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  1. @MattTM Yep, that particular one cost me £60, and about £4 to ship it to me. His name is Bryan Davidson, you can find him on facebook (he has an image of one of these boxes), but I did it through email as I don't have facebook, which I'm just seeking his permission before I give you that, just incase Edit, gave me permission to give you his email if you prefer, check your PM
  2. @MattTM To keep a long story short, I watch a streamer from UK who also has one of these, I asked where he got his, he told me they're custom made by a guy, I got the contact info and had him make me one aswell My christmas present to myself, but it only arrived yesterday. Loving it so far
  3. Multiplayer with friends or alone?

    I play exclusively with my friends, or else I play singleplayer with mods
  4. Happy New Years folks. All the best for 2018. Sorry I'm late, last night was a rather busy one :P 

  5. Merry Christmas folks, all the best :D 

  6. Plugging in the wheel, going to continue my trip from Estonia to Iceland, going to be a long one :P 

    1. Asyedan


      I dont think it's that long, it would be around 1500 km of driving. There is a looooooooot of ferry though.


      When i had Promods i only went to Iceland twice. First time i tried to reach Akureyri and got stuck in the snowy roads. The second time i did a delivery to Reykjavik. 900 km of goddamn curvy roads, i didnt want to do it again xD.


      The longest trip i did in ETS2, with Promods, was from Murmansk (Russia) to Timisoara (Romania). Around 3300 km of driving, it took me like 3-4 real time hours to do it, even without the speed limiter.

    2. Reaper


      I spent a fair bit of time in Iceland, I got stuck I think most likely in the same place as you, going up a rather tall peak, and right at the crest I just came to a stop, took a while to get myself unstuck there. I've always got speed limiter enabled, but I don't mind cruising at 55mph/90kmh, it can take a while though, especially with the traffic in some places.


      I can't often do really long trips like that in one sitting, I have to save and have a break and a coffee now and again, really enjoying the roads in promods though I must say.

  7. Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    @RickyWong Me and a friend were discussing almost exactly that on teamspeak yesterday. We speculated that if it did come to multiplayer, there'd have to be people driving the escort vehicles, which doesn't sound like a bad idea to me, would actually give me a reason to drive my scout car for once (no really, I've driven it once when it came out, never again xD). Perhaps it should only be allowed on non-collision servers? I know it sounds kind of crap that way but to me it sounds like the simplest way of pleasing the people that want to use it on mp, whilst having the least amount of problems for the staff, again suggesting that it's even possible to have it on MP.
  8. Hope everyone has a cracking day today :) 


    I think a bash of Promods is in order, finish exploring Iceland and then come back down south for a while. 

  9. Winter is coming...

    Every year so far they've done this, and every year we go through this exact same process, the thread comes up and everyone starts raging about the snow mod, when it's gunna come etc Past experience tells me, between the 2nd and 3rd week of december, is when it will be here, if memory serves me well this is usually when it came out the past 2 or 3 years now I'm not sure if anything is different this year, however in the past years there were no physics changes, just snow covering everything, and snowflakes replacing the rain, which I thought was really cool actually. (come January you'll see alot of threads complaining about it still snowing, even though they've turned the snow mod off, be prepared )
  10. Morning folks, hope you're all doing well :) 

  11. Thank god another week over and done with, shattered.


    Time to get one with some contracts I think :P 

  12. Thanks for all the community rep folks, closing in on 100 :o


    Last time I checked it was at like 40 something :unsure:

  13. Happy Birthday  

    1. Reaper


      Thank you very much :)

  14. Incase someone doesn't have it already, Killing Floor is free on Humble bundle. (sorry if it's been mentioned already)