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  1. yea when will the new truck be compatible with mp?
  2. Does anyone happen to know if the Goodyear tyres pack dlc works for multiplayer yet
  3. Can anyone help me with my question from a few days ago please
  4. Are the new paint job dlcs supported on mp yet
  5. yes thanks for the amazing timing for the update yall rock great work
  6. Thats correct they havent gotten the bugs worked out for it yet just wait patiently till volvo is supported and you should be able to play mp like normal again unless you dont wanna wait then you will need to downgrade your game version in order to play mp again for ATS
  7. yea like paige stated they wont give us any details. And we wont know about it unless they tell us about it or just let us know when its released after they patch it into Multiplayer.
  8. I have noticed since the skoda cars were released that they act more like brick walls or tanks compared to the semi trucks in game and thats not realistic at all because in real life if your semi hit a car that car would be demolished so how does it make any realistic since in game skodas cause trucks to stop dead in their tracks or even go flying then the car just pulls away like it never occured i think the physics for that needs to be fixed because that just makes no sense game or real life.
  9. Yes mp is working for me now thanks everyone for your help
  10. Can anyone please help me here I have no idea how to fix it
  11. ok ever since i woke up this morning ive been trying to play mp for both games and it keeps giving me this stupid Files/TruckersMP Launcher/Launcher.exe error in my steam i click ok it sends me straight to singleplayer and i dont have any bans on my record nor have i been banned whats going on can someone please help me fixc this i wanna get back to trucking with my friends also its the trying to launch with optional parameters error so if that helps please help me
  12. ok thank you and i was mainly concerned because even though there isnt a us server for ATS anymore which is kinda weird seeming how their are americans who play an american trucking game and can only select european servers to play on makes it a bit hard to choose something closer to us and for ETS2 i usually am fine with the us or eu2 servers but idk whats been happening i get kicked from any server even though it says my ping is like 130 something but max is 600 ms and i get kicked for having a ping thats like 400 and some change less then the max limit so im confused because the game is lyi
  13. can anyone please help?
  14. ok so idk how long its been this way but i have been able to play ets2 server eu 2 with no problems ever since i started playing it when i first came out and now i cant even stay logged in long enough to hit drive bc for whatever reason it says my ping is too high when i know its not bc nothing on my end has changed since day one and now i cant even play with my friends on the server bc for some unkown complication mp says nope not today buddy and its been this way for at least a few weeks now can someone please explain to me why that is i live in the us and ive never seen my ping in game get
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