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  1. Titanic4


    Half of the deliveries weren't done in one go. This means that you can't close the game, load older save file, or change server you play on during the delivery, otherwise the delivery won't count. You can peacefully deliver the required cargoes on Arcade server. Be sure to not overturn on the way to destination. By the looks of it, the achievement on your account was already unlocked on Apr 21, 2024 at 3:37 UTC.
  2. Can you post the game log as well? This could help narrow down the problem.
  3. Map changing content is the type of content, which modifies the map in some way or another, usually adding locations, roads and companies. As long as you don't own specific trailer pack, you may see trailers coming from the trailer pack in traffic while not being able to use them yourself, the map changing content won't be added to existing map in such case. Once the DLC is purchased on Steam, the game notices that you have the license on the DLC and will load everything from that specific DLC, including the ownable trailer content, as well as map changing content, assuming that the DLC wasn't disabled beforehand.
  4. Since the Convoy mode was introduced, all cargo, paintjob and trailer DLC content are synced between players. The only thing that isn't synced is the map changing content, regardless the source. This effectively means that you can't visit Werlte if you don't own Krone DLC, but you'll see trailers from that DLC without any issues. Once the DLC is purchased on Steam, the content will be instantly available on your side and you'll be able to visit mentioned city.
  5. The Scout car is driven by the front axle, which happens to be the steering one at the same time. Game's force feedback system is confused because of it. Alternating Vehicles are driven by the rear axle. The solution would be to make the Scout car rear wheel drive.
  6. Can you post the screenshot showing your mod folder, located in your <homedir>\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ folder? <homedir> is your homedir, which is your Documents folder by default, can be changed with -homedir launch parameter.
  7. It seems that this attempt to drive on C-D road has failed in quite spectacular fashion...

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. L-DR@GO


      That's some B-boy type of sh*t 🤣

  8. DLC Iberia jest wymagany do ProMods Europe 2.68 - w przyszłej wersji może dojść wymóg posiadania West Balkans. Nie jest możliwe użycie ProMods Europe bez wymaganych DLC - Jakbyś nawet wymusił wczytanie modyfikacji to i tak spotkałbyś się z sytuacją, gdzie gra po prostu przestaje działać z uwagi na brakujące modele. Po za tym wiele lokacji nie miałoby wystarczających detali gdyby były wykorzystane wyłącznie modele dostępne w samej grze.
  9. Wciskając przycisk na niezgodnym modzie możesz uzyskać informację o brakujących zależnościach. Do ProMods Europe 2.68 wymagane są wszystkie DLC oprócz West Balkans. Od ProMods Europe 2.69 wspomniane wcześniej DLC będzie również wymagane.
  10. There was server in the past, called Europe 3 [No Cars], in which you couldn't drive Scout car. Here's a thing: You may encounter reckless driver, who might drive either car, or truck. The mentioned, long gone server was no exception. You might have also watched YouTube compilations of in-game accidents made by Merceli88 (AKA sorsanpoika[FIN]) at some point - in these compilations you may notice few incidents caused by either the Scout car drivers, or by truck drivers, apart from the issues related to spawning on the road. Back when these compilations were made, ghost mode wasn't implemented yet. Such temporary ban for any user on car usage feature could be implemented in similar way to the already existing ban system. The server would have to check if the user's car ban flag is set before spawning the player in if the player happens to drive Scout car, or any of the Alternating Vehicles. The car ban flag would have to be ignored if the global non collision server setting is set - that would allow the user to drive the car on Arcade servers while not allowing the user to drive a car on Simulation ones, if ban flag is set.
  11. Happy birthday 🎂 - You're the only one on the forums, who has birthday on leap day.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy Birthday Chance The Pup 🎂🥳

  12. XZGqYjl.jpeg

    We'll never forget you. Happy birthday 🎂🕊

  13. The game checks the amount of trailers being in chain before issuing a kick instead of checking the trailer definition. Apart from standard maximum trailer count(3 for ETS2, 6 for ATS) there is area specific trailer count limitation of 1 in Kirkenes quarry road in ProMods. If you have all map DLC's and you have required version of ProMods installed, try driving to Kirkenes quarry with the triple trailer of yours on ProMods Arcade server. @[IMP] Rimuru Tempest
  14. I wonder how many of these kicks occurred when the double trailer was in completely different country, though...
  15. As I said before, the quality of video doesn't only depend on resolution. Bitrate has its own role in determining the quality as well. When you upload the video to YouTube, or BiliBili, the servers will re-encode video to lower resolutions as separate files, which can be selected while watching said video. 720p video at 2000 kbps bitrate won't look as good as one with 10000 kbps bitrate.
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