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  1. 14,389 (ETS) miles covered in 24 hours. That's mad.


    According to our uneducated idiotic stats and googling this is the first time a distance record over 24 hours has been officially documented for ETS 2 (we could of course be wrong here, we aren't a bright bunch 🙉)


    Huge thankyou to Zulie, Jodie and TGG Jim for being there to help set this first ever record on TMP. Especially to Zulie and Jodie since this is their first EVER attempt at a 24 hour event and they smashed it. With Zulie even doing 7 hours in a row on her own 😳. ''Spirit of the race award'' has to go to Doorgapmonster and Car_Lover1356 for being 100% determined to attend at least part of this mammoth event despite having major technical issues.


    While we didn't raise any more funds for charity this time, we're still hugely satisfied with our efforts. Especially since many more people now know we exist and are hugely interested in what we have planned. Bring on 24S 😎


    We're planning on releasing a Spreadsheet in the coming months, of which anyone in the community is more than welcome to try and smash our target. When you do inevitably beat our target, dm me here on the Forums with your odometer reading before and after your attempt, your live broadcast showing you did it and the community of which you'd like to credit for the attempt. More updates coming about how you can absolutely destroy our score coming soon... Including rules! YAY!


    In the meantime, here are a few of our personal favourite snapshots from the event.













    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats 🎉 Thats an amazing amount of miles and time, well done to all involved and brilliant photo 🥰 ❤️

  2. Everyone here at The Charitable Gamers is ready to rock and roll tomorrow!


    We're going to be the first ever community to set a distance record over 24 hours (to our knowledge) on Euro Truck Simulator 2 made by SCS Software on the Truckers MP platform! All while raising vital funds for TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity to help them continue the amazing work they do for our frontline Emergency Ambulance staff.


    Be sure to check out the links below to find our fundraiser, our LIVE broadcasts and to find out abit more about our charity of choice. If you are able to share any of our links or maybe even consider donating towards our cause, it will all mean the world to us here at The Charitable Gamers. It's amazing how much difference a simple share can make!  In the meantime, we can't wait to see you all tomorrow @ 17:00 BST! 


    Website - https://www.thecharitablegamers.co.uk/ 

    JustGiving - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tcgamers 

    TASC Website - https://www.theasc.org.uk/









    1. Sir Smokey

      Sir Smokey

      yes i've just seen the NO COLLISIONS AREA text in one photo lolnoob

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Luck, hope it goes really well ❤️

  3. Finally been able to find time to check out the Iberia expansion and I'm absolutely loving it thus far!











    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      Awesome photos ❤️ 

    3. Sir Smokey

      Sir Smokey

      Thanks guys, the new light engine makes my photos even smexier than before! 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      ya the new lighting is fantastic ❤️

  4. Hey everyone, long time no see! 


    I come back with more news as to what I've been up to, what I have planned and how my return to TruckersMP events is coming along.


    Here's the bullet point list for those who find this TLDR:


    • Snowball Media is officially dead. Finished. Done. Never to return.
    • I've been busy preparing a replacement community for both 24S and Snowball Media called The Charitable Gamers.
    • We've been busy preparing a very mental event roster for 2021. With 2 TMP based events included in the line-up
    • We've also been busy making a website: https://www.thecharitablegamers.co.uk/ 

    Righto, onto the TLDR bit! 


    Snowball Media dead


    You read that right, Snowball Media has been given the axe. Simply being, after 5 years of it being just a TMP community, combined with the burnout from everything we used to do here. None of us really had the motivation or energy to put time into making it a multi-community affair. Especially since all our original member base were TMP focussed. This combined with dwindling interest in our content in other communities also combined with my lack of interest in resuming the usual routine here on TruckersMP. We just decided it was for the best that Snowball Media closed it's virtual doors permanently. It's a shame we've had to do this but SBM had a good run, i've shared many great memories with many people on this community and it's been a pleasure to work alongside you all to make TMP the community it is today. So thankyou for joining us for 5 years of awesomeness! 


