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  1. Thank you for the follow :) 

  2. I understand my friend don't worry (sorry if I sound like I'm attacking you, I'm not I assure you), I just feel differently about it is all. Perhaps it's something for you to make a suggestion about, a more consolidated way of informing the community, I can see your point having to dig through various facebook/twitter/discord/forum posts to find what you're looking for, but me personally am okay with how things are for now. *sorry for anyone else getting a bit off-topic here.
  3. Ofcourse it's being worked on, why would you ever question that? The literal future of TMP depends on updates being addressed and released. There has been countless updates since TMP's inception, and I think perhaps one of them they skipped over, as a subsequent update was right around the corner, it would've been wasted effort. What in your experience in this community has ever given you the notion that the admins/staff/developers are NOT working on an update? From what I've read in the news and posts there's been countless "assurances" the update is being worked on (as it has always been this way for the last 5 years). These people are only human, give them some breathing space and have some patience. I promise you eventually in the coming weeks/months you'll be able to play on 1.37.
  4. And what do you think will happen on the forum if they for some reason missed a "deadline"? You people would be up in arms torches and pitchforks at the ready crying you've been wronged and how bad the staff are etc etc Years now I've seen updates come and the community responds in the exact same way everytime, this idea of self entitlement, complaints through the roof over one small mistake or broken feature (becuase they were pressured to work faster) sometimes I've seen people outright attack/insult staff of TMP because they didn't push updates ASAP. This community is one of the most bipolar I've ever seen, no offence intended to anyone. It's so large you cannot possibly facilitate everybody's wishes, as a consequence you disappoint one or the other, no matter what. I believe back in the 90s early 2000s ID software made a similar PR mistake, ever since then their answer to the question "When is it ready" is simply "When it's done"
  5. Thank you for following me mate :) 

    1. OmSaL.


      You're welcome, thank you too. :) 

  6. R.I.P to my mods

    Hello there openable windows

  7. Thank you for following me :) (Sorry I didn't say it sooner)

  8. It depends for me, usually someone has already beaten me to the "greeting" so I just reply in whichever way they said hello to me
  9. Cheers for the follow buddy! B)

  10. Thanks for following me, Fyodor :) 

  11. Merry Christmas for all my UK/US friends, and Merry Christmas for everybody else for yesterday, sorry it's late :D


    Hope everyone has a great time, best wishes

  12. Out with the Cat, in with the Julien. Now my life is complete.

  13. I think it's more about synchronizing updates to both ATS and ETS. Why do the work twice over? They probably spent the last month grinding the update for 1.36, got ATS ready, waited until ETS patches aswell, kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Honestly a good 50% of the people on this forum are so unbelievably entitled it's flabbergasting. Give the admins the credit they so rightfully deserve, stop spitting the dummy when you don't get your way.
  14. I know Promods has it's own share of caves to explore, but this would be something else 😛 




  15. I would say with 99% certainty it is a fault with Promods. I imagine a good deal of mapping in Promods was largely completed before HCT trailers became available by SCS, resulting in a few locations such as this one you've found above that could have perhaps been overlooked. I have never had an issue on the vanilla map with any delivery points, only in Promods, and usually it's only been when I've had doubles/HCT trailers.
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