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  1. "road to simulation" Update is a big mistake to the TMP servers and community. This is very saddening to see a community I love so much fall to bits over a bad update

  2. Well this was a big mistake... I understand what you are trying to do, but as someone who has been here from the start this is NOT how you do it. We have all said it many times. "Collisions will be inactive so the server will be fully non-collision and you will be able to drive through other players without causing a collision." No, this is not how you remove trolls, by making the arcade server small only 2,000 players , and no collision, all the trolls will stick to the larger sim server... also a speed limit , of 110 on the sim server?? With collision on!? Its still the same trolls, but its SO MUCH worse now that you are stuck at a slower speed. Just make an anarchy server , where people can have fun, do whatever , as long as they are not hurting other players, and then make a sim server for players who like to go slow and spend all day playing with wheels and so on. This is a great fix, and will not divide the playerbase so much. Sadly I will not play this anymore until correct fixes are made.
  3. Some mods have nice off road areas, like promods with iceland
  4. I dont see any issue with my trailer stability
  5. RadioRoks Ukraine, I am not Ukrainian but its nice!
  6. Tons of ATS and ETS2 DLC on sale now!
  7. I decided to apply to college again!

    1. SuperHoops


      Good luck! :D 

  8. I think like in the US, when you hear sirens and see lights behind you, you must move over for the vehicle. Like when they had the last real operations they did a police chase thing. I did not know what was going on when a random pink car almost crashed into me and then 4 police cars came up behind me. They should clarify in the rules that you need to move over for admins with lights and sirens on.
  9. Finally got the ATS DLC thanks to this update!
  10. Just got all the ATS DLC!!

  11. Washington state... ahhh My ex is from there. Would feel so strange seeing all the places I remember so much from her! At least I know the area!
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