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  1. Hello I always see you on the road a lot ( Happy Trucking and have a Fantastic Day :D )

  2. @iBruno As far as I know, random road events are disabled in TruckersMP by default since one of the recent updates.
  3. Pytanie zasadnicze: Czy plik wtyczki telemetrii jest poprawnie zainstalowany? Wspomniany plik powinien się znajdować w folderze "plugins", który powinien się znajdować w tym samym katalogu, co główny plik wykonywalny gry. Jeśli przy uruchamianiu jest info o wykorzystaniu funkcji telemetrycznych, to wtedy co najmniej jeden plugin działa poprawnie. W konsoli deweloperskiej są wyświetlane informacje dot. błędów wczytywania się pluginów telemetrii. Zwykle kod wyjątku się pojawia w następnej linijce poniżej informacji o próbie wczytania wtyczki.
  4. Have you ever got stuck instantly after respawning in GTA: Online? 


  5. Random road events are nice in single player mode, however I have them disabled in multiplayer, since they can cause dangerous situations due to lack of sync of this gameplay element. Most beginner users won't even realize that they have random event enabled at the default setting. While random road events are fine in MP, as long as you keep yourself on middle/left lane on the highway, apart from missing assets, on small roads they can force you to temporarily drive on wrong side of the road, possibly resulting in head on collision with the user, who wasn't expecting that behavior from the nearby player. On the recent TruckersMP Autumn Championship qualification stage there was one player, who had random event present on his lane during the drag race.
  6. Czas zakończenia bana jest podany w strefie czasowej UTC. Zmień strefę czasową w ustawieniach profilu TruckersMP na UTC+2 dla czasu letniego, bądź UTC+1 dla czasu zimowego.
  7. The racing event on ATS was very nice, despite not being qualified to Quarter Finals. Apparently, the Quarter Finals track was capable of taking out players on the double jump section, where one mistake when jumping off the ramp could cause the truck to roll over. Also, I can't imagine taking part in the ETS2 racing championship with Winter Mod, along with its slippery physics - that would turn racing competition into drifting one.

    1. DylanRees


      Would've loved to take part in this. Always wanted to join in, but always miss it. 😥 If there's one on ETS2 using winter mod i'll definitely be there. Wouldn't end up going far though. Seems very fun.:)

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Titanic4 It was badly done, lots of people were clipping the drag strip myself included & we just got shrugged off when a re run should have been called & reading what you said about a jump taking people out too.....That's just unfair, it really annoyed me when people told me to accept it! Apparently i was gonna be in the top 4 but no one cared. You can't host a race event & expect people not to take it a bit seriously 

  8. Yesterday I've got quite crazy encounter near Frankfurt.  Before you start blaming the cars, or ask to remove them altogether, such encounter could also occur with perpetrator driving the truck. 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Titanic4


      Both perpetrators, who were ramming, blocking, etc. were banned for 2 weeks after a single in-game report. The Game Moderator, who had taken action on my in-game report has probably noticed that not only the reported perpetrator was intentionally ramming. 

    3. Mr. Sever Clear

      Mr. Sever Clear

      ban all this momf kids. im so tired  of all trolls.

    4. MarkON


      @Mr. Sever Clear

      I think that is the point:

      ...Our aim is to drastically reduce the amount of players that don't want to follow our rules and encourage everyone to move to a safer driving style...

      source: Road to Simulation #2

  9. The workaround is to create blank file with the name real_ops_v7.mp in the location mentioned in the error message. You may need to make the system display file extension in order to make it work. otherwise you may end up making real_ops_v7.mp.txt file instead.
  10. I hope that when the Actros Tuning Pack DLC gets supported, there will be proper fallback parts for rear and front lights in case of not owning said DLC - nothing is more frustrating than not seeing the blinking indicator on the other player's Actros with the rear lights from this DLC while not owning it on Steam account, as it happens with any tuning pack DLC released so far.

  11. Have you ever got killed by an arrow and backstabbed at the same time in Team Fortress 2?


  12. Oprócz ustawień prywatności, tickbox oznaczony jako "Nigdy nie pokazuj mojego łącznego czasu gry, nawet jeśli użytkownicy mogą widzieć moje szczegóły gry" powinien być odznaczony. Po za tym, czy Twój kolega posiada ETS2 na koncie Steam?
  13. Well, everyone, who joined before 2017 should remember the traffic jams in Europoort - so many players wanted to drive to the UK/Scandinavia(via Kingston upon Hull, after the release and added support of Scandinavia DLC) through this location... Screenshot was taken almost 3 years ago at the time of making this post, time surely flies really quickly.
  14. Prawdopodobnie ustawienia prywatności konta Steam Twojego kolegi nie pozwalają na sprawdzenie ogólnego czasu gry. Ustawienia prywatności powinny być ustawione tak jak na poniższym screenshocie:
  15. It looks like the drivers for your GPU are not installed for some reason. Have you tried to install/update them?
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