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  1. Good modification, people finally don't have to worry about being banned because of improper modification!
  2. To be honest, after the first two simulation updates, there were a lot fewer people who violated the rules. I used to report as many as five on the website every day, but in the past two months, I have not made a report. This is very large. With regard to the modification rules, if the system detects a player's violations, he will automatically kick him offline, but I think this is difficult and there are too many types of modifications!
  3. I think it is necessary to do this. At present, the recruitment affairs in my VTC have been transferred to the VTC system to complete. He is really easy to use!
  4. Merry Christmas to all players!
  5. Mod will update automatically, no need to download again!
  6. Good luck to the TruckersMP team in the future!
  7. 生日快乐:D

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