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  1. Titanic4

    Is there any way to reduce the power on the car?

    If you're using a steering wheel, all you have to do is to gently press the accelerator pedal to reduce the acceleration rate.
  2. Suggestion Name: Road random events disabled by default Suggestion Description: This suggestion is about road events, which are enabled by default. The idea is to make the random road events feature disabled in TruckersMP by default. There are many accidents related to random road events feature of both ETS 2 and ATS, since they are not synced on all clients right now. Some new users are not even aware that the random road event feature is set to certain value by default. As the result, there's a chance that the user will slow down due to random event being in front of them while everyone else will see that the player slows down due to non-existent obstacle. Furthermore, the player, who has the road event displayed on their screen will see anyone passing through the affected area of the road as if the event was not taking place whatsoever. Any example images: None provided Why should it be added?: It would reduce the amount of accidents related to random road events feature to absolute minimum.
  3. Titanic4

    Nie słyszę jak jakiś gracz mówi coś na czacie głosowym.

    Jak masz ustawione urządzenia odtwarzające w systemie? Wciśnij prawy przycisk na ikonie głośności w zasobniku, następnie wybierz "Dźwięki". W oknie, które się potem pokaże, wybierz kartę "Odtwarzanie". Na liście będącej we wspomnianej karcie, domyślne urządzenie dźwiękowe będzie oznaczone jako "Urządzenie domyślne", zaś jego ikona będzie oznaczona białą ikoną ptaszka w zielonym tle. Spróbuj odtworzyć dźwięk testowy na wspomnianym urządzeniu poprzez prawe wciśnięcie na urządzeniu domyślnym wybierając potem "Testuj".
  4. Titanic4

    G27 Not Recognized

    Have you checked Steam Input settings for ETS2? If you set that option to "Forced On", the steering wheel won't be recognized by the game.
  5. Titanic4

    event job do not appear

    If you don't have Italia DLC linked to your Worlds of Trucks account, you won't be able to take the cargo from any of the cities mentioned in Kien Giang's post, even if you have the latest version of the game. To link the DLC you must own it on your Steam account.
  6. Well, since the next destination is within the DLC, which I don't own, I will have to wait until 31 March to be able to deliver the event trailer from Bratislava... 

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      You are right.

    2. Mr.Fodor


      Hi! don't worry! i will make you happy forever! :) have a GIVEWAY for you. i hope you will take my free gift of ETS 2: Italia DLC. 

      i will send you private the code. 


      Enjoy your game,

      Mr. Fodor 

  7. Titanic4

    Perm Ban

    Omijanie bana poprzez tworzenie nowego konta jest zabronione według punktu §1.2 regulaminu TruckersMP. Po za tym, do takiej sytuacji by nie doszło, gdybyś nie łamał regulaminu, który zaakceptowałeś przy rejestracji, bądź przy każdorazowej jego zmianie.
  8. There are quite a few of intersections, where there's only one way to go. In such cases, it's generally safe to run the red light. There was even suggestion to turn off traffic lights on such intersections, so anyone being keen on stopping on red light despite of the fact that there's only one way to go could drive through the intersection without having to stop.
  9. Titanic4


    Sprawdzałeś ustawienia Steam Input dla Euro Truck Simulator 2 we właściwościach gry? Opcja powinna być ustawiona na "Wymuszone wył.".
  10. You can edit the comment on the report with the pencil icon. This can be done as long as the report is still open.
  11. Titanic4

    New version!

    Simply opt out of all betas in order to get the most recent version of the game. @patroklos21
  12. Titanic4

    The troll menace spreads like a plague

    Firstly, ISP based bans can cause issues with other users using the same ISP, who were never involved in the accident. Lastly, you should report the user if you have sufficient evidence. You should think about using buffered mode of the recording software to save the video with the key shortcut. Also, you should calm down a bit.
  13. Titanic4

    Gdzie poprosić o un-bana?

    Jeśli zostałeś zbanowany, najlepiej skorzystaj z systemu apelacji(https://truckersmp.com/appeals). W przypadku odrzucenia apelacji, możesz napisać na feedbacku(https://truckersmp.com/feedback). Pamiętaj o tym, że decyzja na feedbacku jest ostateczna.
  14. Titanic4

    new update

    The latest update has added additional paintjob for Chinese Paint Job Pack DLC with Year of the Pig paintjob. You can always check the update log here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/0/412447331651632209/
  15. Titanic4

    unfair ban

    You don't have any active ban on your account. Were you trying to use police accessories on your Scout car? These are reserved for staff members with in-game permission flag set on their account.