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  1. Ah sry my fault yeah correct i mean the process to split water with energy into hydrogen.
  2. I personally see the biggest problem to get that massive amount of energy, the think is gasoline is very easy to get without using a lot of electric energy, the think is its now for Germany idk about the Situation in the other countries we building up a charging infrastructure but do build a charging network like we have only electric cars how should be this possible our current electricity network is far less able to handle. But there is a bigger problem and thats the point how far i can drive with a special amount of energy and the point there is that for example you have charged with a amou
  3. The Pilot project is really fresh and if they have 10 Trucks in the Eu for testing its i think quite hard to find one of them so. I had the same question but diddnt found a anwser though. The think is you cant really compare CNG with Hydrogen the tank system of a Hydrogen tank is completely different as a CNG tank. The biggest problem with hydrogen is to store it. Hydrogen evaporated very easy through the smallest gap in the past Mercedes , BMW, Opel made pilot projects in the past but which never enterted into big prodcution. This time its a car the fueled it up and
  4. You can say the same as for the Iveco S Way to the Scania Next Generation XD
  5. Hello everybody i wanted to speak about the future of today , so iam a big fan of tech stuff from electronics to vehicles and you always see the news about the upcoming Tesla Semi truck (electric) or the startup of Nikola with there fuel cell heavy duty truck. But personally nobody speaks about Hyundai ! (no news in mass media or something like that) But Hyundai build the first Fuel Cell Heavy Duty Truck in mass production worldwide. So long i read the news correct Hyundai will test 5 of these trucks in switzerland, i personally find this topic every interesting. So
  6. 1.Personally what i hate the most are these Players, which overtake you while somebody comes from the other direction its getting very close no crash or something like this, but when you then drive like 5-10 min exactly that player stand on the side of the road with warning lights like DUDE your serious !!?!!? And you overtake him then again .......... 2.Same for the exits on highways, that people which had to overtake you just in front of a exit. Man cant he wait behind me truck noooo he/she cant .... 3. And the classic one you have a green traffic light you drive and that other pla
  7. Hiii Alles Alles gute zum Geburtstag 🎁🍾🥳

  8. Yeah a bit but i hoped it a bit more but better as nothing ^^
  9. Iam really suprised that the Mercedes Actros MP4 Facelift is not on the Poll Option. Like which truck has this mirrors in the cockpit And of course the cockpit looks like future if you look on all other brands. O.o But personally the Headlight are not so cool as from Scania or Volvo sadly
  10. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, i could need some help, since a week now, i am a proud Owner of a little VTC with total of 2 members. And after i created a little Website and a Discord Server, i want to do a bit of advertising. But idk where i can do that i looked in the TruckersMP forum nothing, i looked on the TruckersMP Discord Server found something, but my VTC needs a least 10 Members so i can make advertising. Ingame advertising is no option for me personally and i dont want to spam other people VTC Discord with my advertising and that all ways i know to do some advert
  11. Yeah definitely, I agree to that, for your truck you have with all Dlc's like 100 different options for painting the truck and for the trailer like 10 and 2 are special like Good Year and the Daf Exellence Paintjob you can't match anything. It's sucks
  12. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, i really have to say i like the new Super Stripes Dlc from SCS Software. Modern, stylish, abstract So my question is which one you like the most ? Personally for me its Metro. And another thing, i would love it to see this paintjobs on the trailers do you agree to that, maybe with a mod or official from SCS Software ? Lets discuss about that ^^
  13. Das Hoffe ich auch, aber die Zeichen stehen ehrlich schlechter als Gedacht
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