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  1. Currently i only know HTML CSS Currently Learning JavaScript Discord.js
  2. i personally dont mind high beams although when its in the middle of the day then it can get annoying after a while, it completely blinds you which can cause multiple accidents and possibly get you punished, although the reason for the high beams on at night is simply because some people do not have that powerful of a pc meaning low settings cause the brightness to decrease.
  3. This would be very useful, especially going down C-D road and similar popular areas, although theo ne thing i would say is that the /fix command should fix the trailer, ONCE your trailer is empty.
  4. updates looks sick my guys, maybe the devs can make a more appealing and intriguing index?
  5. removing the speed limiter would just make things more chaotic and harder to deal with, seeing people flying through small city streets looks funny and all until you get rammed into by someone speeding through a 30 - 40km/h zone... maybe on a realistic server once that comes out if it does, then it would make sense, but on servers like EU1, 2 it just wouldnt work, taking the server traffic into account.
  6. Zinx001

    Ford F-Max

    if i am honest, if this was to be added it would look way out of line compared to the other trucks, for me is seems too bulky and slick, more like a transformer than an actual truck... although i bet it would be fun to drift with some neat modifications
  7. VTC is a good way to help out the community and help grow, for example, all the virtual radios we know have, all the virtual companies we have that dedicate their time as a whole to the community, helping donate and keeping the servers up, without these companies TruckersMP wouldnt be where it is today, so having VTC's, and integrating VTC's to the community would bring many features and opportunities.
  8. the Mack trucks would be pretty sick to drive once it is added, if it does.
  9. Zinx001

    New lightbar

    you mean beacons? beacons are a good fit to trucks imo, goes well with the design, and sticks out a lot, especially while on.
  10. would love to join you all, but ya know, download link doesn't work. At least its out though
  11. Zinx001

    Dirt roads?

    Would love to see these dirt roads more often, probably the best roads to drive on imo, gives you a challenge and its bumpy!
  12. Nice job, some of these options i didn't actually know what they are used for etc :)
  13. personally i think we should switch cars with vans, more logical as most of these escort vehicles are vans with quite a few tools inside for multiple occasions, although the police are generally used as pilot cars for traffic control, in the UK anyway.
  14. Hey again, Sorry for not explaining that proparly, what i mean by your trailer weight was that, the heavier your trailer is, then the more horse power that is required to pull that trailer.
  15. Hey @trixicat, If you are carrying a trailer then that may be the cause depending on your trucks specs and depending on how heavy your cargo is.
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