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  1. I only run the red light on the intersections, where is one legal way to go. There are quite a lot of them on the map.
  2. To teleport in singleplayer, make sure that g_developer variable is set to 1. Teleportation is done by pressing F9 on the keyboard while in freecam mode, accessible on non-numpad 0 key. If you had any trailers assigned, yet unattached at the time, they will be forcibly connected. The default controls for the freecam are as follows: Numpad 8 - forward Numpad 5 - back Numpad 4 - left Numpad 6 - right Numpad 9 - up Numpad 3 - down If you have ten-keyless keyboard, you can get yourself external USB numpad to get these keys available. It's also possible to rebind these by editing controls
  3. I'm afraid that SCS Software has to fix the bug with this specific inaccessible road.
  4. Musisz wygenerować plik definicji bez wsparcia dla Special Transport. Samego pliku SCS z definicją nie trzeba wypakowywać.
  5. I guess the "immediate area" is referring to range from 50% to 75% of the standard camera visibility range for normal player. The threshold is depending on the speed limit in the mentioned area.
  6. I thought that I have time travelled back one year at this point...
  7. What were the fixes for the Scout car given in this update?
  8. You may need to unbind digital steering controls from the steering wheel in "Buttons and functions" settings menu. ETS2 doesn't ignore digital controls while using analog axis, causing both to overlap at some point. Make sure you've bound the wheel's axis to analog steering axis beforehand.
  9. These new wheels are indeed looking nice, however they seem to clip with Scout's original rim, which can look quite unusual in certain cases. Also, they seem to cause automatic kick, since server believes that any "tire" other than 18 inch wheels for Scout car is police accessory. Larger wheels for Scout car are giving better ground clearance. With very soft suspension such difference is very noticeable in Dover's hotel, where's rather large bump right where the hotel's prefab connects to nearby road.
  10. I wonder which trailers were prohibited on this update... With such little information it's hard to tell if it's related to Heavy Cargo DLC, or Special Transport one...
  11. Happy New Year 2021! 🎆🎉 

    Let's hope that this year will be better than the old one!

    1. OmSaL


      Happy New Year! 🎉❤️ 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy New Year 🥳❤️

  12. I guess devs haven't tested it yet, @iBrachoO
  13. Increasing amount of slots could surely increase the room, however the server will have to handle more players driving on the server at once, which can introduce lags, random disconnects, desync issues, etc.
  14. Titanic4


    Z tego co widzę brakuje pliku definicji. Wspomniany plik jest wymagany by ProMods mógł zadziałać. Musisz ten plik wygenerować na promods.net
  15. Titanic4


    @Mafijny345, kolejność paczek ProMods ma znaczenie, po za tym plik definicji jest też wymagany. Zrób screenshot zarówno menedżera modów, jak i folderu z modyfikacjami. Wtedy będzie wiadomo, czy czegoś nie brakuje, lub czy kolejność jest prawidłowa.
  16. Simulation 1 seems to be affected by this - try playing on different server.
  17. Sometimes you have to partially blame the physics engine - for some reason the grip is amplified for a brief moment when slamming on the brake while turning in either direction. That physics engine quirk combined with Frosty Physics, where there's no longitudinal grip coefficient with lateral one set way too low below 0 is quite explosive. That didn't happen on 1.34, since physics engine back then was behaving a bit differently.
  18. This could be fixed by properly adjusting slip factors in physics.sii file. It's still somewhat possible to get realistic winter physics without having to use excessively negative lateral slip values, which could potentially change the surface into some kind of vehicle railgun under certain circumstances while making vehicle spin like a frisbee, or even worse, launch you into outer orbit. I've been able to launch my vehicle from Calais while landing in Dover bay on Arcade server.
  19. The snow seems to be extremely grippy for some reason...

  20. I guess this player has got what he deserved after that reckless move...

    1. chipmunk197


      i see that alot especially from people with doubles 

  21. That timing on the permanent ban, though...

  22. Well, I've made a time trial on Silverstone Circuit on Xmas server. I've got 3:04.8 lap time.

  23. Is anyone having connection issues on Simulation 1 server?

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    2. Titanic4


      As a mere fact, I didn't had any issues like that on Arcade server, though.

    3. Sky_1


      Maybe you are having connection issues to only Simulation 1 Server and not any others?

    4. mcglynn14


      my ping is higher my ping is normally 30ms to 28 and a bit higher but its up to 80ms my ping seems to always go high when there is event servers on sim 1 must be having issues 

  24. What could this Silverstone map modification be? First thing, which comes to my mind is the Silverstone Circuit...
  25. TruckersMP was made with 64-bit Windows in mind. To bootcamp Windows on the Mac, you'll need to have Intel CPU in the machine. All though Apple's M1 chip is extremely powerful, its instruction set, as well as the architecture is way different than one used on most, if not all Intel and AMD CPU's out there.
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