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  1. Thanks for the 20 followers guys, feel special lol :P 

  2. Thanks for following mate :) 

    1. AdaBey


      No problem mate. ^^

  3. Thanks for following mate :) 

    1. Forz.


      u are welcome m8 :P 

  4. Which rank?

    "Member" I have been staff before in communities/clans, and even owner at some point and it was nothing but stress for quite some time. I don't envy the staff in this community at all, but totally respect what they do, I wouldn't want to do it myself however.
  5. Thanks for following ^_^ 

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      Du bist herzlich willkommen. ^_^

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      You are welcome! :)

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      my pleasure bro

  10. If I can't play one sim, I'll try getting into another then :P 


    Never been on a plane in real life, always wanted to experience going through the clouds and then seeing the sun, this will do for now :P



    1. OBrasileiro


      Nice Photo mate :D

    2. MrBrandman


      It always a great sight breaking through the clouds irl, I love it. Its one of my favorite parts of the flight


  11. What 'Theme' do you think is better?

    Had both website and forum on dark since I first learned it was a thing, because my eyes aren't the best and the black/grey/green is really easy on my eyes. And the fact that the black/green combo happens to be one of my favorite colour scheme
  12. RIP G27 :(

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    2. Reaper


      The pedals have gone (I believe) as I discovered on saturday, made for a very upsetting weekend xD 

      Contemplating whether to attempt some DIY or just save up for another set...


      If anyone knows of any seperate pedals I could use for the G27 I'm all ears :P 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I wouldn't know as I use keyboard :P Hope you get it sorted so you can drive again :)

    4. Reaper


      I used to use mouse with 400 dpi back in the day (hello carpel tunnel!)

      Cheers buddy, I hope its a relatively cheap thing to fix but, slowly losing confidence :P 

  13. It's been out a few years now but, still a cracking cover if you ask me :P 


  14. Thanks for the follow mate :D 

    1. Saeed Kamali

      Saeed Kamali

      Thanks for your visit :)

  15. No sleep for me tonight then!

    Good morning/Good night to all you truckers out there, stay safe :P 

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    2. Reaper


      Morning buddy :) Sorry for the late reply, was on ETS :P 

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      Good morning @The_Falcon ;)