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Found 11 results

  1. We are back! https://map.truckersmp.com/ After some time in development are back with a new sidebar design and settings that save! We have lots of stuff planned for the future so stay tuned for updates in this thread. Any bugs or suggestions will be gladly accepted here! Thanks Krashnz & Kat_pw
  2. Suggestion Name: VTC player search box on ETS2Map Suggestion Description: I'd like to see a new Search box on ETS2Map website:https://ets2map.com/. After entering the name or id of a given VTC, we can see list the players available on the map.* *Of course, if a company has hidden members (option Display Members), it will not be possible to search for people from a given VTC in this search box. Any example images: Why should it be added?: In my opinion the ETS2Map map is very popular. Thanks to this option, all people using
  3. Heyo! Suggestion Description: Option to hide our names on ETS2 map, other Players would cannot follow us on the MAP. Of course, except Staff members. Any example images: (Example image copied and modified from ..truckersmp.com/profile/settings) + Example image: Why should it be added?: I think it is a popular problem that We cannot hide our in-game name (account) on the ETS2 MAP when We are Online from other Players. I think We need more privacy. Sometimes We just want to drive alone, We don't need people behi
  4. Suggestion Name: GPS Addon for ETS2Map Suggestion Description: I think it will be of great help to the players that the online map has the GPS feature to draw routes. With this feature, in addition to monitoring traffic in real time, the player can have its route in easy view. Why should it be added? For me it will be a great help, and I think it will help all the players that, like me, use the open map on a second screen and prefer to be guided by it, instead of the in-game map Regards, Maninho Staruck
  5. Hi everyone. Anyone know how to update/refresh username on ETS2Map? I've already change my username on TruckersMP, and someone told me to re-login on truckersmp.com and also forum.truckersmp.com. But still didn't work, ETS2Map still used my old username. Please, Anyone can help me?
  6. Co tu dużo mówić: http://ets2map.com/
  7. Od jakiegoś czasu nie działa mapa ets2mp ( link : http://ets2map.com/ ) na jednym i drugim komputerze, czy tylko ja tak mam? ; Chodzi mi o to, że nie pokazuje mi się żadnen gracz nawet gdy serwery są pełne i czasami nie wyświetlają mi sie drogi Paryża ( na mapie ets2mp : Map Still Under Constrution from France DLC
  8. http://ets2map.com/ nie widzę graczy, Po konserwacji , obecnie
  9. Hi all! I'm always using this system -> http://ets2map.com, but today I do not see any truck.
  10. --Disregard, please. Topic already worked on -- Sorry if I placed the post in the wrong forums, I'm not sure if it fits in here! Is there a known problem with the ets2map.com? Normally I use it with the "follow" option as a moving map, but it shows me just "the nice offline picture" When I take a look to the general map, I only see "fixed black ants", that means, no one is moving... Seems to be a logging problem?
  11. На данный момент (данная система не работает по всей карте) я смогу показать свой грузовик, и другие грузовики вокруг вас, у которых включен файл программы Python. Эта программа выслает мне копию данных, которые вы получаете для меня, чтобы сделать некоторые "магические" вещи, а затем отображают вас на карте почти мгновенно. Если вы проверяете код, который вы увидите движущейся трафик в EU1, этот код тут же отправляется на сервер обработки для отображения на сайте ets2map.com. Ссылка с инструкцией : http://ets2map.com/radar *** ЗАПУСКАТЬ ОТ ИМЕНИ АДМИНИСТРАТОРА *** После то
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