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  1. Happy birthday! 🎂

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Gratulálok! 😀

    1. Patriktanki


      Köszönöm szépen! 😍

  4. buksee

    Entire Map

    There's very little chance for us to see both games merged. Firstly, both games need to be "completed" in terms of Map layout. Then, since these two games are developed by separate teams, they have to be merged, as well as the basic game mechanics have to be changed, like scaling and so on. And then you might have some problems when entering the ETS2 parts of the map with a longer american truck. But even when both games would be ready to be merged, everyone, who has a copy of one of the games, will probably be forced to buy the other one, with every Map DLC available, but SCS cannot force tha
  5. Magyar GM még nincs, de a jövőben bármi előfordulhat
  6. Got the "new" ride broken in, but it's time to get the old girl into the 7 digit club :)


    1. antrax737


      Dayum! Now this is dedication, i have streamline at 400.000km and 5 or 6 trucks just under 200.000km, but you wooo, kinda tryharding there eh? :D Still years behind some other guys who had over a million on one truck 2 or 3 years ago. GG!

    2. buksee


      Well, this is my "MP" (+WoT) account with just over 1mil km's, had like 2 others with over 700k km's each within 2 years when ETS2 was released, but lost the original CD in a move and later my hard drive crashed, so I had to buy the game again, this time through Steam, then decided to jump in MP at the same time. And with this acc I had like 2 big pauses when I was playing other games, one of those was almost a year long. But it was about time to get back into it :) 

    3. antrax737


      Oh i know exactly how things go with pauses and stuff, been there done that.

      Unlike you, i have too many trucks and not enough time, about 20 trucks i think, i've been on and off the game for about 2 years now, but somehow im coming back to right right now...

      Drive save mate.

  7. A little list: Finnish back-roads (that are not part of the DLC) are pretty relaxing and enjoyable to drive. The Russian back-roads (that are not part of the DLC) have a lot of little things going on, so you never know whats around the corner. The British Isles, the whole place is beautiful. Haven't been in Greece and Spain yet, but those two look promising as well.
  8. Congrats, and good luck! :)

  9. Congratulations!

    Willkommen im truckersmp Team.🥂

  10. Congratulations ❤️

    1. buksee


      Thank you very much! 😀

  11. "Save it. Darling save it. Save it! Bwaaaahhh!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57SGdBIsB1M


  12. Just like the normal Freight market (where you pick up a company's trailer), You might have to sleep somewhere, teleport between garages, or use a ferry/train to reset the economy. If you still can't find any jobs for your trailer, make sure that your trailer is compatible with the Country you are in: Scandinavia DLC, Finland, Germany and Netherlands are the only countries that support double, and Finland is the only country that's compatible with HCT trailers by default (this can be changed in the base files). If there's still no or just a very few jobs that you can take with your owned trail
  13. Where did you download the Winter Mod from that you needed to extract the files? Because, if you downloaded the files from here, you don't need to extract them, the files are already in the needed .scs format. After this, make sure that you put the downloaded files into the correct folder: Documents/ETS2MP/mod. If you don't have a mod folder in the ETS2MP folder, you have to create one. If the Winter Mod still doesn't work, make sure that you enable the mod in the Multiplayer tab: Press "Tab" to show the Multiplayer console > Right "click" with mouse to enable cursor > Go to settings (th
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