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  1. This guy is lame, change my mind.

  2. If you have drivers employed when playing the multiplayer it might be causing you to crash since the multiplayer uses different time than your gamesave. If you do, fire them in singleplayer and save then load in mutliplayer.
  3. That skin is made for the Renault and textured for the Renault, If you mod it to work on the Mercedes it's going to look weird since the size of the vehicles are different..
  4. My friend is trying to get the new update to work and everytime he tries to connect he gets, "Your client protocol version does not match with server one". He has the current version of ets2 and the current update for truckers mp. He's is running the mod as admin and i cant seem to find a fix. He has uninstalled truckersmp from his computer and reinstalled it and same problem.
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