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  1. The patch, which added new tires to ATS wheel tuning pack DLC was released very recently. Having a bit of patience will pay off once the support gets added...
  2. One time while I was playing on ProMods server as I was browsing through the cargo market I've got this unexpected message on the voice chat: 


  3. It looks like the LHD Sleeper cab on classic FH16 is fixed... @Mr_Zuhair_16
  4. Istnieje możliwość użycia wariantu wspomnianej kabiny z kierownicą po prawej stronie. Jedynie wariant z kierownicą po lewej stronie powoduje zawieszenie się gry.
  5. Na chwilę obecną masz plik DEF ProMods'a z obsługą Special Transport. Do TruckersMP potrzebny jest plik DEF bez obsługi wspomnianego DLC. Przy etapie generowania pliku DEF należy odznaczyć opcję wsparcia Special Transport.
  6. The RHD variant of Sleeper cabin works fine. You can use it if you can accept the fact that the speedometer is in MPH rather than KM/H, unless you have digital speedometer somewhere on the screen, which can show the speed in either unit.
  7. I wonder what else will be added/fixed apart from 1.38 support...
  8. It's been 19 years since the World Trade Center attack in 2001. When I saw one of the towers being hit by a hijacked airplane, I couldn't believe that such attack could even happen. We should give respect to all the victims, who died on that day.

  9. Make sure that the wheel is set to 900 degrees. If you're using GHub, open the program, locate the G29 on the list of devices, then go to the "Wheel" tab, which is below the "Assignments" tab. On the first slider you'll get the operation range. On the right hand side you'll get the preview of the current position of the wheel relative to the operating range. If the issue is related to sudden steering when turning the wheel above 270 degree angle on each direction, make sure that the digital control binds are unbound.
  10. According to game rules: Basically, such scenario will occur if you have already two 1 month history bans if both aren't older than 12 months at the time the new one is being given.
  11. Every time the game updates it will create backup of all profiles, so nothing is really lost. All you have to do is to locate the backup folder, which was made on the first startup of the new version of the game. Once you do that, simply change the name of current profiles folder by adding the short prefix at the end of the folder name. After that, rename the folder you've located previously to remove any existing prefix, so it's simply called "profiles". After that, you'll have the profiles from 1.37 version of the game. Consider using -homedir parameter for TruckersMP launcher. This will allow you to separate profiles of TruckersMP from the default homedir, which is usually located in your Documents folder.
  12. Firstly, open the console. After that type in "g_flyspeed 100" then press Enter key - this will set the fly speed to default value, fixing the issue you're having.
  13. ^ If the bug with Sleeper cab was truly fixed, it would be noted in the changelog.
  14. I only run red light if the intersection has only one way to go. There's at least one such intersection in Calais and London.
  15. @DaddyPumbaaNL, can you show your controls configuration in the form of screenshot?
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