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  1. Hello @[MCG] HamaLeon, I was going to make this suggestion a while ago, but then found out that the Europe/Athens timezone is identical to Europe/Kyiv. In my opinion, there's really no reason to add another timezone that's identical to an existing one. Also considering the fact that using Europe/Moscow isn't really convenient in our case - it's always on GMT+3, and doesn't move back 1 hour in the winter. Hope this clears up any confusion. Truly yours, djoh
  2. It was great sneaking up behind you XD. Didn't even know i was there until i got passed by the impatient's.

    1. djoh


      o i didn't even know you were behind me 🤣 just saw you in chat and that was why i said hi

    2. Somehow Lucky

      Somehow Lucky

      @djoh I've clipped the entire thing. From before i found you to us saying hello.


  3. What do you exactly mean by this? You can still submit "positive" reports and gain the report score back:
  4. Hello @DyZ1o~Minas, Welcome to the TruckersMP Forum. As for your problem, the "," and "." key combinations you are using are used to change CB radio channels. Unfortunately you cannot change/unassign these, so you will have to select a different pair of keys to use for rear axle adjustment. Hope this helps. Truly yours, djoh
  5. Hello @Somehow Lucky, As mentioned by one of the users above, the F2 mirror view is the same as the truck mirror view. So you can change it using the F4 menu. Hope this helps. Truly yours, djoh
  6. This is a nice suggestion, but as mentioned above, it will be almost useless in places with a lot of players. Also, I think it would make the nametags look too cluttered.
  7. On Discord's API side, showing the discriminator as 0 is intentional (since there is no other non-breaking way to do it). It's application's choice to whether show it or not.
  8. Thanks for the follow Nub

  9. I blame TimeTimes for being TimeTimes
  10. Suggestion Name: Website: don't show "#0" if user has new usernames Suggestion Description: Do not show "#0" on profiles that have pomelo (new usernames) on Discord (aka their discriminator is 0). Any example images: -> Why should it be added changed?: It looks better and less confusing in my opinion.
  11. I do not agree with this suggestion. First of all, it takes away the ability of players to express some information ("lag - keep distance", driving speed etc.). Secondly, if you're in a VTC, you might want to show your position or just mention that you're a staff member, which you won't be able to do. The last thing I can think of is using the tag for Convoy Control members at events - most CC groups are not a VTC, so it won't be possible to use them as a tag.
  12. Suggestion Name: Search: return exact match on top Suggestion Description: When searching for players, return the exact match first. Any example images: N/A Why it should be added: If you're trying to find a player with a short username, and that part of the username is also in other people's usernames, it can sometimes be difficult to find the user you're looking for. This change would make it easier to find users with not so unique usernames.
  13. In-game announcements are actively used on Event servers.
  14. djoh


    The /fix command is already available for cars if you haul a caravan trailer. It's 600 seconds (10 minutes) actually.
  15. Happy birthday :HaulieLove:

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