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  1. China-leitinG

    TruckersMP meets Instagram

    Very good, but when will TMP have the official account of Sina Weibo? Many Chinese players can't browse Fecebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube and Instagram!
  2. China-leitinG

    New VTC system is out

    @KapIf I set my custom position in VTC to the position of TMP team, would I be considered as impersonating?
  3. China-leitinG

    Road to Simulation

    If you understand the meaning of "S" in ETS2, you will know why TMP does this!
  4. Very Good,RK VTC ,At the same time, we applaud the update of the simulated road!:D


  5. Good morning!TruckersMP,After I played the new server, I thought 110 km/h would be very slow, but the actual speed was enough!:D

  6. China-leitinG

    Road to Simulation

    If only the speed limiter is opened in the designated area, such as in the vicinity of more than 25 + players to open the speed limiter, in the C-D road forced to open the speed limiter, may be much better than now, but this lost the meaning of simulation!
  7. China-leitinG

    How do you see TMP updates to servers and rules?

    ETS2 is a simulation game.The speed limit is 110 km/h, which is to increase the simulation, but also to reduce accidents! happy Trucking!
  8. Great update!:wub:

  9. China-leitinG

    Road to Simulation

    I agree with this approach, but it would be better if we improved it to make each server play differently, such as displaying the correct game name on one of the Arcade servers and driving at 150 speed on one of the Simulation servers, which would make Truckers MP do better! happy Truck!
  10. China-leitinG

    Best truck (specs) for heavy cargo

    I think is SCANIA S730 8x4,His eight tires can meet heavy haul transportation!
  11. China-leitinG

    Adding a feature to the report system

    I fully support the idea that in places with 100 or more people, someone bumps into me, I will find it difficult to find the person who bumps into me, click on the name like a game moderator, I think it's a good way!
  12. Welcome back!:wub:

    1. Sentinel_


      thanks :) 


  13. Good night !TruckersMP !800?w5=1138&h5=640&rf=viewer_421

  14. China-leitinG


  15. It's normal, but if you're hit by a malicious attack, you can report it! Look here: https://www.truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/8