    24S has been adopted


    24S as a dedicated community has also been axed, in favour of being a dedicated event in our new community we've created called The Charitable Gamers. So basically, nothing will really change for 24S. It'll still keep it's original name, the events will still be as stupid as they were before. It's just a subbie for TCG now as opposed to being it's own entity. We did this simply so we could have the freedom to explore other event durations on TMP, aswell as partake in other events on other platforms aswell without being hindered by the name. All while being able to keep the original 24 hour convoy we're known for under the same name. It's complicated but it works! 


    The Charitable Gamers is officially a thing!


    The Charitable Gamers is essentially abit of Snowball Media and abit of 24S blended together to create something that fits our change in approach and attitude to online gaming and real world banter alike. TCG is community of good mates and gamers who want to do their bit to help others, whether it be through helping other gamers or raising money for charity. The choice is theirs!


    You can find out more about us on our website (we linked it above).


    Our event plans for 2021


    I mean, we're a quarter of the way through the year but it's better late than never i suppose. We plan to host 2 events on each of our chosen platforms including 2 real world events (which are so cool they deserve their own detailed posts!). That's right, events on TruckersMP aswell.


    The first event is one we haven't tried before. It's a 24 hour event like 24S but instead of being a strictly planned convoy, we plan to set what we believe is the first ever distance record over 24 hours. Live on stream, in public TMP servers. We won't be having periodic breaks or anything like that. Just 24 hours of straight driving to answer the question nobody has been asking. We'll have a dedicated, detailed post on this soon but basically it's a event you're welcome to join but it will NOT be a standard convoy with convoy control or anything like that.


    The other event is unsurprisingly, 24S - The Grand Tour Returns. Our famous 24 hour convoy is back after a 2 year hiatus to create more trouble on TruckersMP. Info on this event is very scarce right now, since we've had so much else to focus on but we assure you. 24S is back and ready to be absolutely terrible  provide more fun and entertainment for our loyal followers here on TruckersMP! 


    This post has gone on long enough so over the next couple weeks i'll post more specific, detailed updates about everything we've been doing. Aswell as what we've got planned.

    But until then, i'll see you all at Trucking 4 Charity 2021! https://trucking4charity.com/ 


    Here's a beauty shot of the new and improved Tigger in the new light engine in the 1.4 update 😉



    1. DJ Chicken

      DJ Chicken

      Oh no...

      Welcome back... lets hope your driving is better. Nah honestly, cant wait for 24S 2021! Looks like exciting stuff is yet to come! See you at Trucking4Charity 2021 though! 😏

    2. Sir Smokey

      Sir Smokey

      Thanks man! It's great to finally be back where i belong causing trouble and ruining lives. 24S 2021 is going to bethe one! But for now, i'll see you at T4C! 😄


  5. 24S will be back for another run later this year lads 🤪


    (paints a prototype for now, probably will change pls don't be mad thx) 


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Oh nice, that is great to hear :D

  6. Happy Birthday, Smokey!

  7. I promised a 24S update post and well... Who am i to let you down


    Many of you may well have heard of my TMP fundraiser i've been hosting annually since 2016. It's not the biggest event on the platform, nor is it the most successful. However, it's something quite a few of us hold close to our hearts since 24S is renown with having a very strong personal connection to myself and the team through the charities we support. Especially since they're abit more ''off the grid'' than the mainstream charities supported these days. That's part of it's charm really that the ''underdog'' fundraiser supports the ''underdog'' charities.


    Our grand reboot for 2020 will be absolutely no exception there, this year we will be proudly support Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK for short: http://www.fmauk.org). A charity driven to making this chronic pain condition have less of a tight grip on peoples lives.  This post is more of an update to the fundraiser as opposed to marketing, so we'll save the description of the charity and why it's important to everyone for the marketing campaign.


