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  1. Merry Christmas for all my UK/US friends, and Merry Christmas for everybody else for yesterday, sorry it's late :D


    Hope everyone has a great time, best wishes

  2. Out with the Cat, in with the Julien. Now my life is complete.

  3. Thank you for the follow, my friend :) 

    1. "Olymp-Trans" (Fedor)

      "Olymp-Trans" (Fedor)

      It’s no trouble whatever!1-16214-64Well... thank you.

  4. I think it's more about synchronizing updates to both ATS and ETS. Why do the work twice over? They probably spent the last month grinding the update for 1.36, got ATS ready, waited until ETS patches aswell, kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Honestly a good 50% of the people on this forum are so unbelievably entitled it's flabbergasting. Give the admins the credit they so rightfully deserve, stop spitting the dummy when you don't get your way.
  5. I know Promods has it's own share of caves to explore, but this would be something else 😛 




  6. I would say with 99% certainty it is a fault with Promods. I imagine a good deal of mapping in Promods was largely completed before HCT trailers became available by SCS, resulting in a few locations such as this one you've found above that could have perhaps been overlooked. I have never had an issue on the vanilla map with any delivery points, only in Promods, and usually it's only been when I've had doubles/HCT trailers.
  7. Rainy day at work means more ETS for me :D 

  8. Think I might do a spot of Trucking, you can catch me somewhere on the road between Iceland and UK :) 

  9. Whose got a job available working indoors? Too cold for me this time of year outside 😂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Handanovic


      Winter is coming :D 

    3. Reaper


      That it is @Handanovic! I can already feel it in my toes (or rather I can't, whichever way you'd like to look at it 😛 )

    4. Handanovic


      ice queen :D 


  10. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 2. Probably another Galaxy Note 2 in better condition
  11. I'm using a fairly old spec'd system, but she still holds up most of the time... mostly Mobo: GA-H81M-S2H (a small one) CPU: i5 4460 @ 3.2GHz GPU: ASUS GTX 960 Strix 2gb PSU: Corsair 600M Cooling: Corsair H80i Water Cooler Storage: 2 HDD, 1TB + 500GB + A heap of peripherals
  12. Works done for the week, thank god. Bank holiday weekend! Looks like a date with me, promods and ETS. Not bad if I do say so myself. Streaming on steam if anyone wants in. No commentary because I'm shy ;)


  13. Working on a weekend should be a crime :lol:

    1. TrademarkGamer


      That depends if you like your job or not. 

    2. Reaper


      Oh I enjoy it, just looked forward to today and tomorrow for a rest, unfortunately that's not the case now :P 

    3. TrademarkGamer
  14. Thank you for following me! :) :3

  15. Thanks for the follow my friend :) 

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