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  1. I wonder if the siren plays correctly now if there are many police cars nearby. On TMP7 the siren couldn't play properly with certain amount of police cars in the player render area.
  2. I had a bit of fun modifying the cannon in BeamNG.drive by adding insane recoil to it. This was the result, when I took this modified cannon to the drag strip. 

  3. If you ever played Doom or Doom II on PC while using cheat codes, you know that IDKFA gives "Very happy ammo" according to the game's message given after entering the code. I thought about making this a bit more literal...

  4. Have you linked the DLC's with the account? You can do so here: https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings - Select "Linked Games/DLC" tab, then press "Check DLC".
  5. Did you mean: Iveco exclusive wheel? In any way, at least there won't be issues related to kick while driving Iveco Stralis with exclusive steering wheel anymore.
  6. TruckersMP requires using definition file without Special Transport DLC support, since trailers from the mentioned DLC cannot be used. Can you show us the screenshot of the mods folder?
  7. Well, that's one way to obliterate entire village in Minecraft... 

    1. xXBlazieXx


      Welp... hhahahahahahah

    2. .Pedro.
  8. Well, apart from the small tipper truck, Master Trucker Patrons have received another exclusive...


  9. If you're driving Iveco Stralis, you may get kicked if you have exclusive steering wheel installed. This is because the Patron only vehicle shares the exclusive steering wheel with Iveco Stralis, which is available to everyone, since it's in the base game. The only thing separated in this case is the interior, which had to be adapted for the vehicle itself, so mirrors will work correctly.
  10. The standard steering wheel for Iveco Stralis is available by default. The SII file for the exclusive one seems to exist in game files, however the part cannot be bought when upgrading the existing truck in any service area, nor when customizing brand new one. This might be the reason of the kick. Interestingly enough, when you check the Stralis in in-game truck catalogue, the exclusive steering wheel is used with the standard one being unselected as if it was the default. The way to fix the issue is to select the standard steering wheel with your Iveco Stralis when upgrading the truck.
  11. Spawning logs can be very helpful. In your Documents folder open ETS2MP folder, then Logs subfolder. If you remember when you played during the incident, open the corresponding log_spawning log file. For instance: the log file from 17.05.2021 is named like this: log_spawning_2021.05.17.log Once you open the file, search for '(<in-game id>)' in said file. If there are multiple matches, continue pressing F3 until the perpetrator's tag is matching with one on the evidence. On the same line you'll get what you need. One helpful tip: You can enable TMPID display on the name tag. T
  12. There's a problem with that statement. Accidents will happen regardless of vehicle type. There was server, which didn't have cars on it, however there were incidents related to truck drivers driving recklessly. Sometimes it's the other way around, where reckless truck driver crashes into the car, mostly due to road rage related issues.
  13. That's not TruckersMP, which requires the DLC - that's the save file you're trying to load. Try verifying the game content. Also, make sure that the owned DLC is installed - Try unticking, then re-ticking both Scandinavia and Viking Legends DLC's(if applicable) in DLC manager on the Steam client. This can be accessed by simply opening the game's properties while selecting the last tab on the list on the left side of the window.
  14. The game seems to crash when ALT+F4 shortcut is used. It doesn't seem to crash if the in-game option to quit is used instead. Apart of this small oversight, the update works very nicely.
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