    24S will as always have a TruckersMP based event, and it will be business as usual lasting 24 hours and having many moments of hilarity and self deprecation and me calling my team idiots because they've rolled the Convoy Control trucks AGAIN! However, the TMP event will be heavily reworked to make it a actual not terrible event. The first being making it abit more streamlined so we can run the event with less staff if necessary. It's still in early stages of planning so there's not much to say about it right now. More to come. 


    We shall also be revisiting the Spa race circuit in Project Cars 2 to see if we can finally finish a 24 hour race without getting shunned somehow. Not much will really change with this event bar actually not sucking at Project Cars 2. Car choice may change and a couple of minor details but nothing note worthy as of yet.


    However, this years fundraiser also brings something new to the table. Something that will hopefully be well received by you all. 


    Later this year I plan to drive a rather iconic ''bottom to top'' run here in England called Lands End to John o' Groats (usually it's done backwards but I don't like in Scotland). We plan to visit and photograph many of the UK's iconic landmarks, cities and places over a set time frame (there's not a set one just yet, although it'll most likely be 1 week). All while raising awareness for the FMAUK charity and hopefully being able to reach our fairly ambitious fundraising target.




    While we aren't planning on making this a ''real life convoy'' as such. If you wish to tag along then you are welcome to do so. Just bare in mind that as much as we'd like to. We will not be able  to pay any of your trip expenses. We shall also be leaving at set time frames and have a rough schedule we'd like to keep to in order to make this happen. So basically this means we won't be able to wait for you unless you end up in a dangerous situation (broken down on the M5 for example, we won't wait if you've simply overslept your alarm at the hotel though. Sorry.). 


    If you would like to keep tabs on how we're doing, we have multiple ways of doing that:


    The first being our fundraiser page, which you can find here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/24s 


    Here is where you can keep tabs on how much we've raised, who's donated and we shall also be posting updates on this page to keep you all in the loop. . However, these posts will be slightly compressed versions of the Discord/Facebook announcements we make.  This is also where we will be accepting our donations, all proceeds go directly to FMAUK (just like 24S 2019's went straight to TASC.) Meaning I never make contact with it for management or transferring to the charity manually since I know many of you didn't like us operating it ourselves (Which is understandable).


    We also have a community Facebook Page, which at some point will be receiving a new logo and banner photo to fit our new campaign: https://www.facebook.com/24SOfficial/

    You can also join our Discord, which will have the same stuff posted. However, this will be where we gather community feedback on any decisions we're thinking of making: https://discord.gg/Afbr5h 


    Thankyou all for reading, hopefully this update filled you in abit on what's going on at the moment :D

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      this sounds amazing, hope its a great success :)

  8. Hey guys, blank profile photo for some reason boi here and today i'm recording another terrible clickbait video


    Just kidding. Hello TruckersMP! It's been a while, I hope you all had a fantastic christmas/new years. Hopefully many christmas dinners were consumed, 15,000 trees worth of giftwrap was unwrapped and that thousands of amazing christmas presents lit up faces worldwide. Hopefully you didn't get too wasted on New Years though, and if you did... F 


    On a serious note though this post is going to be quite long just fyi. It's been a while since you've heard anything from me and I can only apologise for that. Many things have been going on in my personal life (yes i have one, who knew?!?) which meant I ended up taking quite a long hiatus from PC Gaming as a whole. (I didn't even go on the naughty websites) In fact it's been the better part of 10 months since I last made a post of any significance at all.


    Anyway, chances are at least a couple of you lovely lot probably wondered why I suddenly vanished off the face of the earth and what I've been up to in this long gap of time so... Let's fill you in ✏️ 


    Disclaimer: There's no blame or pointing fingers of any sort going on with this post, as much as some parts may sound exactly like it. This explanation for my long hiatus is purely opinionated, reflecting on what happened and is not intended to start any sort of witch hunt or fight. If I see any of that going on, this post will simply be edited accordingly and the moderators will be given a nod. So don't try it please lads. 


