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  1. It is allowed, since it is not longer than a HCT combination. If you can save edit this, you can freely use it.
  2. Well, this is new. The first plane "landed" straight trough the road and my cab. Not gonna lie, kind of clenched my bottom :D This second plane went a little further and went trough the forest.



  3. If you have the same problem in SP, then its a local problem, not an MP issue. Try to check the integrity of the ETS2 files. (In steam right click on ETS2 > properties > local files > verify integrity of game files) If the problem is still present after this, try reinstalling the game.
  4. It happens, because the new physics that was introduced in 1.33. And it happens like this: while driving on uneven roads or over curbs, train-tracks etc. your wheel lifts off of the ground for a split second (due to stiff suspension (maybe even soft ones)). This is enough to let the wheel speed up in the air without the traction from the road if you are pressing on the throttle (when you reach the server or the cruise-control limit you truck will cut the power so this is less likely to happen then), and this causes your vehicle to speed up rapidly when the wheel touches the road again. Sometimes one of the wheels have more 'hang-time' and it may reach a higher speed than the other wheel, and this can cause the vehicle to accelerate to one of the sides. The best way to minimize the occurrence: When driving over tracks and speed-bumps let off the throttle and let the vehicle 'glide' over it, then apply throttle again. And this can happen in corners, on uneven roads and at road-surface changes.
  5. Yeah, true, in real life you don't see the things like a camera with a wide angle lens, you can actually see way more. A normal wide angle lens is about 110-120°, and the human peripheral vision is about 200°or more. And then consider that the near peripheral angle is 30° in both directions, so that 60° already, and the mid peripheral angle is from the previous 30° up to 60° (again, in both directions). So when you take the average of the numbers 30 and 60, you have the magical 45. 45° in both directions is 90°, and this is why most of the first person games have 90° FOV as default. I use 90° in ETS as well, and still don't know why it is 70 or 75 in the game as default.
  6. It doesn't have any advantages, it's only for looks. People do this when they are just driving around, and they don't actually deliver the cargo they picked up.
  7. Save-editing is allowed as long as you are following the TruckersMP rules. In this case you only change the look of the cargo, so the destination and the weight is the same as before. You can also modify the weight of the cargo, so you can have the Locomotive with let's say, 5 tonnes instead of 61 tonnes.
  8. It is indeed done with save edit, and it is legal as long as the cargo is the same size or smaller than the trailer itself.
  9. I personally only take External contracts, so I'm always limited to 90 km/h. But driving the same routes as a year or two ago I can definitely tell that there are much less accidents since the 110 limit was created.
  10. The ones that are in the game you can use them, if there's a skin that's not supported, the game will tell you, or kick you from the server at worst. It won't have consequences.
  11. What kind of skins are on other players trucks that you don't have in the customization menu? Because there are some DLC's that include skins for trailers, as well as Steam reward skins for SCS Events, and during SCS Events you can deliver special trailers.
  12. Since I have way more kilometers in my 2 Scania's then every other trucks combined, I would say Scania. The old Streamline was retired after 600.000 kilometers, the new one is getting close to 250.000. And fun fact: the old one got #rekt by so many cheaters, however the new one never been above 10%, and that was only for the normal maintenance. I usually deliver 15-20 short (200-300 km) jobs before entering the repair station.
  13. I have every DLC that can be bought right now for both games, but there could be some DLC's that was only for rewards in the past and I don't have them. Like the Dragon DLC, it was a reward pack at first, but it was placed in the store a year or so later.
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