winter physics. 

  10. I wonder what was causing servers to malfunction...
  11. At least no one will complain about g_set_skybox command being blocked for no reason...
  12. TruckersMP will automatically handle ProMods files. They will be loaded automatically after selecting ProMods server if you have all the required ProMods files, as well as all the required DLC's.
  13. At least no one will have to worry about their game softlocking when teleporting to service...
  14. The workaround is to use mouse control feature of Route Advisor to perform requested F7 action, such as parking the trailer back in the garage, or teleporting to service. Press F1, and if you have hidden the Route Advisor, press F3 to show it. After that, select whatever is labelled with F7 key with the mouse cursor, then press the requested function, then accept the dialog, which appears afterwards.
  15. World of Trucks won't work in ProMods. You must play on non-ProMods server in order to deliver anything with World of Trucks.
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