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  1. Az én észrevételem a "Road to Simulation" frissítéssel kapcsolatban az, hogy sokan nem látják a legszembetűnőbb dolgokat: "Út a szimuláció felé". Szerintem mindannyian tudjuk, hogy ez a TMP-n belül mit takar: A TMP-nek régi vágya az, hogy a Multis "versenyzésből" egy Co-op típusú játékmódot hozzon létre. Miért kellett a 110 km/h-ás szabályozás? A játék fizikája miatt is. Itt arról beszélek, amikor nyomod a gázt, jön egy bukkanó és 220-al megindulsz egy random irányba, lényegében irányíthatatlanul. Miért kellettek árkád szerverek? "220 felett, észre sem veszed és elhagyod a valóságot". Ha ez valamilyen okból megtörténne, akkor ne tudj lezúzni másokat, ezzel esetleg mégjobban elrontva a napjukat. A videójátékok azért vannak, hogy egy sztresszes nap után le tudjon nyugodni az ember. Ezen kívül biztosan megvolt az oka, miért is kellett a további sebességkorlátozás. De ebbe csak az adminisztátorok látnak bele, hogy milyen okokért érkezik a legtöbb report, valamint azokat mi idézte elő. Egyébként a TMP-s csapat legnagyobb hibája az, hogy nem kommunikálnak eleget a játékos-közösséggel. Ezt valahol meg tudom érteni, elvégre ott van a report funkció, abból rengeteg információt ki lehet szűrni a játékból, azonban ez édeskevés.
  2. @HuskyLusky If out of the average 8000 online users only 3000 would stay, but all of them would be responsible players on the same server, playing a trucking simulator as they should be, that would be so much more enjoyable than the 8000 users that have 1500 trolls in it. So yeah, thank you, I would pretty much enjoy that!
  3. And that was the problem with EU2... There were people who played the game how it should be played, and there were other players who just wanted to go fast on a busy server. And they were going fast only because they had the option. In the end, the people who only played on EU2 for the speed and traffic started overtaking, cutting people off and causing accidents, thus making themselves banned. And the only thing I don't understand is: If someone wants to get themselves banned and not being able to play in MP, why would they even launch the MP client? Like whats the point of that? Why would someone buy the game in the first place? The answer is: To troll others and make their day worse that it was before. So this update was a big step towards something amazing and big! Keep up the good work TMP! You are about to be something incredible! Thank you for everything so far, and can't wait to see the "final" product!
  4. To everyone who thinks, that the sim servers souldn't be restricted to 60-110 km/h: You are completely right! It should be 50-90 km/h with only AI cars and player driven trucks, like a trucking simulator should be, but that game-mode is long ways away sadly...
  5. What is wrong with the Servers? I'm getting Kicked from the Server for "Unreliable Connection"... Never been kicked for this reason before, and always had 40-50ms ping, just like today... And it still kicks me out... Annoying...

    1. Petrova


      same problem...

  6. @Doc.Dead https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/101 This rule is still active in some form, especially in Duisburg due to the high number of players in these areas. The update was made, so in parts of Germany where the population is much less than in Duisburg, you can pick up and deliver goods with double trailers. The reason behind this, is that the doubles would make the traffic in Duisburg and on some parts of the C-D road a lot worse, thus making the waiting times longer.
  7. There is a difference between double and HTC trailers.... the HTC ones are made of 2 full size trailers connected with a dolly, the doubles are made out of 1 full size and 1 small trailer. In Germany and the Netherlands, these doubles are allowed:
  8. ^ @DanDude "I have installed the new update in SP..." SP = Single Player
  9. I have installed the new update in SP and already have the map back on 100%, with every Map Expansion DLC there is about 6000-6500 km of new roads in game: Germany revisited part 2 (around 4700 km) Sardinia, Italy (1200-1400 km) France (250-300 km) Kristiansand, Norway (10-15-ish km near the Agro Company) Between Copenhagen and Malmö (5-ish km, a new tunnel) A little information for everyone who wants to drive around in a truck without a trailer or with a car in MP, I recommend you to update the game and try out the new physics and optimize the braking sensitivity, suspension and other things in SP, because if you hop on MP as soon as 1.35 hits, you might have a lot of accidents, that may get you in trouble. For example: If you leave the "factory" suspension stiffness ('1' by default) and have the braking sensitivity increased (I believe with the console command you can get it up to '14', but I have it on '7', if I'm not mistaking it is '1' by default and can be increased in the options up to '1.5') as soon as you push the brake pedal halfway or more, your rear tires will lift and lock up, thus making your truck start to spin out, which is of course highly dangerous. And that's why I will take extra cautions delivering goods in MP after the 1.35 support will hit. But setting the suspension stiffness '2' or '2.5', as soon as you hit something with you wheels, like: a cement median 'wall' or a speed-bump at high speed, your truck will take off flying. Also, making the stiffness higher than 2.5, every little bump on the road (and let's get real, since 1.30 there is a lot of those, and we are getting even more and more with every update) will your truck bounce out of control, and at that point it will not stop bouncing and you are left with a 100% damaged truck.
  10. Korábban volt rá lehetőség, hogy a lámpák búrájának a színét lehetett változtani, de ezt már betiltották (ban jár érte). Ha pedig különböző figyelmeztető (sárga villogó) fényjelzédeket láttál lehet, hogy azok a Special Tranport DLC része. Mint például ezen a képen:
  11. ^ When you get close to Paris, you can jump into single player and finish the delivery that way. It's easier and faster that way, and you will not get pushed by players who just don't have a single care in the world.
  12. What event are you talking about? Because during the Krone event, the trailers were displayed correctly, and the Christmas event also had all of the different trailers displayed. Just saying. The problem here in my opinion is the length of the trailers, these trailers have different hit-boxes, thus making it longer to update the mod. It will be updated, if not this weekend, then in the beginning of next week. And remember, the Developers are humans too, they may take the weekend off to be with friends and family. They are making this mod for the community and not for paychecks after all
  13. In my opinion the "Search Player" option for the ETS2Map is only for check if a player is online or not, and check where they are. But using that feature to stalk / harass someone is NOT what it was meant to be used for. In the rules it clearly reads: "§1.3 - Spamming or Abuse Using any of the report or communication systems provided on TruckersMP services inappropriately. This can include but is not limited to spamming them, reporting users multiple times with the same evidence and misusing the system for its intended purposes." My point is: Since ETS2Map is a TruckersMP service, misusing the ETS2Map's search option should be added to this thread and in the future it should be punished.
  14. ^ If that means 1 then I'll type 2
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