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  1. Everytime I go to use my reefer trailer in ATS, the smallest to even the largest of the single variants, i get this WONDERFUL kick notice. No, I have no mods. Source: https://imgur.com/a/UfesG7v Weird thing was i was using my Reefer trailer last night in Oregon, no problems with the size.
  2. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Steering Wheel w/ Pedals Description of Issue: When picking up a double trailer (World of Trucks) In the city of Gedser, Denmark, I am kicked for having a double trailer out of the area when Gedser is in the DLC zone. How to reproduce: Go to Gedser and pick up a double trailer from WOT or in game. Screenshots / Videos:
  3. Thanks mate, hope to see you there!
  4. @Mike Dragon Server opens at the time of the event? or does it open like 30 before so people can come in?
  5. @[ICG] [23]ThunderSky Yeah il take the boat into Scandanavia, use WOT for a Double Trailer then it boots me for saying im using the trailer outside of it. *shrugs* its weird, dont know why.
  6. I BUMP this, I cannot obtain a doubles trailer in Scandanavia through World of Trucks, it also gives me the same issue and kicks me even though im in Scandanavia
  7. @Riley [EN-US] Thanks so much, that was the exact information I needed. Now my turning isnt so brutal if i turn a corner going 40km. Much love! also @MrHarv #Wish64 thank you for your contribution as well! Hope this helps anyone else who has a wheel that only performs 180 degrees.
  8. Hey guys, I just got this Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition wheel the other day and its not one of those amazing force feedback wheels with the whole rotation feature but only turns 180 degrees. Does anyone else have this type of steering wheel radius and knows what they think is the best set up for sensitivity and steering non-linearity. If you could post any photo examples of your sliders please do ***EDIT*** Link to the wheel if anyone is curious: http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/ferrari-racing-wheel-red-legend-edition
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