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  1. Happy birthday bro  🥳


  2. Happy Birthday! 🎉🥳

  3. The game itself is called "EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2" and not "EURO AUTO SIMULATOR 2" so with this one we just have to give it more love and update to improve it; Furthermore, we must remember that the mere fact of designing, generating and finishing a vehicle from scratch is complex; and add the fact that 1.38 and more are coming; developers don't have a lot of time to think about more small vehicles. Now if we see it from another point, of course it would be great to have another car in addition to the skoda, but the topic would be the use and what it would be used for, perhaps it can be a
  4. The update was necessary, the last time they changed their appearance happened a long time ago; In addition, if you see them in detail, as they have been heard there, they emphasize the identity of each company, its dealer; besides that now they will look much better each one. Although this is the beta anyway, it is the normal 1.38 that will define what things in the beta stay and what things do not.
  5. The C-D is one of those routes in which you don't know what will happen around the corner in any part of it; from the moment you enter you must pay attention to under the rocks since you do not know how the other drivers will react and if you add the fact that currently not all horns work as they should you do not know if there is danger or something like that they cannot warn you of it. In addition to that it is a very congested route at almost any time of the day, since someone always passes by, either doing a perfect simulation csi or giving a kind of "demo of the LeMans with trucks" s
  6. Honestly if you ask me what I would like in 1.38, it is to see an important ReWork from all over the United Kingdom since if you compare it with Germany for example, that part of the map stayed behind between 1.1 and 1.10; it needs to add and improve its appearance a bit. And in another area would be the issue of wanting to add more accessories or paint jobs for trucks, since the existing ones become very repetitive in a way.
  7. My mercedes for somewhat special and heavy loads...


  8. Well, the central theme is that it is not the vehicle that is to blame, but who is behind its command; In addition to that if you see a player who is breaking TMP laws, do not hesitate to report him on the website so that he can take the necessary actions against the reckless player. and as a recommendation it is good to have on hand the quick save and the fast load if one needs to use it, now with wot it only remains to get away from busy areas.
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  10. Happy Birthday Bro ❤️ 

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      Great photo:wow:

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      Since when were these tires so thin? 

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