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  1. Congratulations on becoming a game moderator. Start your next step!:D

  2. Some mods can be done, but TruckersMP will not add these, perhaps SCS will do so!
  3. This answer is negative. Not everyone has all the maps. DLC, Promods does not support external tasks. Most of the players who like external tasks will still be on the original map, and some of them may go to the Promods map! I won't see them on Promods servers, at least when Worldoft rucks is active!
  4. I think speed limit 110 is great. The original speed limit of 150 is a little too high! After all, real trucks can't reach this speed!
  5. 不错的方案,希望这些钱能购买更多的服务器,特别是创造一个亚服,以解决亚洲玩家的延迟问题!
  6. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project!
  7. Renault -MAN-T:troll:


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