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  1. Why did you stop streaming? 🤨

    1. Speedy_TMP


      Hey buddy, i stopped because i took more responsibilities on TMP, but i will be going back to streaming soon, as it seems only the community appreciate what i do for them ❤️

  2. OMG who let it get all the way to 21 to the start peeps
  3. I listen to most types of music, it is a good way to relax when all you constantly hear is horn spamming and screaming down the CB all day
  4. είναι καλό να σε επιστρέψω 🥳

    1. Doxxyz


      😄 thanks , hope we get our drives back on track soon

  5. gets no so back to the start you go
  6. did it really get all the way to 8
  7. How did it go into double digits, Staff sleeping?
  8. 1.40 looks amazing especially when cruising down to Spain Thank you to all involved in getting the updated added to the multiplayer, it might have taken a little more time but it was worth the wait
  9. Wow everyone managed to get all the way to 4
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