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  1. Out for a drive with Matt & Mr Calvin in the snow. 

    1. Nicоlás


      Nice picture! :)

    2. vldv44_


      Nice snowy picture!

  2. just a little late here


    Happy new year 🎉

    Also I found a wild @refloix [DE]the other day :)


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    2. J a n e k
    3. vldv44_


      Nice trucks

    4. refloix [DE]

      refloix [DE]

      The guy on the right got a nice truck ngl  

  3. Hello, sorry for the delayed response time. The HCT trailers will only ever naturally spawn cargo in finland. If you'd like it anywhere else you need to save edit it. Using Virtual speditor is currently the only way to do this. Yes its un stable and yes it does take a while. Personally I'll just be using a regular trailer as its not worth that extra effort for me at the moment.
  4. Hello @Linedem, Personally I use this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1696234192&searchtext=Tripple+Trailers+MP You need to enable it in SP buy the trailers, then disable it and go back into MP. Currently the only way I'm aware of to get a job using this trailer outside of finland is to use virtual speditor.
  5. Congratulations 🎉

    1. maksch


      Thank youu :) 💜

  6. I'm out for a nice winters drive 😄. How has everyone enjoyed the winter mod so far? 


  7. Congratulations! 🥳

  8. Congratulations. Hope to see you on some official streams at some point 😁

  9. Good luck with game mod 🙂

  10. Hey all! Promods canada was released a few hours ago to the public and I want you guys to show of your trucks in some of the stunning scenery of british Columbia. Along with your photo you could also provide a location of the photo to allow others to discover the scenery as well. Happy Trucking!
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