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  1. Hello wokezy, There are a number of ways you can join a convoy on the multiplayer. I hope that the information below helps you out a little. You could join a VTC here There is a website that advertises convoys here There is a section on our forums regarding events here And there is our Blogs which post Official convoys and Events here Regards, Speedy_TMP TruckersMP Community Moderator.
  2. I am enjoying 1.37, i am in no rush to see 1.38 on the multiplayer when it happens it happens. Everyone always wants it rushed out and then complains when there are bugs so its always better to just let the devs work on it until a stable update comes along. So until then i am quite happy driving around enjoying the roads
  3. ohh i see you got to 10 already time to reset
  4. Congratulations 💕

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      thanks buddy :)


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      thanks buddy :)

  7. o/ How are you these days?

  8. Thanks for a quick review of one of my reports. Muchly appreciated :)

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  10. Haven't seen you in game for ages, how are you....Staying safe i hope? 

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