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  1. Speed limiter inconsistent?

    There are few places in Scandinavia, where the speed limit is lowered to 80 km/h while being on the highway as if you have entered the city. There was similar issue in the past with ATS and the part of the highway in Reno, where you had to drive awfully slow while you could technically reach 60 miles per hour. The fact that the truck goes past you at 150 km/h in 80 km/h zone, may be caused by the user coasting on the clutch/neutral gear while having cargo on the back, which adds some kinetic energy to the vehicle while being on such unusually placed zone.
  2. All my data is lost!!

    Is there any error message showing up in the game console, or in the UI?
  3. Problem z pobraniem lunchera

    Na jakim systemie operacyjnym próbujesz uruchomić launchera? Samo pobranie launchera jest możliwe na dowolnym urządzeniu, jednakże uruchomienie go wymaga, by system był 64-bitowy. Dodatkowo w przypadku Windows Vista wymagany jest dodatek SP2, w przypadku Windows 7, wymagany jest Service Pack 1, zaś w obu przypadkach wymagany jest jeszcze .NET Framework 4.0, który jest zainstalowany domyślnie w systemie od Windows 8 wzwyż.
  4. wont open

    Do you have LGS installed on your computer? If so, make sure it's up to date - from time to time you may get a new firmware for compatible devices with the program update.
  5. wont open

    ETS2's process is named "eurotrucks2.exe" - ATS' process is named "amtrucks.exe" - try using taskkill /im eurotrucks2.exe /f - if that doesn't work, restart your computer.
  6. Since we have caravan load available for Scout cars, I have a tiny question: what would happen if these caravans could be daisychained together to form the caravan road train? Of course I'm not talking about such train in form of the actual railroad train, like one, which was driven by James May in one of the Top Gear episodes... 


    1. [Solar] D4NNY

      [Solar] D4NNY

      That would be funny to do

    2. El1teZombiezHD


      Something to try for SP :P 

  7. Help with shifter (G27)

    What type of gearbox is set as the shifting scheme? Can you show the screenshot of the shifter assignments and/or shifter type?
  8. Help with shifter (G27)

    The C1 and C2 gears are crawler gears designed to give huge amounts of torque on the driven wheels. You may need to change the gearbox in your driven truck to either 12 speed one, or Allison 6 speed one. You've most likely selected 12+2 speed one.
  9. Pytanie do reportowania

    Jeśli zgłosisz gracza w ciągu tygodnia od incydentu, wówczas szanse na zbanowanie zgłaszanego gracza są całkiem duże. Jeśli jednak zgłosisz gracza po trzech tygodniach od incydentu, szanse na uzyskanie pożądanego efektu są całkiem małe, szanse są po części zależne od ilości zgłoszeń w systemie. Owa informacja na ten temat jest informacją zastrzeżoną dla personelu, a konretnie dla rangi Próbnego Moderatora Gry, bądź wyższej. Jeśli jednak zgłosisz gracza po upływie miesiąca od incydentu, istnieje dość szansa na utratę uprawnień do zgłaszania graczy z powodu faktu, że sam dowód jest wtedy prawdopodobnie starszy niż miesiąc, co jest dokładnie opisane w paragrafie 1.4 regulaminu TruckersMP. Najczęściej czas od momentu złożenia zgłoszenia do jego przetworzenia przez personel mieści się w granicy od 1 do 5 dni, chociaż rzadko się zdarza, że dane zgłoszenie jest przetworzone w ciągu godziny.
  10. I was going to report one NCZ hacker on the site, however the API doesn't seem to find the perpetrator due to GDPR regulations. I think the player has removed the account while he was online, which could explain his immunity to the web reporting system.

    1. Anriandor


      Sadly, many people are misusing the system for its intended purpose. We (=the developers) hope to fix the exploitation soon.

  11. This app can't run on your pc.

    Can you show the screenshot of the System control panel(Windows+Break)? You may lie by saying that you have 64 bit Windows while having 32 bit one.
  12. How to make the digit more clear on my Scania S?

    You can try to set the texture quality to higher setting and/or increase scaling from 100% to higher setting. In either way, you may get performance loss if your hardware is very slow, also you're able to change the position of the seat of the vehicle you're driving, you can also use the in-game zooming feature, which can be bound to either keyboard, mouse, or controller's button.
  13. rejestracja ATS'a

    Zanim będziesz mógł przypisać gry do konta TruckersMP, musisz ustawić ustawienia prywatności na Twoim koncie Steam. Powinny one być ustawione tak jak na tym screenshocie: http://imgur.com/PEjI0HR
  14. Happy Birthday Titanic :)