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  1. updated my cover photo :)

  2. my vtc has its own tracking program now.  hope they fixed all the bugs so i don't have to manually put it in.

  3. tfw you record for 70 mins then find out you have no game sound :'( 

  4. haven't played ets in a while.  apparently it rains milk now :S 

  5. Blah1945

    foating trailers

    funny thing is i have seen it a few times in different areas but its only the Walbert trailers that do it.
  6. some tf2 beta passes glitching some profiles back to limited accounts

  7. is confused.  my steam reverted to limited and idk why 

  8. im dumb i can't find how to add my signature :(

    1. Blah1945


      now im even dumber cuz i found it :P

    2. Beefy32659_YT


      @Blah | Scraptf looooool

  9. i loved the look of american trucks and such an would love to drive truck irl. but its just to expensive to get the licence and training and such. so this is the next best thing and its pritty good
  10. it be nice to be on when more people are on but i haven't gotten bored of it yet. i wish i could be out there actually driving truck. but the most amusement i get is from going down a road and finding a flipped truck in a area that idk how they even flipped it. it be nice if a few convoys are on when i am. i have just grabbed a trailer and followed behind a few convoy's just for something to do. but definitely joining a vtc made it more interesting. just need some friends that dont just play for a hour and get bored
  11. man i would love to apply but i dont have time between moderating another site and not being able to play ats or ets on my laptop (cant handle it) Good luck to the applicants though
  12. this is a great idea. love hearing people talk over the cb when im driving (excluding when people are being anoying with it)
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