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  1. Thats what iam also thinking idk Why your for example not allowed in Dortmund or Kassel. Makes no sense for me personally. But okay :/
  2. Hey Man by the way cool Topic Thumbs UP I´am choosing this beautiful DAF XF With a cool Factory Paintjob from Daf Engine is the 480 HP Version First Drive mostly Complete but on MP the Paint Job isnt supported yet. :O
  3. Mhh iam going with Daf idk i like this truck at most. Mostly the Old XF105 because this engine doesnt sound so bad as the new one XD
  4. Hey Guys i think mostly everyone which is writing here on the forum loves to play the Euro Truck Simulator 2 or the American Truck Simulator. But I still waiting for the ***** Post on the ScS Blog for more informations of the upcoming update 1.31 for the Euro Truck. I know that this feature and this feature will come but is there maybe something else we dont know about yet ? So lets discuss and see who will be the winnner in the next couple of Days. By the Way your favorite feature you can also add + why this is your feature one. My Personal of course are the cable for the trailers. Because its 100% more realistic and makes it more to a simulation game. Also hope that the update will be integrated into the game so fast as possible without any performance issues. Thanks and Have a Good Ride But not so fast Guys
  5. Now with the City Speed Limiter on EU 2 i feel like iam on EU1 :/ 60 kmh nervs mostly on City which are near the Highways Like Reims , Roterdamm and so on. Cant it be 80 kmh on EU2 ????? But the 150 kmh Speed Limiter is perfect
  6. I also have uploaded a Idiots on the Road Video but thats not all i making also timelapses or Cinematic reviews. Looking costs nothing My video:
  7. Thats my View to this: EU1: No not so fast think Realistic, drive carefully , NO KEEP AWAY FROM ME ( Non Collision Zone XD) EU2: Oh LoL a flying Truck oh shiet no it was a Car O.O / Fuck off of Speed Limits EU3: Trucks are better then Cars , oh lol a Convoy nice / Fuck off of Speed Limits EU4: What are Physics ?
  8. I love to drive in mostly on the CD Road yeah i know there also some players which drive there because of other reasons but the drive isnt so beatiful as to drive in Scandinavia or in Italy. But the drive is exciting but if i dont want to have alote players around me. I prefer Scandinavia before Italy because. In Scandinavia are more small roads as in Italy. And Second in Scandinivia you can drive with fucking double trailers *-*
  9. I change normally my Truck every Drive Because iam driving all Brands if its Daf, Mercedes , Iveco , Renualt or what else Because i like the varitation very much
  10. Man these Paintjob are fucking Cool. Lets do it when TruckersMP Update the Versio
  11. Hey Guys sry that i have to write this time a Text but before i got a inactivity warning. I got a new PC also build by myself. Before installed all again and set all Softwares back how it was it will takes some time. So Hopefully in middle of next week it should be done
  12. I buyed the strategy game Age of Empires II HD Version with all Dlcs xD What the Heck iam different XD Because i played this game in my childhood and its still 1 of the balanced games ever
  13. Hello Guys, i really have to Say i got NO inspiration at the moment for creating a video so i maked some nice screenshots instead. Because i really dont want to Upload trash videos here in TruckersMP Forum as also on my youtube channel. Idk when the next video will come sry I really want to ask you Guys what you would like here next as an video ?? Maybe your Inspiration will flame my again xD
  14. Moin Moin Leute ich hab wirklich lange gesucht wo ich das Hochladen kann. Ich möchte unbedingt so viele Leute mit disem Post erreichen weil das ist einfach der Hammer XD Ich hab ja schon viele Video auf Youtube gesehen aber das Video ist einfach nur Bombe Teilt das Video Ich hoffe es gefällt euch es hat sogar mit Fahrzeuge zu tun. Es ist in den Youtube Trends Platz 2 im Moment XD
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