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  1. MrBrandman

    Sounds of crashes for everyone

    I love the idea of a crash sound. Maybe make it as an option to have on or off cause I can see easily being overwhelmed by whatever sound bit they use in a heavily populated city such as Calais, Duisberg, and Amsterdam
  2. MrBrandman

    Running red lights

    If no one is there Ill run it, if there is people nearby though, especially at that intersection I follow the rules of the displayed light
  3. MrBrandman

    Oregon Map and Upcoming Planned States

    Im fine with each state being a DLC, I would just like quicker developing of each state, maybe one each six months or do 2 or 3 in a pack per year. Except Texas, I think Texas will be a one state DLC and if they can get it done in a year from the previous DLC thatd be amazing
  4. MrBrandman

    Where I find dual and triple mods for the American Truck?

    Dont see why youd need a mod for them as they are in the base game already. If you want to know where to get them, for doubles its anywhere and youll just have to change your trailer if its freight market. Triples is Nevada only and hard to find, I have yet to drive a triple and really want to
  5. Happy Birthday Nox @Noxii!!!

  6. MrBrandman

    American Truck Simulator - Oregon

    More than likely they will, makes it easier on them and also that way no one is complaining about "Oh why did ATS get released first its less popular" or "Why did ETS2 get released first you clearly dont care about ATS." For those reasons Im fully expecting them to release at the same time. Also it makes things easier as far a the major updating thats going to happen as a result of the DLCs
  7. MrBrandman

    At what age did you drive first time car?

    My first time driving was at age 15 (curretly 19) in my Dads Ford F250. Ive had my license for 3 years now and no accidents and never been pulled over
  8. MrBrandman

    Role Play

    I like the idea of RP but this is after all a truck sim...this isnt like GTA where you have a whole slew of things you can do....its mainly just trucking, unless you just drive around in cars aimlessly. So I think its a good idea on paper but wont work when you put it in the scope of what game(s) youre trying to get this implemented on
  9. For me some of these dangerous roads are a nice break form the interstates and motorways. Lots of shifting and pedal work as well as sharp turns and wheel management. I lvoe the challenge tight, twisty, mountain roads provide
  10. MrBrandman

    ETS2 Service Exit Accidents

    What this boils down to is lack of patience. What I see happening is people rushing forward to get out and an innocent person who waited their turn in line collide and the one who was in the right gets punished for it
  11. Its that wonderful time of night where all your friends are in bed...gotta love time zones :(

    1. x004cc_174rus


      So it would be better is earch be flat :D

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      heres me still up at 5:42 am :lol:

  12. tfw you get home from work, sit down and your whole body tightens up to the point where it hurts to move

    1. Speedy_TMP


      ouch sounds painful buddy 

    2. Harley
  13. Lowkey amazed my potato aka sorry excuse for a computer survived a run to the slide zone

  14. Thank you for the follow!