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  1. siento que falta mas comunicación con los españoles y latinoamericanos siento que no hay moderaciones en español y tambien conocer las reglas español para los mas nuevos, siento que tambien somos un gran parte de la comunidad de truckmp
  2. The idea seems stupid to me, more variety of vehicles but also buses
  3. The XF 105 is a great truck and it has a great sound in itself
  4. It is better according to me to be alone driving alone since one has no limitations, but with a VTC one feels more accompanied I suppose.
  5. The best thing about the Genoa operation was that one could support the advancement and progress of a very important area in Italy, in addition to winning and obtaining a very good painting according to me.
  6. Cheers for the follow buddy! B)

  7. The current limit should be increased instead of eliminating it since some who drive a skoda will not be able to control it and will inevitably end up hitting either a wall or other players and that will cause chaos; or create a system that is for merit or some other reason in which a good player can have a higher limiter or rightly not have it because of his good behavior.
  8. all Scania models and to a lesser extent Volvo
  9. Any route that is within the dlc scandinavia
  10. Personally, I have nothing against speed limitations, but on long trips it feels or would be better to have the option of increasing this limit to a greater one; although in truth it should continue to be as before when it was without a limiter or with a higher speed, it was quite a chaos especially in the CD since there were players who believed that ETS2 was a kind of NFS with trucks and large loads and with it it meant that there were accidents every minute and other associates.
  11. Hello! You must first identify if the speedometer you see is correct, since there are two if you see the game's help system: "small map on the right side of your screen" within that window, there are 2 speedometers, the one that appears in a White circle "on the map" is the maximum speed that is set for that particular road. While there is another speedometer in that same window on the upper left side, it is the one that indicates the real speed of the truck and therefore marks the speed at which you are driving. Now also the feeling of speed depends on the loads and the truck y
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