    After the previous fundraiser (24S - The Grand Tour) I quickly realised I needed a break from PC Gaming, TMP especially. Instead of it being a hobby for me, it became a controlling part of my life. Which i'm sure you can imagine the damage that caused, once a hobby stops becoming a hobby and more of a ''expectation to fulfill'' you know you've taken things too far. That's exactly how ''burnout'' happens.


    With the fundraiser as a whole being a success as it usually is. That's no humble brag or anything, I set a target for the event and it exceeded it. So while it may not be the biggest amount raised at any event ever or anything like that and I will never ever claim 24S is TMP's largest ever event. Or that it's a big event at all, that's not my style. It was still my personal goal fulfilled, and that's what matters to me personally.


    However the actual event was much less than that (there's a full post detailing it below, although I may edit it if I feel parts of it were perhaps...biast) it quickly occured to me that I had allowed a hobby of mine to become the central focus point of my life. It became more than just a getaway from my real world problems, and sadly they had also started to catch up to me. I hadn't even allowed myself the time to grieve the loss of a very close friend 3 and a half years ago because there was always ''some event that needed media coverage'' or ''24S prep to do'' or some other excuse. It was apparent change needed to happen. 


    Merely 2 days before the fundraising campaign, I had actually started a fairly casual relationship with a friend of mine who i've known for the better part of a decade. Which after the fundraiser was done and dusted, this became my primary focus. It was the perfect chance to sort out my mental health, so naturally I seized the opportunity!  (I am delighted to say that we are now very happily engaged and looking to be married at some point in the next 2 years when money allows it).


    From that moment on i've really been able to focus on my mental health and am well on the road to ''wellness'' again. While i'm not 100% and probably never truly will be, I feel more like myself again instead of the internet persona I built up over the past 5 years. So much so that I finally let down my mental barrier stopping me from pushing forward, got up off my fat a** and got some of my new years resolutions done. 




    - Sorting out multiple physical problems i've had going on for a few years, just gross body stuff really. I won't detail what :troll:

    - Finally getting my full UK Drivers Licence so I had some independence again. I passed on June 17th, one day before my cars 18th birthday :) 




    - Working on my pride and joy, getting it well on the way to how I want it to look. 


    How it looked when I got given it: 




    How it looks currently:





    - Getting my other project car back on the road: 




    Video of the corsa


    - Upgrading my home studio / gaming setup with new equipment and fancy stuff so i was all set to return to the glorious world of P C M R! (If you're interested I can detail a list of upgrades made in a seperate post, if you want)




    Plus lots of other small goals that I managed to achieve, but you get the picture 👍


    That pretty much brings us to now, with 2019 out the way and 2020 now in full view. I finally feel ready to properly return to the PC world outside of the odd casual game. So hello TruckersMP, i'm BACK! (sort of, well more easing myself back into it but yanno...shh) and i bring with me my partner in crime Jodie! (She's not on the forums yet because she's a peasant :troll:

    I've got big goals for 2020, some involving TMP. Some not, and I hope you would like to join me as we venture through 2020 and see what it has awaiting for us!


    Apologies again for the long post, and if you read it all. You're a hero, but I just felt like updating you all on what your resident gremlin has been up to these past few months.

    (24S update to come at some point as well, don't worry.)


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Welcome back ^_^ and great to hear your doing well :) also Congrats 👫

    2. Sir Smokey

      Sir Smokey

      Thanks man! 

  9. Sad soul, take comfort, nor forget
    That sunrise never failed us yet.





  10. Good evening everybody, it's been a while.


    I come with a ''status'' with a different tone to the norm. Alot of you may have noticed i went extremely quiet after 24S - The Grand Tour. There's been no media posted, no massive status updates. Nothing. Sadly, there probably won't be a whole lot either. Allow me to explain why...


    At the end of this years 24S, i announced that i would be discontinuing it. Or at the very least i would be leaving the team as it's founder and just becoming some sort of inactive founder. And many of you were asking for reasons why. Before i could post any of the usual marketing ''you guys are awesome'' stuff, this very pressing issue needed to be addressed first. So i have had to find a way to word it that won't spark some sort of cival war on TruckersMP, since that's not what we want. Not really. 


