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  1. Logitech wheel g920

    Try the following: Start Big Picture mode, go to settings, then to Controller settings, then if you have ticked "Generic Gamepad configuration support", untick that.
  2. Logitech wheel g920

    In order to use G920 you must have LGS(Logitech Gaming Software) installed in your system as it contains drivers needed for the wheel. Do you have it installed?
  3. steering wheel help

    What are binds of "Steering left" and/or "Steering right"? Can you show the screenshot of the first page of "Keys and Buttons" section of game options?
  4. help - error while contacting update servers

    Try launching the launcher as administrator. Otherwise, check if either ETS2MP and/or ATSMP are not running at the moment.
  5. New report options

    Firstly, there's already "Car with trailer" reason on the list of possible reasons. After dropping down the "Reason" list you'll see the said reason between "Wrong way" and "Reckless driving". Lastly, spawning on the road is not bannable. Spawning on the road is mostly accidental as it happens when the last autosave, which was made on the busy road was reloaded after unexpected game crash, power outage, etc.
  6. Using the developer mode camera

    Unless you're logged in IGA, you can't simply see anything outside of the range of normal player. You will need to stay at service point/garage of the city in order to see the players within that area.
  7. New Report scoring

    @Warning Ahoday? The purpose of the report rating system is to eliminate players, who constantly submit bad reports from the reporting system, so you'll get quicker response to your report.
  8. Prompted to use advanced features of the detected SDK

    This message is expected when you're using the plugins, which are located in the "plugins" folder, which is located right next to main EXE file of ETS2/ATS.
  9. How do I get that text next to my name?

    Such thing is called "Player tag". After opening the game settings you'll see the "Tag" textbox with the color setting right next to it. After writing something into that textbox and pressing "Apply", the text you've typed into the textbox will appear right next to your in-game nick. The tag will have color you've chosen. Check the rule §3.1 before setting the tag - if you break it, the IGA may kick you while asking you to change the tag in the kick reason. If you get banned for the tag, you will be told to change the tag, followed by making the appeal in the ban reason. You will then need to provide evidence, which shows the settings window after you change the tag. You don't have to login in order to change the tag. There's cog button in upper left corner of the screen on login screen.
  10. If anyone could see my reports that would be awesome

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Due to the high load of reports (literally hundreds per day) it may take up to a week for an admin to be able to review your report. Reports are normally dealt with in a "first come, first serve" fashion, meaning that reports filed before yours will be reviewed first. We ask you to please be patient and wait. Soon enough one of our administrators will gladly take care of your case. No need to directly contact them to ask for it.

    3. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Please don't post on admins accounts asking for your reports to be viewed, There's a backlog of reports that were filed before yours. Your report will be dealt with soon. Please be patienr

    4. Lovemeplz
  11. Cb radio not working

    Have you checked the physical mute switch on the headset itself, if your headset has one? Try switching it into opposite state.
  12. Public Convoy 27.08.17

    I should be able to take part in this convoy.
  13. Ban

    Twój ban się zakończy za 50-51 minut, o godz. 20:51 czasu UTC. Po za tym, forum nie jest właściwym miejscem na wszelkiego rodzaju apelacje. Pod tym linkiem możesz złożyć apelację. Wątek został zamknięty i przeniesiony do archiwum.
  14. Ban - Lady has not expired yet

    All ban times are using UTC time zone. You have to wait 51-52 minutes for the ban to expire by itself.
  15. Not sure why i'm getting this message.

    Try restarting your Steam client.