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  1. Keep in mind that not all Game Moderators can check Kirkenes quarry area on ProMods due to missing all required map DLC's for the supported version of this map modification. There are many great places in ProMods outside of this hugely congested area.
  2. This could be caused by trailer paintjob taken from another DLC, which is the case for Goodyear Tyres Pack DLC.
  3. Well, I think someone will be very happy about that information, @ShawnCZek
  4. It seems that setting weight_distribution value to "spreader" fixes that high speed oscillation issue in the caravan. By the way, why would someone expect for caravan to stay stable while driving 110 km/h with it? 

  5. Out of curiosity I wanted to compare how the vehicle behaves in case if you slam on the brake while turning in either direction. Here's 1.35: 

    Here's 1.39: 

    Someone was mentioning on Discord server that such unexpected grip increase issue was occurring in 1.35 as well. 

    1. Granite


      If I recall right, default, which is also max stability, was halved at some point, now it's 0,5 was 1,0 before, not sure how exactly this works (guess it shifts center of gravity somewhat), but in general, trucks are less stable at maximum setting now, than in older versions. Was it after 1.35, or before? 

      Whats your "g_truck_stability" parameter in both versions?

      Also, stiffness of the suspension plays a role.

      IMO, 1.39 is far more realistic, turning like that would cause you to g on 2 wheels and flip, not slide like sports car, many small cars and SUVs would do that too, I think. 

  6. @ruparaw, you can always use media player to play music - you don't have to use in-game media player for this task. Certain media players can also use different audio device than the default one for the playback while the game's media player is playing on whatever playback device you set in audio settings.
  7. ^ Having a bit of patience won't hurt... If the 1.39 support update was going to be released now, there would be major issues in the Colorado DLC area in terms of non-collision zones in local companies, as well as certain sync issues. Also, another issue would be related to reworked lowbed trailers, which are different than ones from 1.38. During One Truck Family event there was similar issue to the one described here, since the game used fallback trailer with non-matching collision box. The issue lasted until one of the later updates, which made these trailers synced properly.
  8. Both ETS2 and ATS are having -homedir parameter, which can be used to move profiles, mods, etc. to different location. Documents folder is used when the parameter isn't specified, which is the case for most of the players. You could add a bit of info about that parameter in this guide, since some users might be using it when having the issues with incompatible saves.
  9. Jaką masz kierownice



  10. Well, my truck went flying today... 


    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      at least you landed on your wheels again 😛

    2. J a n e k

      J a n e k

      Ale żeś poleciał 😂

  11. In addition to what @Winter~ said, If you're using -homedir parameter, the home directory will differ from default one. In that case, check the launch parameter of TruckersMP launcher shortcut in order to find the home directory. After opening it, you can locate Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder in there. If the -homedir parameter is not specified in launch parameters, the game will use default home directory, usually located in your Documents folder.
  12. Titanic4

    Player search help

    You can use spawning logs to search for the player. All you have to do is to use Notepad's search function. The query is the in-game ID between parentheses. It's a good thing to have the evidence video open at the same time while having the player set to the position right when the perpetrator is seen on the screen. When looking for player with the specific in-game ID, compare the name and/or tag with the perpetrator's name and in-game ID on the evidence video. Once you get a match on both the search result and perpetrator's name on the evidence video, you'll get the TMP ID of the perpetrator
  13. @SouthenLad, you could upload the crash logs into Pastebin. Also, try to start 32-bit version of either game. If it starts up without issues, turn off force feedback while the game is running. Low end vibration feedback steering wheels are using drivers, which can cause issues with 64-bit games supporting force feedback.
  14. 1.39 na chwilę obecną nie jest wspierane przez TruckersMP. By móc zagrać w TruckersMP musisz wybrać opcję "BRAK - Anulowanie udziału we wszystkich betach".
  15. Po wyborze serwera należy wczytać profil, a następnie wcisnąć przycisk "Jazda". To powinno zainicjować tryb multi na wybranym serwerze, co jest oznajmiane poprzez wiadomość w obszarze czatu tekstowego.. Od jakiegoś dłuższego czasu nie ma oficjalnej opcji zmiany języka na stronie. Można spróbować użyć wbudowanej w przeglądarkę opcję tłumacza, jednakże trzeba wziąć pod uwagę, że tłumaczeniu nie tylko ulegają opcje na stronie. Wiele innych elementów, w tym odpowiedzi na apelacje, feedback, zgłoszenia, bądź chociażby powód bana(o ile jest aktywny) będą również przetłumaczone, co może spowod
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