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  1. Can you show the screenshot of the launcher settings? There's high chance that the installation path contains non-English characters.
  2. The first thing you mention is the information for the end user that TruckersMP might have major bugs. This won't change anything regarding functionality. In the second case, while holding the X key, you should see the speaker icon in lower right corner. While using CB, you won't get any feedback. In case if the icon doesn't show up, or other players complain that they haven't heard anything from you on CB, check the following things: Check if the X key is assigned anywhere else than the voice chat in Convoy mode. Similar to CB radio channel change, if you assign X key to other function, you might not be able to use CB in-game. Check if the recording device is ready. Certain microphones won't report themselves into the OS when they're not turned on. Open the audio control panel by right clicking the speaker icon in taskbar, followed by pressing "Open sound settings", which should be first option from the top. While in the app, you should see the bar graph in the "input" section going up and down as you speak. Check if the CB is actually turned on. Setting default channel to 0 will effectively turn off the CB. You can change channels with , and . keys - make sure nothing else is assigned to them. You can change default CB channel by going to TruckersMP's settings, which are accessible with button in top left corner(on login screen), or in the TAB list(while in-game, you'll have to press RMB beforehand to enable cursor). In the sound tab, there's also test function you can use. After turning on the test feature, you should hear yourself through the playback device. Be aware that if you have set external speakers as CB playback device, you may get feedback if the speaker's volume setting is set too high. Check the microphone mute switch. This one depends on the headset you're using. In most cases, the mute switch is near the headset's volume control. In case of Logitech G635/G935, to mute the mic you can press either the dedicated button, or you can swing the microphone back. There's tiny LED, which lights up if the mic is muted. Check if anyone is actually near you. This is very obvious. If you're alone in a part of the map, no one will hear you, apart from Game Moderators, if they happen to have the freecam located near you. Also, if User A is on Channel 10, while User B is on Channel 11, they won't hear one another.
  3. Can you post also the game.log.txt as well? Certain plugins can display specific messages in the game console. Also, the game.log.txt will show any DXGI errors. You can use pastebin.com to post the game.log.txt file
  4. If Haulie Island has to be available only on non-ProMods Arcade server, everything is basically set. If the same location has to be also available on Simulation server as well, additional type of zone, where speed limit is disabled along with no collision between players would have to be implemented in TruckersMP. The new zone would have to cover the entire island, which happens to be in the middle of Northern Sea.
  5. Try following the steps in this Knowledge Base article in order to fix this specific issue: https://truckersmp.com/kb/764
  6. Can you post the game.log.txt as well? This would allow us to find the exact reason of the crash in order to bring accurate solution to your issue.
  7. @old111, can you see the red message below the installation path? The launcher warns you that the path contains non-English characters. Change the path to one, which doesn't contain non-English characters. One suggested path is C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP , which just so happens to be the path used by old launcher. Once you change the path, let the launcher re-download the files. After the process is finished, try launching the game.
  8. Can you post the game logs from the most recent crash? This would potentially make it easier to locate the exact reason on the game crash issues you're having.
  9. Admiring the beautiful landscape of Grossglockner while paying respect to late @SpeedyTMP, who passed away in June of 2022.

    The paintjob for the trailer can be found here:




    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Lovely Photo 😍🥰❤️:HaulieLove: RIP Speedy 896749734788730880.webp?size=96&quality=lossless

  10. After checking the new rules, it seems that the anti-afk scripts are being outlawed from now on... 

    1. GMT - Lobo do Oriente

      GMT - Lobo do Oriente

      Não notei que isso estava ocorrendo, voce ficou á mais de 10 minutos parado sem ser chutado do servidor? é isso que entendi!!

  11. In Steam client, there's button, which will shut down the game. It's located in the same location as "Play" button when game's not running. There's another way of forcibly shutting down the game. Press Windows + R, then use any of the two commands: taskkill /im eurotrucks2.exe /f for ETS2 taskkill /im amtrucks.exe /f for ATS After pressing Enter key with any of the 2 commands in the Run dialog, the specified game process is forcibly shut down.
  12. There were UI rendering issues in the update. Chat was coming in and out, scoreboard was glitching up, even the player's tags had issues displaying. The update had to be rolled back. @tcntad
  13. I wonder why the new launcher wouldn't warn the user about invalid characters on the "Play" tab as well if they are detected... 🤔

  14. There were actually quite a few things, which got removed/changed: DirectX 9 support - removed after 1.36 got released, just to be replaced with DX11. Plenty of map changes, such as: Lille road changeover, Calais changeover, Partial Germany changeover, Switzerland changeover, etc. Changeover from OpenAL to FMOD, which made sounds more realistic, with drawback of making sound mods more difficult. As a mere fact, BeamNG.Drive also uses FMOD, however instead of sound banks, the game uses OGG files. It took a good while for FMOD issues to be fixed in TruckersMP.
  15. @Hyouki, you'll need to change the installation path. The recommended one is C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP , which is actually the path used by old launcher. After changing the path, press Save. After this, select "Play" tab, then perform file verification in the launcher. This can be done by pressing the button on the left from game selection list. This process will install all the needed files in the mentioned installation directory. Once the process is finished, press "Play".
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