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  1. buksee

    In game microphone

    First, make sure that you have the correct device and input volume selected in the in-game menu (press tab then right-click and navigate to settings > sound). If the in-game settings are correctly set up, make sure you hold 'X' ('X' is in the same position on both the 'qwertz' and 'qwerty' keyboards. Also note, that if you use your keyboard for driving, you can only hold 2 keys at the same time, pressing a third one will either cancel one of previous two or 'lock' both of them) After this if you still have problems, check your microphone settings in windows (right-click 'Speakers' on the taskbar and select 'Open Sound settings' and set up then test your microphone).
  2. The current season's winter mode is a bit worse than the previous one: the physics add-on got worse and there are more graphical bugs than in previous seasons. But the basics (road textures) remained the same.
  3. The winter mod was always sketchy with the physics add-on, but this year it's even worse. Have tried it, first on arcade at extreme conditions (like at high speeds, in tight curves and emergency braking), then made a few "live" runs on less populated parts of Sim1. It is perfectly fine during emergency braking, but only if you are going completely straight. But, as soon as you turn the wheel even a little bit, the wheels lock up, make you jack-knife in a split second and sends you into Narnia. So I decided not to use it, just like last year. And on the note that the physics should be banned or not: obviously not. And here's why: 1. It is 100% optional, and it's the players choice to use it or not. 2. If a player uses it, and gets into a wreck, they were the one who took the risk of getting the physics add-on, so they have to accept the consequences (aka: a ban, 100% damage, or even both). As Prime mentioned in the Official Forum Post: "Note: All rules need to be respected, even if you have the winter mod activated. If you are found breaking the rules (even when certain offences are caused due to winter effects) the case will be reviewed in the same way as when the winter mod isn't applied. Please refer to our rules for more information."
  4. If the HCT trailer you use is a default one, so it isn't a save-edited trailer, or if it is save-edited but it is not longer than a default HCT trailer, then you are allowed to drive it anywhere. However, you have to keep in mind that you won't find any jobs for it outside of Finland unless you modify the game files, and if you teleport to a repair station your trailer will most likely spawn on top of the repair stations fence, and that can make you bug out and send you flying.
  5. In the base game Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Netherlands are all Countries that "support" double trailers. However, with modifying the game files, you can get jobs for double trailers in other countries.
  6. It is the Master Trucker rank for supporting TruckersMP on Patreon with 5 Dollars or more per month. You can find more Information on Patreon or in the Official News Article.
  7. In the past, when the teaser video was made on this topic, TMP had a working prototype for AI support, but just before the Official Release SCS completely overhauled the AI system, thus breaking the whole project. And ever since, SCS been changing the AI in the game. When SCS comes up with the perfect AI that doesn't need further changes, then the "new gamemode" probably will be supported.
  8. For new map expansions, in my opinion there is only 2 choices, one of them is going south-west adding Spain (this is the safest bet since 2 of the most recent DLC's were basically "Going East" and beyond), the other one is possibly filling the gap between the Italian and the new Black Sea DLC (aka Greece, Croatia and so on). Later Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus most likely will be added, but 3 eastern DLC's in a row won't be a thing in my opinion. In the case of Ireland, I'm 60% certain that it might be added for free as part of the England redesign, since Ireland is too small for a standalone 15€ DLC.
  9. I had the same problem. But I was able to join with the following method: After loading into the main menu, instead of clicking 'Drive', I went into the Trailer manager (Truck manager should be working the same way), selected a trailer and clicked 'Configure'. This took me to the customization screen and I changed something on the trailer (doesn't matter what you change as long as you change something). And after you finish and pay for the changes, the game will connect to the TMP servers without the loading screen. After connecting to the servers I waited a little bit (appr.: 20 seconds) and clicked 'Drive' in the main menu and was able to stay in the server. Hope it'll help for you until it is fixed by the Devs.
  10. Because TMP now supports the 1.36 version for ETS2, and ProMods is still only supports 1.35. So as soon as PM supports the new version for ETS2, TMP will bring back the ProMods servers.
  11. Where do you see any floating parts? Nothing is floating on the posted pictures... As for the question: On the first picture there is a standard HCT front trailer and dolly, with a B-Double front trailer on the back. As the B-Double front trailer is shorter than a standard trailer (which is on the rear of an HCT combination), this combination is a little bit shorter than the in-game HCT trailer combinations. And as the Save editing rule states: "...The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination ("HCT" for ETS2 and "Turnpike Double" for ATS, see images below) - using a longer trailer on any combination is permitted if it is within this length. This means, that the posted combination should be permitted (legal) and usable on the servers without any complications.
  12. They will probably do the same as they did with Italy and the Baltic DLC. They already said that "if the DLC is better than the promods version, which most likely will be the case, it will be imported into the mod as it is."
  13. Anything that's above 20 tonnes. If I'm delivering goods, I'm doing it trough External Contracts (WoT) and I take the shortest delivery that's 20+ tonnes. This has both positive and negative things. Positives are: new cargo every 10-20 minutes, very short time spent on highways (let's be real, it can be boring ) and you are basically jumping from city to city so you'll see a lot of players. However the only negative thing I can think of: Less XP and Credit. But it doesn't really bother me, as I'm Lvl 170+ and if I need some extra money, I hire some drivers and jump between garages.
  14. I think it does’t matter what kind of truck you have, it mainly depends on the trailer itself. In my opinion, the regular low-loaders are the most stable trailers, both the base and the Schwarzmüller ones. The 2nd and 3rd most stable trailers are the flatbeds and the ones that you have when you take glass and concrete panels (the ones that only have 2 axels at the very end of the trailer).
  15. As good as this sounds, it will make a lot of confusion and a lot of extra work. For example: if a new member, or someone who doesn't have a forum profile yet is limited to 90/100 km/h, and gets overtaken by someone who is driving 150+ km/h, the slower player will call hacks and probably gonna report the other driver. This creates more useless reports in game and hides genuine reports, as well as puts more pressure and work on the moderators that are handling website reports. And the limiter is a server-sided thing, so it will make a lot of work and coding for the Developers to make a plugin for this. Talking about the handling of a car at 200+ km/h: This means, just as you said, you haven't driven on MP in a while. Well, since then, the physics changed so much, that you can loose control over you Scout in a corner when you are driving at 70 km/h and not using the throttle. As well as the new "Space Program Launches" you get sometimes is and other hazard, if you can accelerate over the current speed limit. As for the current server limits: there's much less accidents happening now then before. Even during the 150 km/h we had accidents caused by speeding players. But you can feel free to make a suggestion about this, maybe (if it fires up the community) it will be a thing in the future.
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