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  1. Talking about the speed limit in real life

    For me the speed limit is not illustrated by country, more like state. For me in the highways and interstates I usually range from 65mph (105ish kph) to 85mph (137ish kph) depening on the average traffic and general area. Usually for me Im around 70-75mph on the highways
  2. On Which road do you drive often?

    For me the most traveled road isnt even in ETS2, its Interstate 10 between Los Angeles and Phoenix
  3. play with some dlc you have not purchased

    Or buy them in bundles where they are discounted EVEN MORE. or wait for weekend or season sales
  4. play with some dlc you have not purchased

    The TruckersMP platform mimics that of the original game, there are only a few differences but in the SP program you cannot use DLCs you do not own so why should you be able to do that in MP? Pardon me if I misunderstand your post but it sounds like youre upset because you cant use DLC that you DONT have? TO me that makes 0 sense anyways. Thats like asking Assetto Corsa MP to allow you to drive a DLC car that you dont have.
  5. Me and Sgt. Tailor taking off from Chicago syDBXbD.png

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mika L.
    3. MrBrandman


      Its a 700, and I do not, tailor does

      Tail # for my bird is N792SW

      SWA retired all of their 300s last year so its not realistic to fly one on a sim anymore

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  6. Ats

    Me personally I do think more trucks will help tbh. Thats my biggest issue with the game is the fact that there are only 4 trucks. I can deal with the map size and whatnot, just want more trucks.
  7. Will you choose fatigue driving or rest?

    Same way here kinda. If im mid load usually Ill finish the load then stop, unless I just started then Ill pull over and log out
  8. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    I usually turn on my pandora to a country playlist or play one of the .181fm country stations I think called Kickin country
  9. Which do y'all find more fun

    yep, this is an ATS thread lol
  10. Decided Id do a flight today. This was on my climb out of Los Angeles headed for New Orleans 960NWIZ.png

    1. Kubuntu


      Is this P3D or X-Plane? Looks great.

    2. MrBrandman
  11. What was the highest paid freight market job you took in ETS2?

    My highest freight market was around the 70k Euro range. I forget where it was, however my highest of all time is a WoT at about 105k Euro
  12. Which do y'all find more fun

    Howdy, Just curious as to what loads the ats community find more fun in terms of trailer types and such Me personally I prefer the challenges and fun that heavy haul and doubles pose in turning so that would be my favorite
  13. Tuned trucks or normal trucks ?

    I would say normal but I also drivea US flag with wheels in ets2 lol. Mechanically and extra goodies its normal Ats i try to keep it as normal as possible
  14. speed or power

    I havent downgraded to the lowest hp engine, but I think I have the 565 or something like that in my main truck. To answer the question, as someone who follows speed limits usually I prefer the power fir hills and heavy loads
  15. Spain future DLC ?

    As much as I would love to see a Spain/Portugal DLC I do feel it will sufferthe same fate as France, East, and Italy. Packed for the first couple weeks then just absolutely dead