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  1. How to make the digit more clear on my Scania S?

    You can try to set the texture quality to higher setting and/or increase scaling from 100% to higher setting. In either way, you may get performance loss if your hardware is very slow, also you're able to change the position of the seat of the vehicle you're driving, you can also use the in-game zooming feature, which can be bound to either keyboard, mouse, or controller's button.
  2. Who can remove my ban. Fastly

    If you're unable to make an appeal, make the feedback on https://truckersmp.com/feedback - otherwise, use the ban appealing system(https://truckersmp.com/appeals).
  3. rejestracja ATS'a

    Zanim będziesz mógł przypisać gry do konta TruckersMP, musisz ustawić ustawienia prywatności na Twoim koncie Steam. Powinny one być ustawione tak jak na tym screenshocie: http://imgur.com/PEjI0HR
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