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  1. Eu2 same problem so it is on all the servers of truckersmp
  2. Hello, I have the last days this problem \/\/. I have restarted my laptop and router and i updated the filmware of my router but it still dont fix it. i have it random times on the server. is there any problem to fix it? or i need to wait for a truckersmp update? Kind regards, Range013
  3. ATSMP dont work Unsupported game version it happend sinds the new halloween dlc update. :(

    1. Digital


      Devs are aware and are working on an update to resolve this.

    2. (ZZ-Trans) Range Quit

      (ZZ-Trans) Range Quit

      okay :) thanks for the information

  4. maybe this help? http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com/multimon_config.php (i dont use 3 screens by my self so i dont know if this link will work in mp
  5. Sometimes i have the problem to than i do crlt alt del and than i go back to the game and it worked for me
  6. i found out and yes eu3 works so it is a eu2 problem thanks for helping
  7. Hello, i have the problem that sometimes my ets2mp dont want to connect it give's the error: Before it never had the problem i dont have updated my windows 10 or my viruscanner: eset smart security 9. and i don't have connection problems with orther games. So if someone know who to fix this help wil be appreciated. Yours sincerely, Range013
  8. en wat ook het punt is je kan wel voor een spel sparen maar voor de moeite voor een andere pc/lap met 64 bit kost te veel (met andere bedoel ik niet meteen een nieuwe)
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