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  1. When I was playing TruckersMP, back in March of 2016, some Russian(or Ukrainian, I don't know) player had crashed. He was probably drunk or something, since he asked me for help, while saying something about Tupolew crash near Smolensk right after that.
  2. Titanic4

    Replace DLCs truck parts with originals

    I also fully agree to have some kind of placeholder for Mighty Griffin/DAF Tuning Pack rear lights for those, who don't own such DLC's - In real life you wouldn't be able to use vehicle, which has no working rear lights since lack of these lights would cause dangerous situations during night, or during severe fog, which limits your visibility range by quite a bit. Simple set of required flares for indicators, brake lights and such, or simply using fallback to one of the already existing rear lights, designed for such truck would be sufficient.
  3. Since recent update, I've noticed that the icons, which are supposed to show the approximate location of players on the GPS are very small, while still being capable of enlarging themselves to normal size. Can someone explain what's the meaning of player GPS indicator sizes?

    1. TimeTimes


      This is a bug.

      The developers are aware of this and a fix should be out soon ;) 

    2. -VOYVODA-


      miss you mate :/

  4. Titanic4

    Rule 1.4

    There are other factors, which can determine the age, such as: differences in UI/features, chat messages, etc. Upper staff can read the chat logs in order to check if the evidence was either falsified, or simply too old.


    I know it would be better to create another server without Speed limit to do race events, but it has a cost... so why not do that on Eu 4??.. 




    1. Titanic4


      The no speed limit server setting can be applied to any server at any moment, just like any of the existing server settings, all though the server will have to be rebooted for the setting to be applied. Your suggestion wouldn't be possible without such setting flag since removing the speed limit would require making another client/server update and it could affect EU3 and Eu2 once such update gets deployed.

  6. Suggestion Name: Separate server setting for disabling speed limit Suggestion Description: So far, there's no way to disable speed limits altogether. This can be quite annoying during race events, which are usually hosted on separate server, especially on straight parts of the route, where no one can overtake each other once both players hit the speed limit. The solution: separate server setting, which will disable any speed limits altogether. Once set, the server wouldn't limit the speed anywhere on the map. Of course the setting will be "off" by default and it will be ignored if the "simulation speed limit" setting is set to "on", API will say that the no speed limit flag is set to false in such case. If both "Simulation speed limits" and "no speed limits" settings are set to false, the server will use standard speed limits of 150 km/h outside of cities, and 80 km/h inside of cities. Any example images: no images provided. Why should it be added?: It would allow creation of servers, which wouldn't have speed limits whatsoever, useful when making racing events of any kind, either official ones, or community ones.
  7. Titanic4

    randomy steering to the left and the right

    Certain steering wheels may cause the game to become confused in such a way that it bounds the X axis to both digital and analog controls. In case of cheaper steering wheels, the variable resistor, which is being used as a way to determine the X axis is dirty. You may want to clean it up with contact cleaner once you get access to it. Before you take your wheel apart, check the digital binds for any errors, related to analog axis bound to digital steering.
  8. Titanic4

    nie działa mi dl schwarzmuller

    Sprawdź, czy DLC Schwarzmuller jest w ogóle zainstalowane. Na kliencie Steam zaznacz Euro Truck Simulator 2 i w sekcji DLC poszukaj "Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack". Jeśli DLC nie jest zaznaczone, wciśnij pole znajdujące się obok stanu instalacji. Po tym klient Steam powinien rozpocząć instalację. To samo należy też wykonać dla DLC Force of Nature.
  9. Titanic4

    Logitech G27 - Problem z biegami

    Na dobry początek radzę sprawdzić kierownicę na dedykowanej stronie testowej(joy.cpl) - wybierasz na liście "G27 Racing Wheel", po czym wybierasz "właściwości". W oknie, które się potem pokaże zacznij przełączać pozycję dźwigni zmiany biegów zaczynając od pierwszego, na wstecznym kończąc. W chwili zmiany pozycji powinna się pojawić etykieta pokazująca wybrany bieg. Jeśli ten test pokaże, że wszystkie biegi(włącznie z wstecznym) działają poprawnie, sprawdź konfigurację przypisania skrzyni manualnej w grze.
  10. Titanic4

    Logitech Steering Wheel Products

    Firstly, have you checked the wheel on the dedicated test page(joy.cpl)? If the wheel's brake axis is behaving correctly, you'll need to check the pedal assignment in ETS2. All pedal axes must be set as "reversed". Check also the "Keys and Buttons" settings menu for any mistakes, such as binding analog brake/accelerator/steering to digital controls, located on first four binds from the top. Also, the game will not let you drive until you get sufficient pressure in brake system, if you have pneumatic brake simulation enabled in gameplay settings.
  11. Titanic4

    Will I get banned?

    In best case scenario you would be kicked, or teleported to service, or both. You can also get banned for blocking if you happen to pause the game without pulling over to fuel station or into emergency lane located on the far right side(or far left side if in the UK), or into closest non-collision area if someone was actually recording such incident for sufficient amount of time.
  12. Titanic4

    Website v2.4 release

    @ScaniaFan89 There were some issues with dark theme being incompatible with current version of forums. Once the issues gets fixed, the dark theme should be available again.

    From the website update topic's first post:



    • Hiding player bans from public & API.


    I guess this will only give more issues than advantages, especially when you don't know when you can safely remove evidence... 

  14. Congratulations on your promotion.