    24S - The Grand Tour quite honestly was abit of a disaster really. I'm not afraid to publically admit that either. The fundraiser itself was hugely successful and we cannot thankyou guys enough for your support there. However, this doesn't make up for the fact the event we'd been hyping up as being the best 24S ever actually quite quickly became one of the worst. Here's a brief rundown of the reasons if you don't fancy reading an absolute essay.


    1. Unreliable staff dropping out last minute meant we were working with about 25% of the team we had actually arranged for 24S - The Grand Tour
    2. The TruckersMP developers released an update for the platform midway through the event. Which caused massive delays due to unseen issues.
    3. Personal ''life problems'' my end mean i simply didn't have the patience for 24S this year and quickly just lost all faith in the event.


    Staff are a hugely crucial part to any of the events you see posted here on TruckersMP. They are arguably more important than the person running the event as a whole. Quite simply, if you don't have enough staff. You don't have an event, it's that simple. We started 24S prep out with well over 30 team members, come January we had gained some new members and lost a couple so the numbers remained the same. Come the end of January about 25/30 team members we had were on our schedule and were 100% available to do the tasks they signed up for at the times they were able to do.


    1 week before the event, 10 people dropped out almost at once. Then the night before we dropped down to about 11 staff members for the whole event. If not less, we didn't really keep count. On the day of the event, we lost a further 3 people for unspecified reasons. So we were essentially running our largest event of the year with less people than you see at your average weekly convoy. Unsurprisingly, tensions were high and tempers were very easily flared with such scarce numbers. 


    Such low numbers are one of the bigger reasons as to why 24S - The Grand Tour was a complete mess. We just didn't have enough staff at the right times to keep everything in check, and frankly none of the team really enjoyed it either. Which is hardly fair when you consider they take the time our of their days for absolutely no payment whatsoever. 


    The 2nd big reason is sadly TruckersMP itself. We stupidly planned 24S - The Grand Tour to happen the same weekend as one of the official TruckersMP events. Which as a whole effected how many people attended our event. However, what we didn't expect was for TruckersMP to update their servers midway through our event. In our eyes this was a highly insensitive move from the TruckersMP Development team and one we probably won't forgive them for either in all honesty. Many of the team messaged me with an apology afterwards to their credit. However, only one of the team was graced with an answer, which unsurprisingly i was never replied to.  


    TruckersMP updating their servers midway through our event wasn't a huge deal, we were on a break and if it had gone to plan everyone would've just relogged and that would have been all. However, unsurprisingly they encountered an issue of some sort when it came to downloading said patch. This issue lasting for about an hour and a half, which hugely threw 24S off schedule and almost certainly crippled the event as a whole.


    Please do not start hating on TruckersMP for this, it's just not worth your time. While we are all displeased with their decision, blatantly hating on them is just not a very mature thing to do and frankly we are all abit smarter than that aren't we? This post isn't a ''bash on TruckersMP'' post. We are simply highlighting issues with our event, of which sadly TruckersMP do have to take partial blame for. We wouldn't be telling the whole story if we didn't include it. Alot of what happened at 24S was either my own fault or down to certain team members. 


    All these issues coupled with alot going on in my personal life (as my avatar might imply), just means my attention was also spread thin. Hosting this event on my birthday was also not the wisest idea, so that's a lesson learned. 


    Will make another post on this situation tomorrow, ran out of energy for today :( However, i would just like to apologise to everybody for just how badly this event went. It's genuinely degrading really. 

  11. TruckersMP is slowly redeeming itself by providing the perfect quiet, non-collision server to train the misses to drive HCT's :D





  12. We're ready to go here at 24S, but are you?

    By the way, be sure to tune into the official 24S stream over on Snowball Media's Youtube channel!




  13. Have you signed up for 24S - The Grand Tour over on our ETS2C post yet?

    If not, don't worry... we forgive you ;)





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