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  1. Great Convoy!

  2. RichManSCTV

    RichMan's Media Shack

    Convoy Control
  3. RichManSCTV


  4. I also noticed is the crushed scrap cars a new trailer?
  5. Real Life Location ------------------------- ---------------------------- Real Life Location ---------------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------- ------------------------- ----------------------------------- I will update this with more real life locations when I am not busy!
  6. RichManSCTV

    Cargoes better paid

    Very Welcome! have fun!
  7. RichManSCTV

    Cargoes better paid

    Medical Equipment is the highest Price Per Distance cargo for owned trailers.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/aMxgQbR.gifv



    Krone DLC, with winter mod




  9. RichManSCTV

    Favorite area to drive?

    I cant wait for Washington and drive the Cascade mountain passes
  10. RichManSCTV

    EU & US server should get merged

    One NA Server would be great!
  11. RichManSCTV

    log trailer is bugged

    That makes more sense then, I wanted to do a log convoy... but was so confused.
  12. RichManSCTV

    Story of your username!

    Mine is Top secret but.... Rich because my name is Richard Man because... I am a man SCTV... well thats secret.