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  1. I'd love to see a few more events on the main servers, for example if a couple of TMP staff members decided they wanted to do something similar to a "Real Operation" on the main server, they would be able to. I think this would add a level of fun and interest that we've never really seen outside of Real Operation events before. I'd also like to see a few more map changes in busy areas, some of the ones we've already seen have been great, but I think there's still a few more things that could be done, both on the C-D road as well as maybe even at the Kirkenes Quarry.
  2. Oh boy... I had to go a long way back to find this. It was, in fairness a nice truck. Just a shame about the game quality
  3. Looks interesting... Good luck everyone!
  4. I would say that the ability to walk around your truck is certainly something that's been requested by a lot of people within the ETS2 community, whilst it may not add a whole lot to something like TruckersMP, for example. I do think that this would really help improve the realism of the game, getting out of your truck to hook up trailers, and check damage etc. However, the game wasn't built for this and so I think even if SCS wanted to, it could potentially be harder for them to implement, than in other games for example. Right now, the closest thing we have to a walk around view is in the dealership or mechanics, when adding customization there is an option to "walk" around the truck. This also interestingly has some assignable controls which could hint at something that may potentially come in the future. If there ever is a "ETS3, or an ATS2", I sure hope that they'd think to include this in the game, as I do think that it could add levels of realism not seen before in this kind of game.
  5. A Virtual Trucking Company is essentially a community, there is not a whole lot of functionality built into TMP itself with regards to a VTC. However, there is a fair amount of things you can do with it, on and off TMP. This includes: > Customizing the VTC Page on TMP, and attracting drivers. > Working up through the Verification system > Attending events in game with your VTC If you're talking more broadly some VTC owners chose to have optional extras via Third Party platforms, these include: > Discord guild communities > 3rd party websites/Drivers Hubs > Job tracking software > And a whole lot more Most of all, a VTC is somewhere that you call home within the broader community. Of course it's not required, but many people love to feel part of a community. It's true that in game, there is little functionality to a VTC, but at the end of the day it's still possible to make realistic experiences within your VTC, albeit not for everyone. There is definitely some 3rd party applications available to improve your overall experience. If your VTC is designed just for you and your friends, there's not going to be a whole lot you can get out of it with regards to TMP and ETS2/ATS. However, if you intend to grow members wise and meet new people it's a fantastic way to do so. In conclusion, I would say that VTC's can be an great thing, and can really serve as an excellent way to create experiences with others. However, it's definitely not for everyone.
  6. This is an odd one, I really like the way ETS2 has changed over time, but I'd love to see TruckersMP 5 years ago, just for a day. To compare it to now and really appreciate the changes that have taken place over the last 5 years or so. Both by SCS and TMP with regards to the game and the systems.
  7. Thanks for the follow! 😉

  8. @FourP. In answer to your question, TruckersMP is always supporting a "seasons mod", right now it's still the late autumn mod, reflecting the fact that it's actually still autumn. Normally, they introduce the winter mod when it officially becomes winter, this year that's on the 20th of December. So in 4 days time, in previous years however they have introduced it slightly early just for their Christmas convoy taking place on the 18th of December. I'm completely confident that they will bring back snow this year, however it remains to be seen if the physics will also be making a return. At the end of the day, it's up to the developers. I hope this helped answer your question.
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